Tuesday Tunes

So the Keane streak continues, this week with a song that’s been released in some parts of Europe as the first single off the new album. Which, by the way, will be released in less than 2 weeks (!!). With all of the countdowns I’ve got going on right now leading up to the middle of May it’s no wonder why I’ve been popping awake at 5:45am every morning. This is so not me, either. I’m one of those corpse-sleepers. The moment I get horizontal, I’m out until my alarm goes off, and not a moment sooner. Not even for freak thunderstorms or other natural disasters. Oh, well, unless Fitz is sleeping in the bed. And then I’m up every hour wrestling with his bony pokey legs he insists on sticking straight into my side repeatedly. It’s like sharing the bed with an angry bag of popsicle sticks.

While I generally sleep soundly through the night, I have been known to have my fair share of nightmares or sleep-talking incidents. I try not to watch anything scary too close to bed, otherwise I’m guaranteed to have some panicky dream and bolt awake gasping for air in the middle of the night. This makes the following video particularly difficult for me to watch, even though it’s a great song. I have actually never watched the video the entire way through, since its similarities to “The Shining” are obvious; instead, I’ve opted to skip right to 0:46 when the song starts and then minimize the window, making sure to stop it as soon as the song is over so I don’t have to hear the woman screaming as she’s strangled at the end. Before I ruin it for you any further…

Imagine how far out of my own skin I jumped when the song ended and there was 15 seconds of silence, long enough to lull me into a false sense of security, before the guy chops down the door with an ax and then strangles her through it while she shrieks in terror. I nearly wet myself. At work.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. angry bag of popsicle sticks. – brilliant!

    I don’t think I’m going to watch that video, a) becuase it’s Keane and b) because it sounds scary!

  2. Well, I love scary. So, you’ve enticed me to watch. It’s cool how they made the video look like it was shot on film, or maybe it was. Though, the dust looks like it was added in post.
    I use to sleep like a baby through the night. When I was (way) younger, a truck crashed into my family home and I slept through the whole thing. My parents had to tell me about it in the morning. Now? Every little thing and nothing wakes me up.

    1. I love that you slept through a truck crashing into your house! You might win an award for best sleeper for that. Are your kids good sleepers? I wonder if that’s a genetic thing. I’m hoping my future offspring inherit my ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime! xo

  3. You are too funny! I never watch scary movies either! I’m still trying to get over being traumatized by Jaws and Sleep Away Camp in High School:)

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