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I didn’t get picked for jury duty! I mean, for the actual trial. I did have to sit in a courtroom with 35 other perspective jurors and answer a bunch of voir dire questioning and then individual questions from 11am until 4pm. The case was a personal injury suit, and I’m confused as to how it escalated to the Federal level (Jennifer, a little help?). The guy was suing for monetary damages after sustaining a foot injury at work, and they found me to be an undesirable juror since I’d had foot injuries of my own, had a family member who was a plaintiff in a personal injury suit, and happened to have a friend who’s an assistant US Attorney at the same courthouse. I still had to sit there all day until they made their selections. I finished reading Rick Steves’ guide to Belgium, though! And I’m off the jury pool list for at least two years. I’m not too scared about getting picked again, not because I don’t think it’s likely but because they made it clear from the video they showed us once we were all checked in that Federal cases do not include crimes of passion, i.e. homicide. Personal injury and white collar crimes? Now those I can handle!

I didn’t get to listen to my iPod once I got off the bus yesterday and got in line for the metal detectors to get into the courthouse, which was brutal because I’ve been playing this new, bonus-track, unreleased Keane song non-stop since I got it. And how did I get it, you ask? Well, Keane was giving away a limited number of downloads of it if you played a game on their facebook page. Ahem. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity, and I was rewarded with this beautiful, beautiful song. It is so perfect, and reminds me so much of their first album. I don’t know how I’m going to survive until May 7th when the rest of the album comes out, but this song is definitely tiding me over.

I don’t think I told you, but I’m finally going to go see them live! I got tickets to their show here in June through a mailing-list only presale a few weeks ago. Tickets went on sale at 10am and I was literally refreshing the page over and over from 9:58 to be the first one on. They were relatively cheap ($45!) so I snatched up two without blinking, and last week I got my seat assignment. You guys. I’ve seriously out-done myself this time:

It’s okay to be jealous. I actually can’t believe my luck. I found out that Keane is also playing a one-off show in Paris one of the night’s we’ll be there in May, and I’m seriously debating buying tickets for that show, too. I’m already “dragging” Boyfriend (I say that facetiously, he is adorably excited to go with me) to one show here, maybe I’ll relent and not throw a concert into our trip itinerary.

Speaking of trip itinerary, I’m in the process of organizing a bunch of wonderful guest-bloggers for that week+ and am so excited and thrilled to share them with you! Not just yet, though. You’ll have to wait another month to find out!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. I think it’s very different here. I think you get told to turn up and you just do it. Unless there are any extenuating circumstances you can’t get out of it for having a bad foot! What a lot of time and money all that must cost and how frustrating! I’d only want to do it if it were something juicy. Although on second thoughts it’d be pretty distressing if it was something really nasty!

    Wow great seats! The hobbit is very small so I’m glad you’re going to be near him ;)

    Do you pay your guest bloggers? #justaskin’

  2. Hooray! What a relief.

    “I’m off the jury pool list for at least two years.”
    It’s been almost five years since my last experience – does this mean that The Call is imminent?!
    *Shudder* It doesn’t bear thinking about.

    What a great view of the stage you’ll have! I was almost flattened at the last two gigs I went to aeons ago (Interpol and Arcade Fire). I was standing directly in front of the stage on both occasions and everyone else behind me had decided that they should/must have the same privilege.

    I imagine Keane’s fans will be a lot more civilized though ………. :)

    Can’t wait to see the guest bloggers you’ve got lined up – I’m very, very intrigued! :D

  3. Congrats for snatching up such great tickets and for dodging the bullet with the jury duty. I’ve seen them in concert twice and really enjoyed it.

  4. Nicely done, Grommit! I’m torn about the Paris bit though. How fun to see them in a new city! What a waste of a night in a city you’re rarely in! Not a waste, but you know what I mean. You’ve seen them, and it’s Paris…..

  5. Great song. I’m a Keane fan….. what amazing seats you have. I am an aisle seat girl so approve:)

    You are lucky you didn’t get picked, less than 4 weeks before your big departure… and then there’s blogging…. not worth thinking about.. quelle tragique!
    Dreading the experience!!!

    Who are the guest bloggers? Do tell!

  6. Great song! Thanks for playing the game on FB, getting access to this song, and then sharing it with us. You’re the bestest friend ever! You’re right, it does remind me of their earlier stuff. Score on the concert tickets! There really is no better way to listen to music than live.
    Happy to hear you didn’t get picked up for a case. You must have arbitrarily told them you like Ace of Base and proceeded to hum a few bars. ;)

  7. Sorry I’m so late to the party! I’m guessing the plaintiff was suing his employer for violating some federal employment law – which is why it was in federal court. Glad to hear it wasn’t too plainless and you got some good reading done. My husband would KILL for seats like that to see Keane – I didn’t know they were going on tour – I’m going to see if I can pick up something for us here too. I dragged my little brother to see Ben Harper 2 hours outside of Rome and he went kicking and screaming the whole way, but i was happy I did it:)

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