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Continuing the wonderful 80s streak we’ve got going around here (Theresa posted a delightful Yaz song yesterday), I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to one of my all time favorite songs. A song I love independent of the decade it was released in, though the fact that it’s an 80s classic doesn’t hurt either. I find it oddly fitting it was released in my birth year. Supernatural connection? I think so! This song, by Australian supergroup Crowded House, also made an appearance at the end of one of my all time favorite movies, “Cosi”, making it one of those rare crossover moments where two things you love immensely collide in beautiful harmony. Like if I ever saw a picture of Gary Oldman eating macarons, that kind of perfection. My dad and I must’ve watched “Cosi” a million times, and I never let him turn off the VCR (yes, I said VCR) until the credits were over, because I didn’t want to interrupt this song. So, without further ado…

Theresa talked yesterday about the sensation of hearing a song and being brought right back to the moment in time when you first heard it, and all the feelings you associated with it. That’s true of a lot of songs for me, but this one in particular really stands out. I’m brought back to my dad’s apartment, and the lazy weekends we used to spend watching rented movies. Miss you, poppa.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Wow I can’t believe they’ve been around that long! i’ve never heard of Cosi, v remiss of me no doubt. But oh, I love the image of GO eating macaroons naked, lounging on your sofa, holey blanket and all x

    PS we had a VCR where the remote control was on a wire. It was so annoying.

    1. You should watch it if you can! It’s a bit of an oddball comedy but it’s really touching and rather quirky and sweet. I love it, to say the least :) Thank you for the mental image of GO naked on my sofa, hahaha. And thank you for including the blanket Fitz ate!

      I like that you said “been around that long” because they’re as old as me and you once called me “disgustingly young.” You’ve contradicted yourself! Ha! Maybe I’m not so young after all, eh Bird? Though maybe I still am because we never had a remote attached by wire to anything. How retro!

  2. Gary Oldman & macarons, all in one sentence. You crack me up. Such a great track Erin, bravo. Check out all those quaint antiquities in the background of the vid, room by room. Yet another jolt into the past.

    That’s a nice reflective nod to poppa too x

    1. Thank you, Sam! I hadn’t even really looked at the decor of the video, but you’re totally right! xo

  3. Aww, what a lovely memory of your Dad. :)

    I love this song, too. It reminds me of when my husband and I first met and weekends that never quite seemed long enough ……..

    Ahhh, VCRs – yet another sweet memory …………. NOT! :D
    The first one we ever had was a massive Hitachi with a really clunky eject/insert thingamajig – ughhhh!!!! *shudders*

    1. That’s a really sweet memory of you and your husband! Isn’t that feeling the best?

      Your VCR player sounds massive! We had a Betamax player way back when that was enormous but outlasted 3 different VCRs. That thing was a tank. xo

  4. What a great memory of your Dad! I don’t know the movie but I know the song. Unfortunately I can’t listen to the song right now because I don’t have sound on my work computer so I’m just singing it in my head ;)

    I didn’t get a VCR until the mid 90s, I inherited it from my then boyfriends parents, it was almost as big as my tiny TV. My parents didn’t even get cable tv until I moved out for college. I was glued to the TV in my dorm room, which had free cable tv, during my first semester to make up for everything that I missed or thought I missed…

  5. Perfect song. Best thing is that it reminds you of spending time with your dad watching movies.

    I bet you $20 we could find a photo of GO eating macarons on the net. It must exist.

  6. Oh, I love the story of you and your dad watching movies together, and that this song brings back those memories. I do remember this song. But, for me, it’s only associated with high school angst…Not as beautiful of a story. (Songs that remind me of my dad are by Elvis Presley.)

    Ok, I just laughed out loud at the thought of a remote control attached to the television by a wire! Is that in the same genius invention category as the electric lawn mower? Thank goodness our family skipped that whole generation of remotes and went straight to the wireless remote.

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