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I’m single-handedly keeping the Post Office in business, I just know it. I take this responsibility very seriously, though it’s almost become a running joke at work about how many things I have delivered here. To be fair, living in the city means there is no place for a delivery truck to leave a package without it getting stolen. But let’s be honest, even if there was a secure area to leave packages at my house, I’m much too enamored with getting presents in the mail in the middle of the work day. Aside from my adorable coworkers (you know who you are ladies…and Hunter), it gives me a reason to feel excited about sitting at a desk all day. Oh, what’s that you say, USPS email? My package is scheduled for delivery today? How exciting! 

It’s obviously no surprise that I buy a lot (A LOT) of stuff. Clothes for Europe have been at the top of the list recently, but around Christmas time? Hoooo boy, it’s like I had an Amazon distribution center at my beck and call (thank you, Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping) for all the presents I bought for people online. It’s rare when I post a Friday Five and don’t end up buying something from it, or when an item in the round-up was included because I already bought it. Judge me all you want, I’m still putting away more than 40% of my monthly income in savings. Come on, did you expect anything less from the Master Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire? Psh.

Which brings me to this necklace by Austin-based studio Son of a Sailor (I wrote about it in a Friday Five a few weeks ago). Since it was sold out, I went on one of my many Internet-Squirrel adventures and ended up getting in touch with the designers, who happily agreed to make one for me. Custom. I pounced on the offer. And then, on Monday, it appeared in my mailbox as if delivered my little Christmas elves on special assignment. And you guys, it’s even more beautiful than I expected.

I heartily recommend getting one for yourself; they can customize the color with a few different options. Not only is the craftsmanship impeccable, the packaging, oh my god the packaging. The necklace came on a hand-stamped card with a piece of striped washi tape on the reverse side to hold the rest of the chain in place, tucked in a vellum envelope. I almost didn’t want to open it. Then, because they were really trying to make my head explode, Jessica and William also included a small card with “orner” on one side and the definition (“to decorate”) on the other. It’s like they knew French verbs were my weakness! Also included: a giant playing card with “I love Texas” on the back (I got the 7 of clubs). With packaging that thoughtful and whimsical, I kind of want to buy a million more things from them. Oh! And Jessica said she liked my blog. I swooned. (Hi Jessica!).

So between the scarf from Nina and this necklace and a pair of turquoise jeans from Forever 21, I’ve been on quite the package-opening high. What about you? Buy anything fun recently? Is it just me or is buying things online way more exciting, even without the instant gratification factor?

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  1. I’ve been following Son of a Sailor for awhile and am really glad to know that their products are doing well and ending up in delighted hands like yours! I haven’t been buying anything super fun online except for books books and more books. But there is something magical about having packages delivered, that I truly do believe

    1. You Texans have to stick together! I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard of them before a few weeks ago, but I’m a total convert now!

  2. What???? You save 40% of your income? How do you that girl? Please tell me! Perhaps you should do a weekly Alvin Hall type column on financial sensibleness?

    I love getting things delivered too. At my last flat I had a concierge so I used to come home to boxes and boxes and boxes. That was awesome. Now I have to get it delivered to R’s work and he’s starting to get very cross with me. I’ve been shopping so much lately it’s make me feel sick. and it’s all for this wedding. It’s not fun and I want to get back to buying stuff because I want it, not becuase i need to get it. Ugh it’s so stressful.

    1. 40% save, 40% spend (everything I buy, including groceries, meals/drinks out, manicures, drs. appts, etc), and 20% on “rent” and “bills”. I’m basically living rent free at J’s condo, I throw a check at him every month that he fights me on cashing, but it covers condo fees and cable and a utility like gas or something. I know I’m lucky, and I have no debt from school or credit cards or anything. I’m also a compulsive financial planner and track every dollar in and in my grid notebook. My lists are insane, and I plan weeks/paychecks in advance what I’m going to buy so I’m budgeting correctly. I inherited it from my mom :) My dad kept his money in a tea-tin in his kitchen next to his weed and never had a bank account, haha. Bless him.

  3. Pretty… and cool too, nice! I’m not really a necklace girl, prefer things around my wrists. The chevron bracelets are lovely. Take a photo with it on please, so we can see insitu.

    My shopping is mainly online too – the last garment was a mint top from Miss Selfridge (although I’m too old really to be shopping there). But I love receiving net-a-porter gifts, as well as figleaves from a packaging perspective. Working from home, most of our deliveries consist of camera equipment *yawns* or other such related bloke technology for D. He has engineered himself a business where he can buy anything he wants and it’s perfectly justified. I just need to get my rear in gear and do the same. x

    1. Consider it done! I’ll tweet you a pic when I get home. It really is lovely.

      I’d love to have a job like your husbands! Though maybe replace “gear” with “home goods” and we’re good to go, haha. My ideal job would be a home stager, where I get to go and buy lots of furniture and decorate houses anyway I want on someone else’s dollar. To dream! :)

  4. I get TONNES of stuff by post (including food!) mainly because my favourite brands are non-existent where I live. :(

    That said, I don’t shop like I used to – not for myself, anyway. I get my fix these days by shopping for my daughter and (more recently) by creating Those Fantasy Outfits. ;)

    God, what’s happened to me?! I barely recognize myself!!! :D

    1. Those fantasy outfits really do help! And they’re looking great, by the way. You really got the hang of that Photoshop tutorial! I’m so proud, haha. ;)

      I think it might even be more fun to shop for your daughter because everything is in miniature and therefore way more adorable. Little leggings and such. xo

  5. The necklace is so cool! I love getting packages too, if the packaging is nice even better. It’s like unwrapping presents. Haven’t ordered anything in a while, besides the Marni for H&M dresses, trying myself on a little shopping diet but don’t think I can keep up with it once it get’s warmer. Love to buy summer clothes. One of my co-workers get’s more packages delivered to the office than me now and I’m the only girl in the office. Ha, ha…

    1. Oh my gosh I worked with a guy like that. No exaggeration, a package a day arrived for him. He once bought 3 pairs of the same shoes one day. I felt like I had my shopping under control working with him! Ha!

  6. You are on some kind of really cool receiving streak. Blow me some air kisses, maybe your streak will virtually rub off on me. :) (OR, the real lesson here is to simply ask for what you want. Never hurts to ask.)
    Love the necklace! The packaging is beautiful. For me, packaging is just as important as the object itself, especially when received via mail. What is it about receiving things in the mail that is so exciting? I mean, we know what’s contained in the brown box…It’s no surprise. Regardless, I still get excited and giddy. Mystery.

    1. Virtual kisses being blown your way! mwahmwahmwah! Don’t blame me when you develop a shopping addiction though, deal?

      Gosh, I’m so with you. Packaging is just as important. Even Forever 21 takes time to wrap your clothes in tissue paper and seal them with a sticker! But this really took it to a whole other level, it was beautiful. I get so giddy even for Amazon packages that are just thrown into brown boxes, too. At least we share that excitement! xo

  7. Oh, receiving packages is the best! Books and more books arrive regularly but I tend to shop quite a bit offline. Yesterday I bought a Chanel nail varnish in Selfridges. Was looking for shoes but couldn’t find anything:(

    Actually not had much time for shopping but will remedy this soon.
    You save 40% of your salary? But you shop as if it were going out of fashion. Explain yourself madam!

    Nice necklace. I love people who care about the smallest detail. It makes the shopping experience so much more fun. The packaging is great!

    1. Ooh, books! I love book shopping, too. I try to buy my books at the store to keep actual physical bookstores in business, but I do have a Barnes & Noble membership that gives me free shipping so I’ve been known to place an order or two online, haha. LOVE Chanel nail polish, what color did you get? It doesn’t even matter they’re all beautiful and I’m sure it looks fab on you!

      Haha, see my comment to Annie above for my breakdown of finances. Believe it or not the only shopping I really do is what I write about here. It just sounds like a lot, especially recently with all the “necessities” surrounding my trip. I also pay a measly and negligible amount in rent, which is something I don’t take for granted. xo

  8. Love the necklace – and the packaging ups the cool factor x 10! Also, way to go by not letting the fact it was sold out get in your way! I’ve put it on my spring jewelry list and pin board too!

    1. Ha, nothing stands in my way when I want something! ;) I can’t recommend the necklace enough, if you’re thinking about buying it go ahead and treat yourself! It’s wonderful. xo

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