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I had a follow up appointment yesterday for my esophagus, and guess what? It still sucks (unintentional esophagus pun!), but at least I don’t have Celiac disease (my doctor suspected I might have a gluten allergy that has been exacerbating the spasms) and the results of my manometry testing were perfect. Horray for no motility issues! I had another episode of stabbing, seizing pain on Monday night, but that was my own fault; I had forgotten to take my medicine for 2 days. And I only say “take” because saying “I forgot to lick my medicine out of my own hand” is still just too ridiculous to cop to. If none of this is making sense, here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3. Long story short: debilitating esophageal spasms –> endoscopy –> diagnosis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis –> prescribed a medicine I have to lick out of my own hand (still ridiculous!)¬†Anyway, our only real game-plan is just finish off this round of medication and cross our fingers that I dont have any more relapses or episodes. So, cross those toes!

Another week, another installment of Like a Picture, another Lands Downunder throw blanket. I swear I’m not being sponsored by them, but I totally should be for all the free advertising I’m doing for them. What can I say, they have a million different colors and they’re all beautiful. Next week I vow to use a different blanket company. Someone hold me to that.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

I am so in love with that picture. Who is that couple? Look at the rain on the ground reflecting those lights! Unbelievable.

8 thoughts on “Like A Picture

  1. Very good Erin! that couple look like they’re about twelve. I am so interested to see how long you can string out the blanket and candle look. Let’s have Hermes next week please and I keep reading EVERYWHERE how EVERYONE uses their blankets on their bed. Except me. Clearly I need one so sort that out please lovey xx

    Fingers, eyes and toes crossed for you. If you need a new inhaler I have one in the bottom of my bag. You know how they get full of bits of crap and then you suck it down your throat? At least you don’t have that problem xx

  2. I’m glad you don’t have Celiac and it’s good to know the medication is working! Orange orange, I love burnt orange! I’d cover my home in it if that was socially acceptable

  3. Honestly, I can’t believe you forgot to lick your medication. Do you need one of those little day-of-the-week pill, I mean lick reminders? I love this photo, although I agree with Annie. Those two look like they’re out past their curfew. Perfect candle/blankie tie too!

  4. Eugh, poo to you and your spasms. I’m with Lauren, how could you forget to lick? Annie’s offer of her inhaler sounds too good to pass up.

    Agreed on the possible age of these persons in the photo. The perspective looks like they are two foot tall as well :-) The image reminds me of the entrance to Heathrow Terminal 3 sans people, honestly it’s the absolute spit.

    Lovely blankey and candle combo. You need to get hold of LandsDown and see if you can get a complimentary blanket. Question is, which one would you choose ??

  5. You don’t have Coeliac disease – hooray!!! Shame you have to keep licking your medication out of your palm, though but whatever makes you better, right?

    I’m reminded of lunch breaks at school spent skulking in the shadows having swapped my healthy packed lunch for powdered squash (the drink not the vegetable) mix – licking it out of my hand whilst glancing furtively left and right, hoping my brothers wouldn’t catch me.

    Anyway, back to Like A Picture ………..
    Love the photo – very 21st century Hopper. Why, oh, why can I never capture light at night like that?
    A blanket that looks so soft you can almost feel it is no bad thing, no matter where it came from.

    Still trying to get my head around a leather scented candle, though ……… :/

  6. I’m crossing my toes for you (or ‘holding my thumbs’ as they say here in Sweden)…gorgeous pic, I wish I could say it was my man and I but that would just be too much of a coincidence (besides it would have to have been taken in the 90’s for us to look that young!). Kram!

  7. Oh my gosh, that’s my neighbor’s daughter and her boyfriend. I kid!
    You should definitely see if Lands Downunder has an affiliate program. Worth a shot.

    On a more serious note, I am sorry to hear that you still don’t have a definitive diagnosis. Ugh! I was about to point you to this post ( by With Style and Grace who was diagnosed with Celiac, but I suppose that doesn’t help your cause. I do hope they come up with a diagnosis soon. Meantime, lick that hand! xx

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