Yesterday marked 5 weeks until I officially depart for Belgium and Paris. And you guys, I’m like…90% packed. Ninety! I’m waiting on my trench coat and ballet flats to get here (more presents in the mail!), and I obviously haven’t packed all of my toiletries since I, you know, need them in the interim, but every outfit I’ve planned and bought for the entire trip is folded and ready to go. It’s a sickness, this anxiety of mine. But hey! Better over-prepared then scrambling at the last minute, right? Right.

Anyway, you know how sometimes you’ll come across something and think it is so perfect that you just know it was made for you and you alone? Perhaps you are not so solipsistic. But this happened to me over the weekend when I stumbled across the following kitchen and my jaw hit the floor. It is the first kitchen I have seen that is almost an exact replica of the kitchen I’ve been designing in my head for years, and my immediate thought was that someone out there knew my deepest desires and brought them to life. Why? Because I’m destined to have this kitchen, that’s why. Let’s take a look:

from here

As far as kitchens go, this room is pretty dreamy. Come on. Don’t stare too hard, you can’t have it. It checks off all my major requirements, with the exception of a white floor (but that’s easily remedied), and I know this might sound wildly optimistic, but this is a kitchen that would actually make me want to cook. A feat that is as of yet unconquered in my life. Ahem.

I spent a fair amount of time checking out inspiring interiors online yesterday, and since we’re long overdue since my last batch, here are some of my other favorites.

from here

This is a stairwell in Paris, surprise surprise. Wouldn’t this make a great venue for a wedding, especially with those lanterns?

from here

If that isn’t the comfiest bed you’ve ever seen. And that painted white brick wall!

 from here

I don’t even have words right now. You know that mirror is divine, right? I don’t need to tell you that?

from here

You know that scene in “Closer” when Clive Owen comes home from his business trip and heads to the bathroom and says, “Every time I wash in it I feel dirty. It’s cleaner than me. It’s got attitude. The mirror says, ‘Who the eff are you?'” Yeah, that’s what I’m getting from this gorgeous room.

from here

Like I needed one more reason to go buy a sheepskin throw.

Alright, lovelies. Which of these is your favorite if yo had to pick on? How was everyone’s weekend? I’m dragging today; I slept horribly last night and woke up a million times all sweaty. Fingers crossed I’m not coming down with something!

9 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Oh, I love the kitchen. I’m a sucker for all white kitchens, our kitchen is definitely a far cry from my dream version. That bed also looks like I could have sweet dreams in it, so comfy…

    Wow, you already know what you’re packing for your trip. I always pack last minute and end up getting frustrated because I have no clue what I want to bring with me. Too bad I can never travel with my whole closet ;)

    Have a great start into the new week!

  2. Love your packing style. So important to be prepared! These spaces are FAB! I’ve got my eye on a pair of Betoia stools….soon! Happy Easter!

  3. They are all a bit too white for me, but the mirror is divine, especially placed with the modern bench.

    I’d like the staircase please and the entire apartment, it’s got so much charm.

    It’s holiday’s here today in the UK so more excuses to lie in and chocolate munching. Although I did exercise and I did some coursework too though… aren’t I a good girl ?;-)

    Hope you are not coming down with another chill, down the pharmacy for you and an early night missy x

  4. I think you’d have slept a lot better in that bed last night. After a long soak in that tub. I know I would have. I didn’t sleep well either. I woke up with that back of the neck sweaty yucky feeling, but I know I’m sick. I lurve that kitchen. And I love my own kitchen so much it’s hard for me to find other kitchens I just love. But that one’s close.

    And I can’t believe you’re packed already. I would totally *wish* to be packed, but be staying up all night the night before.

    Feel better ducks. Or get it over with before you leave!

  5. Well, I love each and every one, I really do. That kitchen is on another level. Oh, can’t resist the vignette with cute black bunting and a sheepskin covered chair. Striking.
    I am dragging too! Haven’t slept well the past two nights. Hoping I will get the kind of sleep my body is craving tonight. I’m wishing you the same. xx
    PS~Packed?! You’re amazing.

  6. Happy Easter sweetie! I’m sure perhaps that’s an inappropriate thing to say to a Jew though?! Anyhoo…. (as Lauren would say) one word. Ketchup! Although actually I quite like the kitchen Perahps with some hydrangeas on the counter top though.

    As Sam said, we were all eating chocolate and sleeping all weekend. I also did some coursework. Back to work today and that toally sucks arse.

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