Friday Five

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see a Friday before. Really. It’s gray and slightly chilly here this morning and I was still lifted by the fact that it was indeed the last day of the work week, the one impediment standing between me and the ability to spend a full-day in pajamas. An awesome thing about my job (and there are many, many awesome things about my job) is the flex-hour work schedule; once you hit your 80 hours for the pay-period, you’re free to go. How you work those hours is up to you. Want to work 10 hours a day, Monday through Thursday and take Friday off? Most people do just that in the summer to head down to the shore early. Any amount you work over 8 hours a day you can subtract from the last day of the pay-period, pretty much. So today, there are only 4 short hours standing in my way. Four! The office is virtually empty after 1 or 2 on Fridays anyway, and I’m taking advantage of it and skipping out early to see my friend Aidan, who had her tonsils out this week, poor thing.

1. Laptop Bag / 2. Gin / 3. Scarf / 4. Console┬áTable / 5. “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen

I bought this bag for Boyfriend for our trip (2 weeks from this Sunday) to use as a carry-on for his laptop and stuff, so he wouldn’t have to take his leather Kenneth Cole bag he carries daily for work. I was worried he wouldn’t like it, given that it’s not exactly his style, but he gave it two thumbs up, and that gave me an excuse to go ahead and order the Poppy King lipstick I’ve been eyeing forever (I wasn’t going to spend $9 on shipping for just a lipstick) along with it. The bag seems sturdy enough to hold his laptop and camera and passport, but light enough that he could easily use it during the day while we’re sight-seeing. Plus, I’m totally going to steal it once we get home.

At my brother’s birthday brunch this past weekend, his brother-in-law gave him a box of liquor that was all made in Philadelphia. I didn’t know Bluecoat was distilled here, but you know what I do know? Without sounding like a raging alcoholic, I love gin. I love it with ginger ale, I love it with tonic, and I predict that one day I will be able to handle a dirty martini without making faces and feeling like I’m being poisoned. Baby steps! How beautiful is that bottle, though? It sort of matches the hues of that Jonathan Saunders scarf. I am loving that color combination this spring. It has a faint paisley pattern on it, but until the price drops 90%, I’m not going anywhere near it lest the gin tricks me into buying it.

In case you needed clarification, that scarf is more expensive than a 60″ console table. I’ve had my eye on this skinny number for a while, and think it would look great behind the sofa, stacks of art and interior books behind it, maybe a mercury glass candle for good measure. Again, one of those things I’m waiting to go on sale, and hoping that in the interim, the DIY-fairy strikes me or I become divinely inspired to make my own for cheap. What do you guys think? Buy it or craft it?

I mentioned over on 365 last week that my friend Lyndsey had sent me this book in the mail with a sweet note, for no special occasion other than that she thought I’d like it. She’s incredible like that. And the book! I’m about 3/4ths of the way through it and I’m trying to make myself slow down and savor it. I keep speeding through it and end up having to go back a few paragraphs to re-read it, not because I’m not paying attention, but because it is SO GOOD that I’m devouring it more quickly than my brain can process. If you are in need of a book recommendation, I can’t say enough good things about “Freedom.”

Okay lovelies. What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow Boyfriend is going golfing early in the morning with a few buddies, and that evening we’re heading to a Fashion Show and cocktail party (John Varvatos will be there!) with my mom and her boyfriend. Sunday, my boss is having a house-warming party at his house and invited our group over (one of those awesome things about my job). Somewhere in there I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing. What about you? Taking it easy or going going going? Take care, kiddos!

9 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Im turning in my comprehensive exam (Really a 100ish page paper with appendices) today! Im so excited. 2 years of hard work almost finished!!!

  2. Ok, have to organize my thoughts here…Your flex work schedule sounds brilliant. (I can’t believe the government got that right…Perhaps I don’t give them enough credit.) When/if I go back to work, that schedule is exactly what I would want.
    -Good job on that laptop bag. It looks similar to Jack Spade. You definitely have to steal it after the trip. OR, perhaps BF will mysteriously lose the KC bag and have to use this one. ;)
    -If you diy that console, I will never believe you when you tell me you’re not crafty. I’ll call BS. :)
    -I LOVEd Freedom. It was a great sweeping novel and I was sad when I finished the book. I always get melancholy when a really great book, one you’ve devoted time to and are fully engrossed in, comes to an end. I miss the characters and the little world they live in. All signs of a great writer. Have you read, The Corrections? If not, then you’re in for another treat.
    No big plans this weekend. We’ve got a three y.o. twin boys’ birthday party on Saturday and an LA blogger meetup on Sunday. (I won’t know a soul so wish me luck.)
    Have a great weekend, Erin! (Wish we lived close so we can grab a G&T.)

  3. Sheesh! And I thought telecommuting was nice! Your flex time sounds awesome. And by the way that scarf is amazing. But the most I pay for a scarf is $400, so shoot… And if you diy’ed would you tie dye? Please say yes!

  4. Wow that flex time sounds brilliant, to finish at friday lunchtime, what a treat!

    Not sure going to my boss’ house on Sunday would be my idea of fun, but yours is obviously a lot nicer!

    Gin gin gin. Housewife’s ruin. There’s a very famous Hogarth etching called Gin Lane. Check that out and be warned! I didn’t used to like it but have developed a real taste for it lately. It’s such a nice taste and awesome with just tonic or with St Germain and soda. Yum!

    Have a lovely weekend chicken, i have a blogger meet up too! x

  5. Well, Neel is gone so there is a lot of despair around here. But let’s talk about you first. I really do recommend Tanqueray #10. It’s a very juniper-y gin. Very different from B.S. I’ll find that sometimes I’m in the mood for one, and sometimes for another. I love gin too, but when it comes to dirty martinis, I need vodka. And speaking of vodka. That’s Neel’s drink of choice, but he might just need a bottle of Philadelphia gin. I wonder if they ship.

    And I love console tables behind sofas, so go for it. Wouldn’t it look nice with Annie’s sofa?

  6. Oh, and regards my weekend. Cal is going to a party on Saturday, so I’m going shopping (yes! it’s true!) with some girlfriends. Take that, Neel!

  7. I actually knew that about Bluecoat from my favorite Bartender/Waiter at Rembrandt’s….and I rarely drink.
    SO looking forward to seeing you and boyfriend all decked out tomorrow night!

  8. Brett read that book in under a week on his commute home. Can’t wait to see photos of Europe!

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