Friday Five

It’s Friday the 13th! Are any of you superstitious? I’ve never subscribed to any of the usual black cat/broken mirror/don’t walk under a ladder stuff, but in general this day is so hyped up for whatever reason that it’s hard to not point out the date whenever it comes around. I’m also not trying to make a big deal out of it because this morning I have my annual performance review at work. This reminds me of that episode of The Office after Jan and Michael drunkenly hooked up and then he has to complete the performance reviews for everyone but all he can talk about is why Jan won’t talk to him, and Angela says, “I really enjoy being judged. I believe I hold up very well to even severe scrutiny.” Not exactly my life’s motto, but I’m oddly excited to hear how I’m doing. Oh, and for a big fat raise if I’m lucky.

Because obviously, even with my best budgeting and my strict savings-plan, I could use more money to buy things. Not lots of things, but maybe these five:

1. Parisian Chic / 2. Glass tumblers / 3. Pillow / 4. Kiwi face scrub / 5. Sea Salt Soap

After brunch with Lyndsey last weekend (smoked salmon tartine for her, brioche french toast for moi, which is particularly funny because she was the one who taught me how to make french toast when we lived together. Just ask her. “Erin. The bread is white and the eggs are yellow, so YES, it’s supposed to be yellow when you put it in the pan.”), we went to Anthropologie and browsed for a while. I’d seen Ines de la Fressange’s (French beauty, ex Lagerfeld muse and current fashion designer/socialite) book “Parisian Chic” before but stopped to thumb through it anyway. Lyndsey gave me one of her famous eye-rolls and said, “Haven’t you been to Paris before? You don’t need that book. You either get it or you don’t, and you get it. Put it down.” Let me just say it is reasons like that why my heart breaks every time she goes back to Portland. I still might sneak back and buy that book, though. It’s filled with a million different life and style tips for perfect that quintessentially French je ne sais quoi. 

After collecting my round-up for Wednesday’s post, I spent a good amount of time on Gilt browsing (just browsing) and came across these sets of tumblers. The last thing I need is more glassware as I need to maintain a ratio of clean-to-dirty to even close my cabinets as it is, but come on. Look at those colors! I’m particularly smitten with that sea foam blue one. Oh! And if anyone wants or needs (like/want/need!) an invite for Gilt just let me know! I’m happy to enable your own shopping addiction.

A while back Annie wrote a post on Porta Romana lamps, and in the process of picking my favorite of the ones she included, I stupidly forgot what the hell a flamingo was. The lamp in question was a pair of flamingo legs with a shade on top, totally adorable and whimsical. And in my most shining moment of intellect, I said it reminded me of  “stork/ostrich animals.” You guys. Stork/ostrich animals! Who forgets what flamingos are?! To her credit, Annie was graceful in her response to me (“Do you mean flamingos by any chance?”) but I will forever see a flamingo and not have to giggle at my own idiocy. So yes, that pillow is just adorable. Flamingos!

I like to think I have my skin care regimen down to a science, but there is always room for improvement. A few months ago I ordered some samples of Mario Badescu skin products, and one of them was a strawberry face scrub. I liked that it used natural strawberry seeds as sloughing agents, and it smelled delicious. I was looking around the other day for a new face scrub to use a few times a week, and remembered how much I liked what I’d gotten from MB. Apparently tons of celebrities swear by his stuff. After work today I’m heading over to Blue Mercury to pick up a jar of kiwi face scrub. I’ll let you know how it goes! The upside is that if I don’t like it I can return it for a store credit, and Blue Mercury also sells Diptyque and Tocca candles. Win-win.

And while we’re on the subject of beauty products, I’m super curious about this sea salt soap. The packaging alone kills me, it’s so perfect and would make adorable party favors for some nautical themed gathering or something, don’t you think? I wonder what the soap smells like, feels like. Too bad I’ll never find out because shipping for it is $2 more than the cost of the soap itself, no thank you. I hate stores that don’t offer cheap or free shipping. It’s 2012, get with it. I’m not paying $9.70 to ship a $7.50 bar of soap to my house. Even if its got an adorable anchor on it and maybe smells like pretzels.

Okay kiddos, what are you up to this weekend? I’m participating in a charity walk tomorrow morning through the Navy Yard with some of my girls from work, and on Sunday I’m having brunch at a friend’s house to meet their new baby. I’ve warned everyone in advance that they’re going to have to pat me down when we leave so I don’t try to smuggle the baby out with me. I love babies. See you all on Monday!

12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I had no idea it was Friday the 13th – not that I’m supertitious or anything.
    My days are getting a little crazy. Most days, I think it’s probably best if I don’t know what day/date it is! :O

    Good luck with your annual performance review – I’m sure you’ll ace it! :D

    “Erin. The bread is white and the eggs are yellow, so YES, it’s supposed to be yellow when you put it in the pan.”
    Awww, you’re so very cute! :D

    I love Ines de la Fressange (and her glorious name) but I’m not really into rule books. I break far too many of them much too wilfully!

    Pfff! – as if I need another reason to love Gilt’s homeware! Those tumblers are ka- yute, though. Thanks again for the invite! :)

    “And in my most shining moment of intellect, I said it reminded me of ‘stork/ostrich animals.’ ”
    Okay, you just broke the cute-o-metre ………. and one of my ribs!!! Hahahahahaha! I must have missed that one! :D

    Aaaaah, flamingoes – they do make me smile!

    I shan’t bore you once more with my thoughts on skincare. Whatever works for you, right? That said, I’m not above buying something just to get my mitts on the pretty packaging. :D

    What am I doing? Oh, nothing new and nothing planned (as usual!): work, baking ………….
    Have a super-duper weekend, honey!!! xoxo

  2. Good luck with your review today! I haven’t been on Gilt in forever. Good thing because those tumblers would have made it into right my shopping bag ;) The packaging of the soap is super cute. I wonder if one’s skin would taste really salty after using it…This weekend we will finally be weeding the front yard and tomorrow evening I’ll be going to a surprise party for a friend who’s turning 30. That will be fun, can’t wait to see her face when she sees all of us :)

  3. Good luck with your annual review and try not to smuggle out the baby! They’re so cute though, it’s hard to resist!

  4. Okay. Got through it. Although I’m still wondering,

    I’m still working hard on my own face care regimen. (which, if you’re not careful can type out like “regime.” And maybe that’s not a bad thing.) I’ve booked a facial for my birthday, and this month’s Martha Stewart Living was chock-full-o-stuff, including an intriguing MAC tinted (?) sunscreen, your garland, an idea for a graduation party (Callum graduates from Lower School this spring and I SWEAR it hadn’t occurred to me to throw him a party until I saw all the cute ideas), and meringues!

    I may just need an invitation to Gilt, even though I’m not shopping anymore. At all. Whatsoever. Although now I apparently have a graduation party to get ready for.

  5. Hope you aced your review and/or got a stellar review, and by stellar I mean more mullah. If they even have one negative thing to say, show them your blog. [wink] They won’t be able to deny the talent that lives here.
    You reminded me that my skincare regime needs to be taken up a notch, especially since I’m no spring chicken. I currently use a face wash from Fresh (have you ever tried their products?) and anti-aging cream from Target. That’s it.
    Have fun on your walk and have a lovely brunch. Note: the parents might not mind you smuggling out the baby if they’re sleepless. Have a great weekend, Erin!

  6. I’m not superstitious at all but like yourself I still notice when it’s Friday 13th. I think we’ve all been brainwashed to notice it now.

    I love buying new products for my skin and yesterday I totally splurged and bought a Clarisonic. I keep reading reviews about it and being someone who is obsessed with my skin I figured I should just suck it up and spent £120 on it and see if it really is good as they all say. Fingers crossed it wasn’t a huge waste of money.


  7. Triskaidekaphobia? Doesn’t bother me. Although I did spectacularly manage to not get a post out on Friday so perhaps it’s true!

    That soap is soooo cute I want it! I would put it in this:

    Why do you get Mullahs for good reviews?

    That was hilarious about the flamingoes, I was wondering what on Earth you were on about.

    Errr, have a good weekend? Babies are cute. But I only like them when they get chubby.

  8. I think I can help you with the expensive soap shipping dilemna- Stadler Kahn (little boutique in a basement on the 17xx block of samson st.) definitely has it sitting behind the counter. Not sure what they’re charging for it, but I saw it when I stopped in the other day!

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