Friday Five

Happy Passover to all those celebrating! I don’t have much connection to my Jewish heritage, unless you count eating matzoh on the regular; I never went to Hebrew school, never got a Bat Mitzvah. I took ballet classes for 11 years instead (though you couldn’t tell from my posture these days). Sure, we celebrated Hanukkah (along with Christmas) and lit a menorah every night and I know the whole prayer, but I was really just in it for the presents. Funny and unrelated Hanukkah story: one year my mom bought me this awesome pair of black velvet overalls (I’ll let you soak that all in. I was 10, so this is some time ago, and yes they were fashionable) and as she was heading downstairs she tossed them over the railing aiming for the pile of laundry she was collecting to take to the basement, only her aim is a lot like mine in that she doesn’t have any. She missed the pile of laundry by about 4 feet, and the overalls landed on the dining room table on top of the lit menorah. All we saw were bright blue flames. Thankfully no one was injured and we put it out rather quickly, but being that the overalls were made of velvet, there was a sizable and smelly hole in them. Because my mother is the original Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire, she returned them for a full refund to the Gap the next day and got me a new pair. L’chaim!

But anyway. Passover is technically less fun because you don’t get 8 nights of presents and there aren’t impromptu pyrotechnics, but this is the one holiday a year I look forward to with an overzealous fervor. THE FOOD, oh my god. Passover dinner is what I would ask for if I had to pick a last meal. It will be Boyfriend’s first official full seder, complete with reading the Haggadah and wearing a yarmulke. He is stoked, let me tell you.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m having brunch and probably one too many cocktails with one of my favorite people in the whole world, and since Boyfriend is going to be stationed in front of the tv all weekend following The Masters (snooze), I was trying to organize an outing to see Titanic in 3D. Somehow, all of my girlfriends were “busy.” I’m suspicious to say the least. But let’s get right into this week’s Friday Five, shall we?

1. Salted Caramel Ice Cream bars / 2. Booties / 3. Clutch / 4. Adele “21” / 5. Chair

In a moment at the grocery store on Wednesday when I felt like I possessed magical powers, I made a rare turn down the ice cream aisle (being lactose intolerant does not lend itself to frequently eating ice cream) thinking, “I wonder if they make salted caramel ice cream bars,” and then they appeared on the shelf. Never one to turn down salted caramel anything, I picked up a box and you know what? The crazy stomach pain is totally worth it. These are delicious.

Speaking of delicious, can we just pause to drool over those Sam Edelman suede booties? I wish they weren’t $160 and I also wish I wasn’t on a spending-freeze for all non-Europe related items. My friend Aisling asked me if I would keep my eye out for a nice pair of blank ankle boots for her, and in my search I found these. Lucky for me, she wasn’t as instantly smitten with them as I was, so I can eventually buy these without worrying I stole her dream shoes out from under her. They just look heavenly. Maybe they’ll go on sale over the summer since they’ll be out of season? Fingers crossed!

I wish that clutch would go on sale, because while I’d happily spend a lot of money on a purse that looks like my favorite book of all time, I think $1500 is just a wee bit expensive for something that could barely hold a cell phone and a chapstick, but hey. What do I know. This clutch reminds me that I should re-read “The Great Gatsby” for the 30th time (I tuck into it once a year, and still find new things I love about it each time).

I know I’m like a million years late to the party with this, but oh my god Adele’s album is so good. And because I am way less cool than my mom, she’s the one who lent me her copy of it. Everything that could be said about Adele’s amazing voice has already been said (and reaffirmed with the 400 Grammy’s she won this year) but wow. If you don’t already have this CD because you live under the same rock I do, go get a copy.

We made some living room changes last weekend, most notably swapping out the leather sofa for my IKEA sofa that’s been hanging in the den downstairs. Neither of us had the forethought to understand how much dog hair a fabric sofa would attract, but it’s been well worth the multiple lint-roller sheets I have to use daily: that thing is comfy. But now we’re left with a leather chair and ottoman that matched the other sofa, and that will likely be moving to the den, too. So now I’m on the hunt for an arm chair for the living room, and while this one doesn’t look like the kind of chair you can curl up in, it is really, really pretty. I’m trying to find an excuse to buy it.

Alright, kiddos! How was everyone’s week now that we’re at the end? Any Passover or Easter plans this weekend? Take care and a lot of naps!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Oh my , what a story! I was still reeling from the mental image of the velvet overalls when you hit me with the burnt smelly hole and totally blindsided me with the full refund.

    1. Your Mum has superhuman powers of persuasion and
    2. You should write Hollywood scripts on the side – your anecdotes are that good.

    I love food, too, but let’s not get into that, shall we? I feel a drool coming on. :/

    I ADORE those boots. Anything that says man-repeller has me on it like white on rice!!! :D
    Super clutch, love Adele and the chair but L would ruin it in a heartbeat plus as you say, it doesn’t lend itself well to curling up – something I consider to be extremely important after a busy day.

    “Any Passover or Easter plans this weekend?”
    Food, a bit of gamboling outdoors, more food, movie (perhaps), nap?! You’ve got to be joking and errr ………… more food.
    Have an awesome holiday!!! :D xxx

  2. In all fairness, I think an accurate account of the black velvet overalls is necessary! First, I missed the basket by less than the above stated 4 feet. Second, I didn’t have the flaming overalls with me when I returned to the Gap Outlet to purchase the new pair and the salesman told me that the Gap will honor a return even if you burn the original! Even I don’t have that much chutzpah! Well, depending on the day….maybe!

  3. Good find on those booties. They’re nice! You know, girls are wearing these pretties with shorts, skirts, and dresses (think: Coachella), so I’m wondering if they will be out of season any time soon.
    I love Adele’s album! I told you I have been listening to this one on repeat for a month now, right? Every single song is good, including her cover of The Cure’s LoveSong. Reading this just reminded me that I still want to get the F+M album, plus it came highly recommended by you. [Note to self.]
    Ok, girlie, happy we made it through another week. Have a great weekend and a happy Easter!
    PS~Have you ever tried Lactaid? I use it when I’m just dying to have some dairy.

  4. Erin, seriously, another megillah??? You are hysterical. OK, Sorry I’m late in wishing you Happy Pessach (did so today with Macarons). I hope BF passed the test of his first seder! What I want to know is who read: Ma nishtana (who’se the baby?)
    (for those who think I’ve just leaped into Japanese…)

    Did he enjoy? Did he think when the F*ck does this end so we can eat??? Did he sing along? Spill girl! All the gory details please…

    So you love Seder food? Yuk! ANyway, hope you had fun:)

    Good you saw your favourite girl. I was meant to see Titanic 3D but pulled out last minute as double booked myself. Ooppss.

    Had great 4 days off and now I’m back Jack! Yay!

    Glad Mommy Moo put us straight. talk about creative licence.. seriously…

    Adele, sorry, where have you been. Unless you’ve had your head stuck down a toilet seat for a year or so am not sure how you can have missed it? Isn’t she number 1 in the States?
    Funny story. Was watching Adele in concert in the Royal Albert Hall when in Krautland over Christmas. Then they screened it last week on BBC. All of a sudden I see this girl I play tennis with in the audience. She just moved to LA so had to fire off email to verify. Sure enough it was her. She said it was amazing.!!

    Have I covered everything?

  5. I don’t understand any of Tina’s comment. If I didn’t know better I’d say she was drunk!

    Fabbo story, your house sounded like a v much fun place to grow up :)

    Please can I put in a post request? Can you write something about the whole Jewish thing becuase I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about most of the time. All I know is that song ‘Happy Honnikah (sic) Monica’ from friends! Glossary please!

    Nice chair, bit french for me but I it :)


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