Coolest. Calendar. Ever.

Yesterday marked 3 weeks until I depart for a little trip to Europe. I know I haven’t been talking about it ad nauseum or anything, so this might come as a surprise to you, but I am nearly jumping out of my own skin with excitement. I finally bought Thalys tickets from Brussels to Paris and back yesterday, and I’d say I’m all but prepared for the trip but in my neuroses I went through my outfits again and realized I’m an entire day short. Like, one whole day. I’ll either have to scramble to come up with something or be naked (or go for this little number). How is it possible to remember to buy outlet converters and pack a mending kit but forget an entire day’s worth of clothing? Oh, we still need one day/night’s worth of plans and accommodations between Gent and Brussels, and we can’t decide whether to stay in Gent for another night or take a quick trip to Antwerp. We originally had our hearts set on staying at a converted castle hotel in the Belgian countryside, but car rentals were¬†exorbitantly¬†expensive and the castles were either booked or required a multiple night stay on the weekends. Le sigh.

Anyway, I found this calendar last week and considered including it in the Friday Five but really thought it deserved its own special post. The more I looked at it, the more awesome it got. You might remember that I had a Stendig calendar last year, the pages of which I kept and saved for wrapping presents this Christmas. Seeing as each sheet was thick paper and 2′ x 3′, it seemed crazy to go to waste (although, maybe it was crazier to save a tube of old calendar pages for an entire year and one move). But then I didn’t get another one for this year, despite how much I loved its monochrome-ness and general sexiness. And I realize it’s too late in the year to commit to a calendar from which I’d have to discard a quarter. Enter, the On This Day calendar.

from here

Like the Stendig, this thing spans about 3 feet, giving off an intentional wall-art feel once hung. Unlike its less-colorful counterpart, the On This Day has a daily fact hidden under a heat-sensitive black square above the geometric day spot (it fades back to black after a few seconds), and is fully wipeable, making it reusable year after year.

Perhaps its only negative is that because it’s meant to be reused, there are no set day designations above the numbers. January 18th could be a Wednesday or a Sunday, May 24th could be a Tuesday, and for someone as clueless and generally lost as I am, this is a big deal breaker. Plus, while I like the ability to write down appts or special events on a given day, I like even more the ability to go back and check out what I was doing on a specific Saturday 2 years ago. This seems only achievable with my Blackberry calendar, but that sadly doesn’t make for ¬†interesting wall art.

How do you guys keep track of everything? Wall calendars? Cell phones? Computer alerts? I’m curious.

Also, a very happy birthday to my Mommom, who turns 87 today! She’s still as spry and sassy as ever!

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  1. I’m a bit confused by that calendar, I don’t understand it!

    Know what’s really dumb? I have two 2012 Stendig calendars sitting in their boxes in my hallway. I bought one for myself (cos of you!) and bought R one for Christmas. then I moved in with him so we only needed one. Then we realised we actually have no wall space to put it on (as you know, it’s huge). So he was going to put one in his office at work. But again, no wall space. So they were a total waste of money and I’m a bit heart broke because I love it. If it wasn’t so bulky I’d post one to you! xx

    1. You just rub your fingers on the black squares and a little fact about that day in history is revealed! It eventually fades back. It’s like magic!

      What a bummer, having not one buy two Stendigs and no where to put them. You should list them on eBay or something. Or at the very least definitely use them as wrapping paper this Christmas!

  2. I use a free cheap calendars for Frenchie and my “joint” events and then my Outlook calendar for work and other. Neither is pretty but both are functional. I’m decking out my home office so let me know if there’s a perfect “work” paper calendar that I have to have!

    1. I really can’t recommend the Stendig enough! It’s beautiful and functional! Not as helpful as Outlook, which I also rely on heavily, but it’s great for a home office.

  3. Hm, that is a pretty interesting calendar. It’s definitely vibrant and colorful.
    OH, geez, let’s see. Cheap, traditional calendar where I pencil in posts I will create for a certain day (otherwise known as an editorial calendar ;) and appointments. iPhone calendar, alerts, notes, and camera for everything else.
    I also recently opened an Evernote account, which is suppose to be a great software program (& app) where you can store ALL your ideas and notes. Haven’t started using it yet.
    PS~Happy birthday, Mommom!

  4. First things first. Happy Birthday Mommon… am sure you still rock at 87!

    Now, can’t help you with you outfits! Gent vs Antwerp. I’d choose Antwerp for its quirkiness and to see all these diamonds. Once you’ve been you never need to return again. Apologies to anyone that lives there…

    Love the Stendig. Always have. Bought it for friend of mine for 2011. By the time he decided whether to hang it at home or in the office it was June. Was a little sad as he kept it boxed till then. How great you used it as wrapping paper afterwards. Genius!!

    You know my thing with diaries…..

    1. She does certainly rock!

      We just found out the hotel we’re staying at in Gent skyrocketed their prices for the next night to $900! So maybe we will be taking a quick trip to Antwerp afterall…Who knows! I can barely think straight through all of my excitement.

      What a waste about the Stendig calendar! Though I had a similar conundrum. I moved at the en of July and never re-hung it, so I’m guilty of the same sin I suppose! But yes, definitely use it as wrapping paper! It’s a great way to reuse it and the sheets are enormous.

  5. What a mad calendar, it’s doing my head in just looking at it, I think I feel a bit sick!!! We have a bit of a calendar calamity in my house. Trying to get me and Den syncing them all is a nightmare, that’s because when Den sees the next-big-calendar-thing, he has to use it, and the existing in-use calendars don’t get updated, grrrr, it’s a big annoyance I have.

    He uses Evernote, google calendar and his iphone, I use my iphone and google calendar. Google calendar is the master doc :-)

    We have a wallchart type one too but that doesn’t get updated because Den’s handwriting is really bad and neither of us can read what he has written.

    Happy birthday to your Mommom, pah! 87 years young! hope she had a fabulous day xx

    1. Haha, I can’t imagine trying to sync up calendars with Boyfriend. He has about a billion appointments and meetings that it would totally overload me. My calendar mostly has fluffy stuff like “Place J. Crew/Target/Sephora order” and “Pedicure” haha. But still! It helps me stay organized. You sound like you’ve got your hands full with Den’s calendar addiction and bad handwriting, haha! :)

      I’ve never used Google calendar! A shame, really, because I use Gmail and Google docs and love them. I might have to investigate this! Thanks for the heads up! xo

      My mommom had a great day, we talked last night. She got lots of flowers (some from me!) and candy and chocolate and watched The Descendants with her neighbors. Pretty adorable.

  6. Very colorful calendar! Like the hidden facts about each day. Last year a friend gave me this
    and it was so hard to read albeit looking very pretty so I just framed it. I usually have a cheap pocket calendar that I can carry around, I need to write down everything I’m Mrs. Scatterbrain ;)

    Hope you Mom had a great birthday!

    1. Oh my god, my eyes just crossed trying to read that calendar. Good call on framing it! I’m pretty scatterbrained as well, so I’m just like you I have to write everything down! You should see how many scrap pieces of paper I have with To Do lists floating around my purse, haha.

  7. I’m not sure how I feel about that calendar. I need to know what day of the week it is for one thing. I tend to be the more techie of the two of us, but Neel is handcuffed to his computer/phone calendar and I can’t give up my paper calendar. I love it. I have one that has month and week options which is so helpful to me. I keep daily lists on the week part, and track of our over-arching issues on the month part (this is a busy week, this is a quiet week). I love crossing things off (all in pencil, by the way), so I couldn’t go tech. We get a calendar from C’s school each year, and *that’s* what goes on the wall.

    1. I find I’m more efficient and I remember things better if I write them down vs. typing them into an Outlook calendar, so I’m with you! I also like the satisfaction of crossing things off :) My brother has calendars made every year for Christmas with photos of my nieces from their summers in Martha’s Vineyard, so that’s what we have on our wall now. Of course, aside from putting Fitz’s heartworm sticker reminder on it, I’m too enamored with it to actually write on it!

  8. That is such an amazing calendar! If only I had the wall space to hang it. My sister used to get me a gorg Smythson calendar every year for Christmas (she had a connection through her job), but when she left, so did my lovely calendars! I’ve bought graphic image ones the last several years, but find I’m not as great about using them as I used to be. I need to figure out a better calendar for my family stuff – my husband is always asking me “what’s on the calendar this month” and I can rarely answer his question!

  9. In school I used paper planners to keep track of test dates, how many hours I had studied each day, and when to watch the shows I like on TV (that I wrote in pink). :D In university, the student union would distribute a free diary at the start of each academic year, and we could vote for the cover we wanted leading up to its release.

    After I started work I recorded my appointments and to-do lists in my phone, and also wrote down my appointments on my desk calendar/paper planner. Still making pink entries in my planner, this time a gratitude diary of sorts, of good things happening on particular days.

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