A T-shirt for Who?

Look, you guys. Zara has a t-shirt just for Bloggers!

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Comes in two options, neither of which remotely represent the blogger in me. Where is her laptop? Her frazzled demeanor as she approaches a self-imposed deadline but is stumped for content? Clearly I am doing something wrong.

What a weird name for a t-shirt, right? They both feel a bit too hippy-dippy, bad acid-trip to me. She is totally colorblocking pink and red, though!

Pardon my brevity today, I’m fulfilling my civic duty and spending the day in Federal jury duty. I’m just thrilled about it, let me tell you. Aside from getting stuck in an elevator full of spiders, getting picked as a juror for a case straight out of one of the gorier episodes of Law & Order SVU is like my worst fear realized. Let’s hope this case is something tame like money laundering or something, and not, “Oh, so after you assaulted her you used a chainsaw on her body and then dumped pieces across 3 states? Tell me more.”¬†How crazy do I have to act to NOT get picked for a jury? Anyone have any experience getting out of it?

11 thoughts on “A T-shirt for Who?

  1. Bloggers t-shirt? What the monkey? I do NOT get that. I have a friend who always mentioned her religion and never got picked for juries. The only time I got called for a federal jury, it was for political corruption (in Pennsylvania!!), but we were getting ready to move. Dismissed. Happy people watching!

  2. Ha, ha…I wonder who comes up with the names for the online shop because there are some weird ones. Sometimes I’m not even sure what they are trying to say…Will I be a better blogger if I wear this tee? Or will my hair magically start flying in the wind once I sat down in front of my laptop, as the hair of these two girls suggest, when wearing the shirt? I could become the Fabio of bloggers ;)

    Only got called for jury duty once and just gave them a call and told them that I am not a citizen, I guess that wouldn’t work for you ;)

  3. Yeah, I don’t the blogger tshirt. But if you wear it to jury duty, I’m doubtful that they’ll pick you. If you can throw in some 80s references, you may just be golden

  4. I think if you get far enough into a trial that is gory, they ask you if you can “handle” listening to it. At least that’s what I’ve heard! They don’t want a jury that can’t listen to arguments, so hopefully they won’t make you listen to anything too scary! Good luck!

  5. Mmm, you’d think that they would have some reference to the interweb in these t-shirts. May be the poor guy at Zara head office with the job uploading the content onto the site miss-read a line in the inventory paperwork ?

    Not done Jury service thankfully but yes it’s just as difficult to get out of it here in the UK – I think a doctors note stating an unstable mind would do it. I’m intrigued to know what case you get now! x

  6. Bloggers T-shirt? Talk about scraping the barrel!
    Errr ………. no, thanks. :)

    I’ve been asked to do jury duty before and what a waste of time it turned out to be. We hung around (bored out of our minds) for two days in an airless room before we were summarily dismissed.

    I feel your pain – really I do. *Hugs* x

  7. Yeah that ain’t nothing like me either. I’m so in awe of you for getting that post out. I didn’t have enough time to finish my post on Friday and was repeating the back up mantra of ‘just a photo and a few words are enough’ but still couldn’t get it together. Maybe I need to buy the shirt, perhaps that would help.

    As I told you, my only experience of jury duty is Carrie Bradshaw and the man with the impenetrable fruit. And yo, Burger was a dick. Remember the scrunchie episode? What a loser.

    Have fun sweetie xx

  8. Hm, blogger t-shirt. Not sure what to think of that one. I agree, it certainly doesn’t describe my blogger life either.
    Well, make the most of your civic duty, sometimes you get a lot of reading done while you wait. I have been to jury duty only once. We were waiting to enter the court room when the mom of the accused came out in a rage screaming about something being unfair. We were told that by witnessing that scene, our perspective might have been biased so we were escorted back to the jury waiting room. We were then dismissed altogether an hour later. [shrug.]
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t get on a case. (How unpatriotic of me. ;)

  9. I’m guessing it’s geared towards personal style bloggers?? Def not something I’d wear, but I do heart 100 other things every time I visit Zara. Since I’m a D.A., I’m always giving my friends the “we need rationale people like you to sit on a jury” speech – I can’t do trials and bring criminals to justice without jurors, so in a nutshell – they need you! One side or the other usually excuse people who are related to or have close friends that are prosecutors, defense attorneys or judges. Don’t know if “I have a friend/fellow blogger who is a prosecutor in California” will work, but….good luck!

  10. Forget the T-Shirts…. who needs them?

    Now I get the tweets today. Well done for braving it. Thank god it was short. Here in the UK you have to do 2 weeks I think:) Can’t think of anything worse…

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