Two of a Kind

No, not like in poker. Although, side story, I am really good at poker. My dad taught me to play when I was younger (like, 9) when we were staying at his friend’s cabin on the Susquehanna river one winter and there was nothing to do but sit inside and enjoy the view. He even bought me a set of poker chips one year for Christmas. These days the most exposure to poker I have is when Boyfriend plays Texas Hold em down in AC while I treat myself to a manicure in the hotel spa. And okay, fine, occasionally I’ll throw $20 into the Wheel of Fortune slots.

Anyway. With as much time as I spend on the internet, certain things like colors and patterns show up repeatedly. I’ve been noticing a lot of similarities and common trends recently with clothing and accessories, especially with all of the spring and summer palates making their appearance. There are two of a kinds popping up everywhere, from sandals and bracelets, to t-shirts and clutch bags.

1. Bracelets / 2. Sandals / 3. Tee / 4. Bag / 5. Sandals / 6. Necklace

I don’t know how I hadn’t discovered web retailer Need Supply before, but I think I’m in love. It’s a hipper, more authentic Urban Outfitters, the models are covered in tattoos, and most stuff is reasonably priced. Also, I am beyond ready to wear sandals again, and thankfully with yesterday being the first day of spring and the temperature this week hovering in the 70s, I might get my chance soon enough. Mama needs a pedicure first, though. That’s just common courtesy.

9 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. He, he we used to play poker in my family on vacations too. My mom taught me how to play. When my sister and I were older we started playing for money, always lost all of my allowance…
    Gray and yellow is one of the best color combinations out there. Love the tee and the bag.

    Have to get a pedicure too to get my hobbit feet sandal ready for Florida.

  2. Guess what, was also taught by my dad to play poker (not sure what child psychologies would think about that).. and I’m rather good but of course, don’t play anymore.

    Girl, I LOVE the clutch bag. Would have it immediately. So my thing. I agree, Need Supply look the biz. VB T-shirt?

    Thanks for reminding me re: pedicure. Somehow, it’s sunny in London and has been for a bit, but whenever I attempt sandal wear I realise how cold it still is and I must not forget I’m on a scooter:) slightly different wear!!

    Glad your feeling better.

  3. Love those sandals, the first pair! They’re awesome. Funny you mention that, I booked in for my Spring medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs at Liberty today. It’s really hardcore, they use a drill and shave off your hard skin with a scalpel. It’s really cool and you basically come out with new feet. Can’t wait! You’re right, it’s manners.

    I would never buy anything made by Posh Spice. I’d be far too embarrassed to wear it. Although actually that is quite cool.

  4. Those pops of colour are the stuff of ice-cream dreams – just delish! I love your spin on spring colours – what fun! Sounds like the makings of a wonderful weekly series to me! ;D

    As for poker, I was once given a crash course by my husband and have since had some extremely modest, totally fluke-y success at “the tables”. :)

  5. Love the clutch, love the tee, need a pedi. What else? Callum plays poker. He and his buds will while away many a hot Virginia summer day with cards and chips in hand. I played ages ago, but couldn’t pull a pair of anything out of my hat right now. One of my favorite scenes in Ocean’s 11 is in the beginning when Brad Pitt’s character Rusty is “teaching” actors to be poker players and the one dumb guy thinks he’s won with “all reds.”

  6. Oh, I love every single thing you found to go with this ‘two of a kind’ theme. What a great idea. Ah, to own a Clair Vivier clutch (#WishList). Need Supply sounds so familiar. I’ll have to go check them out after I finish.
    With the arrival of spring I can’t wait to paint my toenails a fun color, wear sandals, and work in some more dresses/skirts.
    PS~I don’t play poker, but if I did I have a feeling I would like it.

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