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This post is dedicated to my hilarious friend Audrey, and is intended as an apology for the time she gave me a savvy tip about some cheap tassel garland and I later went on to say the post was “thrown together, poorly executed” and that “no post might have been better” than that one. Audrey, darling girl, you have to know that as a Very Serious Blogger sometimes I take things too, well, seriously and am ultra-hard on myself. Looking back, that post was just fine. In fact, it was better than just fine, it was great. And I wouldn’t have had a post at all without you and your magical skills! Insert a random Parks & Rec quote here (“Ben is that your real name? Oh you can do better than that, I’ll help you out right now. Your name is Angelo. Angelo, thank you so much for coming out. Get a thicker tie, it looks weird on you. It makes your head look like a fish…Lastly, I hate the name Angelo. I’m going to switch it up for you right now. Your new name is Jello Shot. What do you think about that, J-Shot?”), and we’ve got a bonafide apology. Just to seal the deal, here’s a Jean-Ralphio gif, since the crux of our friendship is based on this wonderful character:

 (You don’t even know how hard it was for me to narrow it down to just one)

Last week, on the way back from lunch this song, by 80s band Go West came on her car radio. Audrey and I started belting it out, and then because we had to park the car but the song was officially stuck in my head, I proceeded to listen to it 3 times on repeat at my desk. Not only is this my hommage to Audrey, it would totally work out well if she didn’t actually forgive me for being ungrateful for her garland-sleuthing, because lines like “I’ll never never never shed a tear for you!” pretty much make this song the perfect post-break-up anthem:

Is there a better era of music than the 80s? I don’t think so. The original music video is absolutely bonkers, but embedding was disabled (Theresa, I know you feel my pain!). Check it out if you can; there are tons of fake Julia Roberts look-alikes, and zebras. Yes, zebras.

Favorite 80s song? Tie between “Africa” by Toto, and every New Kids on the Block song that came out before 1990. You?

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  1. Jeez-louise, duckie – you ARE ultra-hard on yourself!!! You could never write a post that was “thrown together” or “poorly executed” – it’s simply not in your DNA. You’re smart and funny and everything you write oozes those qualities effortlessly.

    This song always, ALWAYS takes me back to the very first time I watched Pretty Woman. I so desperately wanted to be Vivian in the “Big mistake – HUGE!” shopping scene! :D

    Fave 80s songs? Anything by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Shalamar or Kool and The Gang. :)

  2. You know what’s strange? 80s songs make me think of the 2006 because that’s when I discovered them all. I know – I was so out of it

  3. Yes that post was fine. I never did understand why that one stuck in your head. I’ve written tens of rubbish posts!

    You should come round my place. R subjects me to 80s music on a daily basis. And worse than it being 80s, it’s all the postmodern stuff and all the bloke stuff like Human League, Heaven 17 and that sh&t.

    For me, it’s Wham!, Madonna (can’t bear her now but she rocked in the 80s), the Bangles, Cyndi Lauper, New Order and The Cure!

    And I’m with Chi about Pretty Woman, but what is that about, a whole generation of women growing up wishing they were hookers??? Strange.

    1. “R subjects me to 80s music on a daily basis. And worse than it being 80s, it’s all the postmodern stuff and all the bloke stuff like Human League, Heaven 17 and that sh&t.”

      Ugh! I know the feeling – The Hubster has a penchant for those, too!

  4. 80’s bands, crikey there’s so many I rocked my fall down canvas boots to – Culture Club, The Cure, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Wham, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kajagoogoo(!!!!), TPau, Nik Kershaw, Rick Astley …… And there are others that I can’t remember right now.

    I’m with you Annie on other half’s crap 80’s music – I have to listen to Howard Jones – YUK!

  5. The auction at Callum’s school last year had an 80s theme. It was pretty impressive and you would have been right at home. Everyone dressed up, including someone who went full-on Jane Fonda in shiny lycra/spandex and leg warmers. But the music! Oh! The music. That was the best. Wham! Madonna, Duran Duran.

    Here’s my favorite 80s music memory. When I was 14 I traveled with my mom and dad to London for a conference for my mom. This was just at the beginning of MTV. For a girl who grew up going to the beach (hello Charleston!) for vacation, London was thrilling! All the months in the lead up I wondered how I would really *know* I was in London. Around the same time I remember J.J. Jackson doing a news report on how big Frankie Goes to Hollywood and “Relax” t-shirts were…taking London by storm!

    We pulled into the train station and lo and behold, what was everywhere? Kids wearing “Relax” tee shirts. And then I knew. We were in London. We’d arrived.

  6. I do feel your pain. What radio station were you listening to that would play that song?! Must be a 80’s sattelite radio station. For some reason, this song isn’t registering, but I must have heard it before.
    Ah, 80’s music. That was a great era for music, wasn’t it? All cheesy and big hair. There was Michael Jackson…Love me some MJ. Then, there was Run DMC, Salt-n-Pepa, The Cure, and Tears for Fears, to name a few. My husband can answer this question better than I can…He loves 80’s music.
    PS~I didn’t know you hated that post. Isn’t it ridiculous how hard we are on ourselves?! Stop the madness. ;)

  7. I love 80’s music! I was really into the new Kids on the Block, Rick Astley, The Cure and Madonna back then. Have to admit I went to a NKOTB concert in 2010 (?) just to feel like a crazy teenager again, me and my friend had so much fun at the concert but there were a lot of girls (women!) that took it very seriously and still follow them around on tour.

    Loved the movie Pretty Woman and wanted hair like Julia Roberts so badly I got a perm but my hair didn’t really resemble hers after. Called my mom from a phone booth (!) to pick me up so nobody will see me. Needless to say there are no photos from that time period ;)

    1. I went to an NKOTB reunion show, too! But back in 2008. It was a blast, because I was too young when they were around for their first stint to go see them. I loved it! I wish I could see your hair in a perm, though ;)

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