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Last night Boyfriend and I made significant progress in finalizing our itinerary for Belgium and Paris. And by “significant” I mean “any” because aside from booking our flight a few weeks ago, we haven’t done anything else in the way of preparations. Unless you count me compulsively pre-planning my outfits and laying them out on the sofa in the bedroom, which, if you think about it, is actually a really smart and not at all crazy, even though it is driving Boyfriend nuts. He doesn’t get it. I’ll share all the details about our amazing hotel deals (obviously we got deals) tomorrow.

And now for today’s tunes.

I know Keane are bit too easy-listening for a lot of you, but they are one of my all time favorite bands, and have been since the moment I heard them for the first time. Imagine my excitement when I found out through Twitter (the day after I started following them, no less) that they were releasing a new album this May, titled “Strangeland.” It is fortuitously scheduled to be released just a few days before my plane leaves for Belgium. Who wants to take a stab at what I’ll be listening to on endless repeat the entire flight? Any takers?

They released this “making of”/behind the scenes album trailer a few weeks ago, and I thought it was too beautiful not to share:

I found out yesterday that the first single from the album was premiering on BBC1 Radio today at noon UK time. So I dawdled this morning and timed my departure for the subway such that I would be getting ready right around the time the song was scheduled to play. I found a live stream of Fearne Cotton’s broadcast and luckily caught the new song. It’s called “Silenced By the Night” and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet (that’s just an excuse to listen to it a few more times). I love that they’re back to the heavy amounts of piano, though. It reminds me of their earlier stuff, in a really good way.

I’m just beyond excited to finally have new music from them. Who are your favorite bands? Have they released anything new recently?

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  1. Ahh the singing hobbit. Has he got over his alcholosim now then? I think they’re very blah. Sorry. And poor you having to listen to Fearne Cotton! Vaucuous moronic broadcasting made by our tv license money. Bah. As much as I still like the music on Radio One I’ve had to stop listening becuase the DJs are such a bunch of ignorant fuckwits. And they all try to pretend they’re still in their early twenties when some of them, such as vile fatso Chris Moyles is the same age (ish) as me. They should all grow up and take a lesson from Chris Evans! (sorry about the rant!).

    More excited about reading about your hotels and itinerary!

    Well last night when I was in a bath Richard started playing a song I feel in love with straight away. It’s by the Kinks and it’s called Waterloo Sunset. But I don’t think they’re coming back anytime soon! x

    1. I had no clue whatsoever he was an alcoholic! How did I miss that? I guess we don’t get a ton of gossip about UK bands over here. I’m surprised, he seemed like he had everything together. Not that it makes me feel differently towards him or the band. If anything I love them more for it.

      Having never really listened to Radio 1 before (not exactly my cousins’ taste in music) it was super fun for me to hear the broadcast! I agree with Theresa’s comment below: I could listen to that accent all day, regardless if the person was obnoxious or something. Haha. I’m not even ashamed! You have to understand the appeal something as simple as a UK radio channel holds for someone not from there. It’s quite magical!

      Thanks for the recommendation about the Kinks song! I’ll check it out :)

  2. Oooh, planning outfits is almost as much fun as the trip itself in my humble opinion! :D
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen.

    I’m not much of a Keanite but I don’t think I shall ever tire of Everybody’s Changing – it’s just so beautiful and I can never resist singing along. :)

    I love Interpol (I almost got squished to death at their concert in 2010) but I’ve been terribly slack in following their more recent releases. :/

    1. I plan on doing a whole post of outfits as it gets closer and once I finalize all of them! It’s hard because I need to factor in comfort and things that can be layered since I have no idea what the weather will be like anywhere we’re going yet. I’m assuming it will be nice and spring-like but the last time I was in Paris it was the dead of August and a million degrees. Brussels and Bruges are likely to be colder since they’re further north…lots to take into consideration! Which, of course, means lots of clothes to buy! ;)

      Getting squeezed to death at a concert certainly makes you a fan! I’ll have to expand my limited knowledge of Interpol, if you love them so much. xo

  3. Sorry Erin, not a keen Keane fan I’m afraid. Their songs are a bit wishy washy, not one thing or another. I’m not sure what music genre they officially fall into to be honest.

    I’m with Annie, we want to know what you’ll be doing on your travels. If you share yours, I’ll share mine – Den’s taking me to Fez for my BIG birthday at the end of the month so I’ve got fab travel to look forward to also. No, he didn’t get a hotel deal, but then if he did, I’d have called him a cheapskate. There should be no expense spared on this birthday, believe me :-)

    1. That’s so exotic! You’re going to have an amazing time. You better take loads of pictures and buy a rug or two to take back with you. Or maybe some tile. Something in that style. And yes, for a big birthday it’s better to go all out and spare no expense! I don’t blame you there at all ;)

    2. I plan to take a half empty suitcase for all the goodies I shall buy. But, as there’s going to be hardly any space for clothing, I’ll probably wear the same day time top and jeans for the entire 3 days and just one dress for the evenings. Eugh I can hear you say :-) Plus we are flying with crappy Ryanair so we need to be as streamlined and hassle free as possible. x

  4. If you fancy wearing your outfits to a completely bonkers but fun place in Paris I can highly recommend Chez Louisette which also happens to be nestled in one of the best flea markets. Equally bonkers is Le Refuge des Fondues, both are very memorable places to check out!

    1. Thank you for the recommendations, Fay! That’s awesome, I’ve never heard of either place before and I’ll definitely have to check them out. Thanks so much! xo

  5. I’m about to dash out the door to carpool, so I’ll have to listen later, but first let me say this: I fail to understand what’s *weird* about planning out your outfits for your trip. That’s not *weird,* that’s *necessary.* Just sayin’! AND. Next time I head to Europe, I’m getting you to find my hotels. Also, just sayin’. xo

    1. Fine by me! I’m a Priceline guru, I don’t think I mentioned that. Though we surprisingly have gotten deals without even having to bid on a hotel yet! I’ll share all the details later :) But I’m so happy someone else understands why I need to plan my outfits this far in advance! This is a big deal! It must be a girl thing ;)

  6. I actually really like Keane and yes, he obviously got over his alcoholism. Good on him.

    Not sure about that new song. i think I will always love the first album best.
    All keen to hear about holiday iteniery ( can’t spell, too late at night) and hear all about your hotel deals.

    1. Yes, I think I’ll always love their first album more than anything. It’s so perfect, start to finish. But I definitely love their second album as well. After that they kind of lost me, but I’m happy they’re back with a sound more similar to their earlier music than their more recent stuff.

  7. Oh, I love Keane! Was just talking about them with a friend and we were wondering if they would come out with a new album or if the addiction of the singer gotten the best of him. Glad he got over it! Outfit planning for a trip is crucial at least for me because I try to get as many outfits out of the clothes I pack. I’m addicted to this song right now…

    1. I must be the only person in the world who didn’t know he was an alcoholic! But it looks like I’m not the only fan, which makes me happy. I’m definitely with you in trying to pack pieces that can be used in multiple incarnations of outfits rather than whole, independent outfits.
      I gave that Gotye song a listen a few days ago since everyone is raving about it, but I don’t think I’m a fan. I think I’m alone in that. xo

  8. I can listen to that accent all day. A person with a British accent can talk about ant farms and I would listen. (I realize my admitting that must be laughable by all the British readers here.)
    Ok, where was I? New music from Keane is good news. My favorite song from them is Everybody’s Changing, which I discovered from one of my favorite TV shows (I really need to get out more). And, lucky you that their new album is dropping just when you need their music the most. That’s good karma.
    Favorite band? Radiohead. Rumor has it that they’re releasing a new album soon, as well. Win-win!
    Planning outfits is essential. I can’t wait to see what hotel deals you’ve landed. When we went to Europe, planning the hotel stays was one of my favorite parts.

    1. YES! I’m with you, Theresa. I could really listen to that accent all day long. When I come home from visiting my family I end up picking up the cadence and inflections of the way they talk and ask questions. It makes me so happy. Love that accent.

      Love Everybody’s Changing! And I love that we tend to discover songs through tv shows. We’re kindred spirits in that way. Radiohead is a solid favorite band choice, you have a huge catalog of music to pick from! What are your thoughts on that Thom Yorke song being included on one of the Twilight films? I know a lot of Radiohead fans were annoyed by that.

      1. Well, I didn’t know about that little tidbit of trivia. Was it just Thom Yorke or Radiohead? I’ll have to YouTube the song. How did that get past me? I can see how die hard fans would balk at the idea of Radiohead contributing a song to a tween movie. Would it make me happier if the movie was an avante garde, indie flick? Sure. As long as they don’t sell their music to sling burgers or soda or American cars, I’ll let it slide. :)
        Perhaps the Music Arranger was trying to appeal to the hipster parents who would have to take their teens to see the movie??
        PS~Portishead comes in at a very close second for favorite band. Though, they haven’t put out new music in some 10 or more years. Just keep listening to my Roseland Ballroom CD.

  9. Keane is one of our favorite bands as well! Hadn’t been keeping up with them so excited to hear some new music! I’ve also been trolling SXSW this year to find some new music. Love that you are laying out outfits! I did the same thing before we went to France, only took pictures of myself with my phone standing in front of the mirror to see what they looked like. Glad to hear I’m not totally crazy :)

  10. Yay! It always makes me happy to find fellow Keane fans. We’re a good bunch :)
    Taking pictures in each outfit is a really good idea! It’s kind of like Cher in Clueless, in a good way! There must be something about girls traveling abroad that makes us anxious of what we’re going to wear. I don’t think I’ll worry this much on my wedding day, haha!

  11. Can I just point out that last week I booked my flights to Cannes for June (newsflash!) and I have already sorted out my outfits? That’s why I did J.Crew drive by. Although I do need a new daytime dress.

    And yo, Richard and I are trying to get our hands on the O2 Radiohead tickets at the moment…exciting!

    Totes love Cher in Clueless. One of my favourite all time films. Her wardrobe is ace!

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