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I swear, sometimes Theresa and I are on the same wavelength, even though we’re 3,000 miles apart. Over the weekend, a song popped into her head without provocation, and the same thing happened to me. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by the Shirelles got stuck in my head the moment I woke up on Saturday. What’s weird is that later that same day, the song came on at the grocery store while we were in line at the deli counter. When we got home I queued the original version up on youtube, and then discovered this haunting rendition by Swedish (!!) singer Lykke Li.

This version is so sweet and heartbreaking. I can’t stop listening to it. Thank you for all the great recommendations last week, you guys!

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Ahhhh the Shirelles, what a beautiful song, brings me back to thinking about one of my all time favourite flicks – Dirty Dancing. Love that whole soundtrack actually. I shall have to dig the DVD out for an evening of wine, chocolate and Mr Swayze in his tight pants. Living with 3 boys means the chances of me doing this soon is pretty remote :-(

    I must be honest Erin, this version isn’t doing it for me, it’s a bit depressing. Sorry love x

    1. Oh gosh, Dirty Dancing is so good. You’re right, that entire soundtrack is incredible. Definitely treat yourself to a girly night and indulge! Lock everyone out of the living room and tell them nobody puts Baby, err, Sam, in a corner. ;)

      I agree, this rendition is a little depressing, but I kind of like it for that quality. No worries, darling!

  2. Dirty Dancing! That’s where I know it from. I prefer the original too. Sorry.
    And what were you doing in the grocery line with Theresa?
    That’s so weird you live in the same country but 3000 miles apart.

    1. I know, isn’t America massive? It’s the same distance to LA from Philly as it is to London, pretty much. Crazy to think about.

  3. Love Lykke Li! Didn’t know she did a version of Will You Still Love Me. More and more I’m starting to believe that we have the same musical tastes, except for Ace of Base and Hip Hop. No biggie. The rest is a match made in heaven.

    PS~Annie, you so funny!

    1. I suppose not every relationship has to agree on Swedish retro-pop and Hip Hop. ;) I think we’re perfect the way we are! xo

  4. Love Lykke Li! Her voice is giving me goose bumps, at least singing that song.

    Aww, I absolutely love Dirty Dancing, have the soundtrack on tape but unfortunately no tape deck anymore ;) One of my friends had to go to the resort where they shot Dirty Dancing for work recently and we were so super excited before but she said it was not like in the movie at all, there are no hot dance instructors :(

    1. I think it’s time to upgrade your soundtrack! I’m sure the CD version is pretty cheap on Amazon, or even iTunes, and as a girl you need to have a playable copy of that soundtrack in your life! What a bummer to hear the resort wasn’t like it was in the movies. They missed a great marketing opportunity! Think of how many people would go if there were hot dance instructors channeling Patrick Swayze walking around.

      1. Maybe we can pitch that marketing strategy to them and get rich with it…

        PS. Soundtrack on CD is on the way to me. Just ordered from amazon for $4 incl. shipping. I’m oldschool and need the actual CD in my collection and not just a download ;)

  5. I adore Lykke Li and this is a beautiful rendition but I must admit – I, too prefer the original. Have you heard her “duet” with Kings Of Leon (Knocked Up)? Awesome! :D

    1. I haven’t heard that, but I love Kings of Leon so I’ll check it out! I prefer the original of this song, too, but her version is definitely chilling! Thanks for the tip, Chi!

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