You guys. I’ve been hit. Whatever weird and funky Indian disease trailed Boyfriend home and demolished him first has now set its sights on my weak and tiny body. My nose is dripping on its own accord, and my throat is hot and raw and I can feel it all the way up to my inner ears. Given then I tend towards the dramatic, this should be an interesting few days for everyone. If I profess tomorrow that I’m dying, understand that I’m probably not but indulge me in my piteous displays of neuroses, deal? Good.

I know that chicken soup and tea are good remedies for colds, but when it comes to me, only one thing makes me truly feel better: all-white interiors. It’s been a while since I’ve drooled over some, so join me, won’t you? (Side story: last night I had to ask how to spell “won’t” because the phlegm was rattling my brain and I didn’t think there was an apostrophe. Not my finest moment).

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: painted white brick, old empty frames, beautiful mantle, Diptyque candles.

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Stunning fireplace and all monochrome. I’m usually texturally averse to flokati rugs/pillows, but for this room I’d make an exception.

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Some people object to keeping Christmas lights up year round unless you live in a dorm, but this is perhaps the best case advocating for them I think I’ve ever seen. Also, painted white brick!

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Why do chevron floors and those windows only exist in Paris? I love all the moldings.

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Of all the things my squirrel-brain focuses on to love in this room, I’m most intrigued by the stack of replacement cushions for the (wonderfully industrial chic) stool at the vanity. Who needs 5 extra seat cushions?

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┬áThis might be my favorite bedroom of all time. I’ve said that many, many times before, I know. But something about the dark gray sheets, the white lacquer sideboard, the Diamond Bertoia chair, the Tivoli radio, the niche the bed sits in, and the pops of red in the blanket and that wonderful task lamp…something about it just makes me tingly. It reminds me of the bedroom from “Vicky Christina Barcelona” in it’s simplicity. I seriously, seriously love this room.

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This doesn’t qualify as all-white since it’s all-grey, but let’s make an exception for this stunning interior. I love clothes racks like that, and that West Elm lamp. That bed looks super appealing to me right about now.

It’s going to be in the 70s here (the 70s!) today, so despite my increasing malaise I’m planning on walking over to Urban Outfitter’s cafeteria and treating myself to some sushi. Hopefully the wasabi clears out my congestion! Can you believe it’s almost Friday? This week feels like it flew by, Monday feels like a million years ago.

14 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Christmas lights can easily go cheesy, but you’re right, they don’t look it in that shot! Thanks for stopping by, Shelly! xo

  1. Are you sure he didn’t pick it up in Heathrow because those are the exact same symptoms I’ve got at the moment. Swollen tonsils :( had vomiting then dizziness, then sneezing, the a swollen throat and stinking headache. Boo.

    Five cushions for one tolix stool? Incontinence? Piles?

    Love the fairy lights, the warm amber glow offsets all that white chilliness ;)

    1. Oof, you poor dear. He didn’t have any stomach symptoms or vomiting, but it’s totally possible he picked it up at Heathrow. He’s on his way out of the woods with it, as they say, thankfully. Now it’s his turn to take care of me!

      I can’t believe you think white is so chilly! I find it oddly warming and cozy. :)

  2. Gotta love fairy lights all year round, although the old fashioned non-LED ones are nicest. I’ve always go some up although not in the house, but on the olive tree on the veranda.

    The parquet flooring is beautiful in pic 4, it makes the room cosier and stops the white from being too ‘glary’ (is that a word?).

    Anyways, it sounds like you and Annie have that particularly deadly strain of man flu, you must get down to the drugstore quick before it’s too late. The drugstore is my other halves favourite place to hang out when we are in the US.

    Get well soon :-)

    1. Ha, who would have thought drugstores would hold any sort of appeal to a tourist? They’re so commonplace here we don’t even think they’re special. I’m always running to the one a few blocks away to pick up odds and ends (toilet paper, juice, m&ms, etc).

      Jealous that you have an olive tree and a veranda! I bet those lights look beautiful on it! Thanks for the well wishes, lovely. xo

  3. for some reason when I’m sick, I think about all white, clean, minimal spaces too. i think we are longing for a germ free environment once we’ve already caught “the germ.” Rest, and feel better. Teri

  4. Gosh, sorry to hear you are poorly. Since I’m jewish and fully aware of the hypochondriac neuroses of jewish people (mostly men, mind you) I will not worry:) anyone, who claims near death experience and produces a post like this I have very little sympathy for:)

    On to other matters, all too anal, too white, too stark, too cold and rather boring. No texture? Woman, what is life without colour and texture? I forgive you!! At least, you found some rather stylish white cells:) That bedroom you love reminds me of a prison cell. I am afraid to say you will not find such minimalism in Paris or Bruge, dear Lisbeth!! Oh, white painted bricks????

    Anyhow, do love you dearly and this is what makes the world go round. Get better soon, sweety!

    1. Hahaha, yes we tend to be a complain-y bunch, don’t we? I can’t believe you don’t think these rooms have texture! Texture for me could be the grain of the white brick walls, the shag rug, etc. But as far as color…haha, you know how I feel about that ;) Unfortunately most of Europe doesn’t seem to be into stark minimalism, so I obviously need to go to Sweden and Switzerland and places where they “get” me, you know.

      Thanks so much, darling! xo

  5. Sorry to hear your full of phlegm! Never a good or pleasant feeling. Despite all of that, you did manage to pull together some interior gems. Chevron wood floors? Yes, please. Of course I love every image you selected, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the second one with the tall black abstract painting and Serge Mouille lamp. I just want to light a fire in that fireplace, curl myself into that chair, and read 1Q84 (yup, my next read as soon as it arrives from Amazon).

    Feel better. xo

    PS~Erin, thanks so much for stopping by Happenstance’s blog and leaving your Paris recommendations. It made me all kinds of happy. #Udabest!

    1. You’re a doll for sourcing that lamp for me! Never would have known what it was off the top of my head (though I’m sure Lisbeth could have figured it out eventually ;). I totally agree about wanting to curl up with a good book in front of that fireplace. It looks so inviting! Good luck with IQ84, it looks like a behemoth from what I’ve seen. You must do a review on it when you’ve finished, yes? Yes.

      I was more than happy to help! I love her blog and I love talking about Paris, so it was a win-win for me :) #noUdabest!

  6. Hope you already feel much better! Sending you some virtual chicken soup and a pot of hot tea…The bed on the last picture looks so tempting right now. I’m ready to take a nap ;) And I’ll take the clothes rack (including the clothes), the chair and lamp as well…Get well soon!

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