Friday Five

It’s Friday! Last night I went out to dinner with my mom and her boyfriend to an amazing Italian restaurant. It was our first time there and it turned out to be one of the 10 best meals of my life. If you’re ever in East Falls, you have to go. I’m already planning when I can go back. The food was unbelievable, really excellent rustic Italian, and the service was impeccable. They even brought out birthday cannoli at the end with a little candle!  My mom was too mortified to let anyone sing to her, but we did anyway.

I’m happy to report Boyfriend landed safely last night after a grueling 20-some hour journey from India. He had a layover in London, where he loaded up on fish and chips, chatted with me on Skype, and secretly managed to hit every single store in the terminal to bring me back a bunch of British goodies. You guys. Like I needed another reason to be excited about his return home, imagine my delight when, picking himself up off the floor after I tackled him with hugs, he handed me a giant plastic bag filled with some of my favorite things in the entire world, all of which are unfortunately hard to come by unless you’re actually in England. I think my brain exploded with giddiness. It was an overload of joy. Boyfriend and British surprises? Sure, you can get some of these things in the states, but it’s just not the same and I don’t care how spoiled that makes me sound.

By some stroke of fate, or maybe he planned it that way, there were 5 things in that bag. And when life (or Boyfriend) hands you a perfect Friday Five, you don’t question it. Herewith, my favorite Friday Five to date:

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk minis / 2. PG Tips tea / 3. Elle Decoration / 4. Flake bars / 5. Aero bars

This morning for breakfast I had a large cup of PG Tips and half a Flake bar. Okay, and other breakfast food, but I can have a bagel any day of the week. It was like Christmas morning, which sort of makes up for the sore throat and cough I woke up with. Boyfriend is still on weird India time (I never actually figured out the time difference, either, haha) so at 3:30 this morning he was wide awake and so was Fitz, which meant so was I. If there was ever a morning that called for British chocolate, it was today.

I plan on spending the rest of the weekend drinking cup after cup of tea and finding the bottom of that big bag of Cadbury minis, flipping through the copy of Elle Decoration (!!) Boyfriend bought me. This is just about the most perfect assortment of things you could ever buy for me. Seriously. I’m not touching the Aero bars, even though they’re massive and there are two of them, because those are like gold to me and I am conserving them until absolutely necessary. Which might me tomorrow. Who knows. I’m still partly in shock. And deliriously happy.

The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, so I think we’ll take Fitz for a long overdue trip to the dog park so he can run around like the crazy dog he is. He tends to get beat up a lot at the park by other dogs. He doesn’t have any manners. What are you guys up to? Anything fun and exciting? Lots of relaxation? Have a great one, kiddos. I’ll see you Monday.

18 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Well not the best quality British tea or chocolate to be honest. Dairy Milk, yuk. Aeros and flakes, I’ll letyou off although flakes are still Dairy Milk. Yuk again. Aeros, super yum. Trying hard to resist getting a mint one from the vending machine right now.

    Do you know what I love from duty free? Those Guerlain chocolate shells. I know they’re not guerlain but I can’t remember what they are. And Milka choclate which is also a bit pikey. And Lindt which I think is posh but R says is pikey. He’s all green and blacks but that’s too pretentious for me.

    At my work everyone calls PG Tips ‘monkey’. They ask you if you want a monkey, which baffled me for the first couple of days. I thought they were asking me if I wanted some cockney money.

    Sorry, wandered off on a big of a tangent then. Yeay for Jeff being home, hoorah! Yeay for fish and chips. Yeah for birthday mum and wow that meal sounds nice.

    Did Jeff get you anything from India???

    A hen do for me! Eek.

    1. Ew, hater! I can’t believe you don’t like Dairy Milk. All three of those chocolates are my favorite, and even if you don’t think they’re posh or very good quality, I just need to remind you that they are WORLDS better than what we sell here. WORLDS. Like, in comparison, chocolate here tastes like plastic. I would pass up Godiva or Guerlain any day of the week for a Flake bar. I was so touched he even remembered what I liked and picked them up for me, and if he had gotten something more fancy I wouldn’t have been as excited. Same with the tea. Sure, there are fancier kinds, but PG Tips has always been my favorite. My family over there drinks it exclusively and my mom and I would sneak box after box into our luggage when we went home. It’s definitely the thought that counts! :)

      I love the PG Tips monkey. They had one printed inside the box and when I opened it up I giggled. Super adorable, though confusing to refer to it as a monkey. I’d attempt to start that here but no one would know what I’m talking about. I know maybe 5 people in the states who drink tea exclusively, and I don’t think any of them have heard of PG Tips. Their loss!

      Nothing from India, but he really only went to his hotel and the business park to his office. Actually, the gift he brought me back was that he came back alive and not sick. That was literally all I asked for. The chocolates were a bonus ;)

      1. Dairy Milk tastes weird, it doesn’t taste of chocolate. I totally know what you mean though, my mum and R always get me really posh Easter eggs and really I just want a huge Lindt bunny. I’m always a bit disappointed.

        I don’t mind PG tips, apes and all, but not those nasty pyramid bags they produced a few years ago. they were horrid.

        Really nobody drinks tea over there? Richard is probably the only English person I know who doesn’t drink it. I love tea. Especially on a Sunday afternoon with ginger cake. Swoon.

        What a lovely thoughtful boyfriend. Did you share with him?

        1. Did I share with him? He’s the only thoughtful person in the relationship. I don’t share. I allowed him one small bite of the Flake bar, but he doesn’t really like chocolate or sweets anyway, he claims they make his teeth hurt. Sometimes I question what we have in common. (totally kidding. It actually works out well because he never takes any of my junk food!).

          Tea is really not common over here. People drink tons and tons of coffee and soda, but it’s rare to order tea or even really drink it. I love curling up with a nice cup of tea on a weekend, too!

  2. I’d be very pleased if I got all 5 too Erin, perhaps not so much the Elle Decoration, there’s a bit too much blue in that issue, feels like an Autumn edition :-(

    Just remember to dunk the chocolate into the tea but be quick when doing it with the Flake.

    Have a cool weekend!

    1. I’ve only flipped through it briefly but yes! Lots of blue! I’m so in love with the magazine though, so I don’t really mind :)

      I hadn’t thought to dunk the chocolate! I’m not sure it lasts long enough to even make it to the tea cup though, haha. Have a great weekend, doll!

  3. Awwww, Erin??!!! That’s so, SO romantic! What an amazing start to your weekend! :D

    My Mum is coming to stay tomorrow and I’m so excited that I’m fit to burst!!!!

    Here’s to Mums, great boyfriends/husbands, sunshine and lots and lots of English yum!
    Have a super weekend! :D

    1. I know, right?! I swooned a little bit. Okay, a lot.

      Horray for your mum visiting! Your daughter must be so exciting. Grandparents are always more interesting than parents, unfortunately :) Have a wonderful weekend with her! I hope we get some sunshine, I just checked the forecast and it looks like I was wrong about the nice weather! Oh well, another excuse to stay in and drink tea and eat chocolate! xo

  4. Everything sounds perfect in Erinland! Good.

    Great you had such a fanatstic meal and I love J for making you so happy with his thoughtful goody bag. I am not commenting on specifics because it’s irrelevant. What’s important to me is that you LOVE it all and that it makes you ecstatic to have J back, gorge on the chocs and read Elle D.

    So, enjoy everything and just make sure you don’t get a stomach upset from overindulging:)

    Just a little surprised J didn’t bring you back something colourful from India. Shame he didn’t get to shop at all. Have a good weekend x

    1. Ha! Erinland. Love that. Things are definitely all good! I’ve been surprisingly restrained about my chocolate consumption, and haven’t really gotten too crazy yet! The Flake bars are gone, though, haha.

      Even if he’d had time to shop for something, I think I was so bitter about him even going to India I wouldn’t have wanted a memento, haha. At least I’m honest! Hope you had a great weekend, Tina! xo

  5. Yummmm Aero bars. I haven’t had one in years. The other two chocolates I’ve never tried before. Always loved Cadbury’s Curly Wurly
    So great of J to think about your chocolate cravings! My husband is in Germany right now, hope he got my hints that I need him to bring home more licorice ;)

    I have a friend staying with me this weekend, we might hit a big Outlet Mall (Woodbury Commons) if we feel like it and knowing us we will feel like it…

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Curly Wurly! Love those. I swear all I do when I go to England is eat chocolate. And Haribo fizzy cola. Oy. So much junk food! What’s with all these men traveling abroad recently?? Fingers crossed you get some licorice out it :)

      Horray for outlet shopping! Woodbury Commons has some pretty nice stores. Did you buy anything fun?? Hope you treated yourself!

  6. Yay to BF making it home safely and in good health. So thoughtful of him to pick up some things that you love, and exactly five! Ugh, hope you all get over the jet lag real quick. Guess you could just start blogging at 3:00 am. (Yea, right!)
    This weekend the weather over here is suppose to hit the 80’s! So, I’m sure we’ll try to get out doors. We will be running our kids and you will be running Fitz. ;) Have a good one, Erin!
    PS~Sounds like birthday dinner with Mom was a yummy success!

  7. You know…a box of British goodies could come your way when we sort out the Great Pretzel M&M Swticharoonie. Just sayin’.



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