What’s In Your Bag?

Happy February! The month of January flew by, didn’t it? I successfully completed 1/12th of my 365 Project by shooting and posting 1 photograph a day for the entire month. This surprises even me. I think the fact that I put myself on the line by making this project public is causing me to take it, you know, seriously. One down, 11 to go.

To kick February off, I have an analogy for you. This post is what would happen if this post from Tina and this post from Theresa got together for one magical night and had a baby. Basically, I have been obsessed with a Flickr pool called “What’s In Your Bag?” for YEARS. It’s like a compulsion, I cannot stop checking out what people post. If you hadn’t guessed, people take a photograph of the contents of their bag and add it to the group. It’s fascinating and totally feeds the voyeur in me, seeing what hundreds of random strangers carry everyday. Sure, there are really boring ones, and lots of shots by teenagers with Hello Kitty sketchbooks, and even the occasional photograph containing a handgun or knife (??!?!), but there are some real gems in the nearly 15,000 photos in the pool. Fifteen thousand! Obviously it keeps me occupied. I love ones where the picture is not only thoughtfully styled, but there is just enough shown to make me wonder about the owner.

Here are some of my favorites: 

 from here

from here

from here

 from here

So, obviously I couldn’t resist doing my own. I’ve done two before:

winter 2009

summer 2010

But now that I’ve been the proud owner of a new MBMJ Hillier for 2 days, I felt like it was time to do one more:

winter 2012

Not included is my Canon, since I was using it to take this picture. My mom bought me this galaxy scarf for Christmas, and I think it adds an interesting touch to the otherwise perfect bag. You guys, it is PERFECT. It fits under my arm without any issue, even over my peacoat. I’m carrying the exact same amount of stuff as I was in my last bag, but the weight difference is staggering. I don’t even notice it on my shoulder, whereas before I was getting horrible pains in my shoulder blades from the concentrated pressure. Pay no attention to my cheese-tastic smile in my work ID. (Also, Dracula is getting scary. Van Helsing just made his first appearance!)

Okay, ladies. You knew this was coming: I want to see what’s in your bags. Come on! Post a picture in the comments if you’re feeling up to it. Feel free to edit out things like receipts and gum wrappers and such. Or your handgun, whatever.

14 thoughts on “What’s In Your Bag?

  1. Forget the Hillier, that sailor tote bag is awesome, I really want that! Can I have it? Cheers.

    Please tell me that everyone has done a little housekeeping in their purses because they’re all very neat and organised. None of the cr*p that I seem to carry around with me. You must find it so easy to find everything!

    I love the smiley pass, I was going to comment on that. You look really pretty.

    I will post mine later. Shall I do it as it is or shall I tidy it up first? I’m thinking it might be cathartic to be honest….

    1. Is the sailor tote bag the one that says “Permanent Vacation” or the top one? I’m ashamed I don’t know!

      I had only started carrying the Hillier the day before, so I haven’t had a chance to really add anything to it, junk wise. I’m prone to loading up on receipts and such, don’t worry. I’m sure all the other people cleaned up their bags, too. I know I did, as well as laying everything out nicely, for my 2 previous ones.

      Thank you! I was rain-soaked and sleepy in that ID picture, so thank you!

      1. The summer 2010 version, the navy and white one. It’s looks bit like a bag a sailor might have.

        I have a GENIUS idea, we all send your our photos and you write the post, and we have to guess whose bag is whose!

        I’m emailing mine now chicken xx

  2. I love this idea! My purse is very tidy. I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive about clutter and keeping things in my life organized. I blame it on my chaotic childhood. It was a way to bring order and stability into my life. Woa, back to what’s in my bag! Here’s a stupid request. Let me know how I can post a picture in the comments and I will be right back with a photo.

    I love, love your new Hillier bag. I’m thinking I really need to get it. I mean, the bag has all the necessities I need – cross body strap, exterior pockets, made of nylon, stylish…It would be ok if we had the same bag, right?

    PS~I love all your bag shots. 2009? I think that puts you ahead of the curve.

    1. Nothing wrong with a little therapy session! I think organization is a good trait to carry over from your childhood; that chaos could’ve manifested itself in other, more harmful ways! At least you can always find everything now!

      Pshh, I wouldn’t be offended at all if you got the same bag! We could be bag twins! I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s literally the most perfect bag. I haven’t even worn it cross-body yet. I can’t enough of it.

  3. I love these too and have debated doing a post on my own bag! I like to be nosy and this is a very unobtrusive way to do it. It’s kind of like how a lot of girls like to watch other girls put on makeup, to compare! ha. And I always wondered whether girls tidied out their bags first. I know there would be gum wrapper, used tissues, and other random embarrassing items in my bag. That bag is major gorg! And your ID is a cutie.

    1. Thanks! You should do one, too! And don’t worry if it’s messy inside, most normal people have receipts and stuff! But yeah, I love looking in and seeing what other people carry. It’s definitely a compare-and-contrast exercise for me.

  4. Erin, what a hoot…. you know I love this subject and am also huge fan of the burning house. You mentioned the flickr pool before and I haven’t yet had a look (secretly worried of picking up new obsession and having to hate you for it:)

    If mine and Theresa’s post had a one night stand and a bambino… interesting analogy. In fact, I saw a ping to my post while out. I had had a bit of spam today so didn’t give it a second look. All I saw was Theresa’s name and having a baby and thought: OMG, they must even pick up on people’s names leaving comments!!! Seriously, spooky like Rosemary’s baby!! Thank you for mentioning my post:)

    Now young lady, it is nearly 11pm here and I still have to comment on people’s posts. Happy to do the bag thing but how do I post a pic on here? Saw that T had the same question.

    I see you still carry a Nokia. Women, get with the program, it’s starting to be embarrassing to hang out with you. I have loads of older friends where this is allowed. But you are 25, for heavens sake. Fancy camera, fancy bag, fancy researcher a la Lisbeth, blog queen AND A NOKIA, not even a smartphone!!! I rest my case.

    1. Ha! I used to have a Blackberry as of less than a week ago, but I swapped it out in favor of a (new, surprisingly!) Nokia to see if I could exist without a smartphone. I’m on this self-imposed digital diet, and had deleted facebook and twitter from my Blackberry, rendering it basically useless, except for my email, which I was getting at my computer anyway. I’m literally plugged in to 2 computers all day at work and was going home to 2 computers…it was getting to be too much. So I’m putting some distance between me and technology. And obviously a Nokia is a step in the right direction! It makes calls, receives texts, and that’s all I want a phone to do. I swear, sometimes I think I’m 85 not 25….

      I should’ve addressed Annie and Theresa, too, but if you upload the picture to your site, you can just paste a link to the image here! Or wait, and I’ll try to get you all to send them to me and I’ll compile a post for next week. That’s a much better idea!!

  5. Thank goodness I cleaned house (some grocery receipts) before reading this post! Before! Honest! This is a brilliant idea, and I am having to physically force myself NOT to go digging for that Flickr pool. Too much left to do tonight. Should I just make a list? And that Hillier bag is gorgeous. Have you seen the new J. Crew mini hobo? And I have my eye on a hobo camera bag, but I digress.

    Tell is how to post pictures, and I’ll do it. Not making much headway on my P52 for tomorrow anyway.

    1. I haven’t seen the mini hobo, but if it’s from J Crew it can’t be bad, right? Point me in the right direction, L! You should totally get yourself a nice bag for your camera. You don’t have to get a typical camera bag, because usually those are not as cute as say, a leather hobo from J. Crew. My photo chair in college used to advise us to never carry an obvious camera bag because it makes it such an easy target for theft. He always had us carry our cameras stuffed inside thick, fleece winter hats and then put that inside another bag, usually just our everyday schoolbag. I’ve gotten in that habit now.

      I mentioned to Tina above that I’ll probably have a call for submissions from you guys to email me your “What’s in My Bag” pictures and I’ll make a post out of it next week! Yay!

  6. Great new bag!

    I can’t stop clicking through that flickr pool and I should really get back to work now. If I find time I’ll take a picture of my bag and it’s contents as well.

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