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I made myself go back through every one of these Tuesday Tunes posts to double-check I hadn’t already professed my love for this song, and when it turned out I hadn’t, I checked again. It didn’t seem possible, but now I remember why. All of the versions available online, including the official music video, cut off the last (and best) 2 minutes of the song. Which is a shame, because those last 2 minutes are transcendent. This song is so beautiful and just makes me want to close my eyes and live inside of it forever. It makes me think of winter in London (?) and dark subways, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to dance to it every time it plays. When the synth kicks in I get goosebumps. The only full version I found is set to an IMAX movie of Galapagos animals, and my god if this imagery doesn’t fit flawlessly with the song. Also, tortoises are amazing, and they totally get down with Swedish synth music.

 What tunes are you playing right now? I finally remembered to bring my iPod cord home from work with me so I can load it up with all the songs I’ve downloaded over the past few weeks. And, let’s be honest, so I can add more bad music to my commute.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Ooooh, love this song! And, yes, the last 2 minutes are the best part – auto-tune never sounded so gosh-darn-good! :D

    Iguanas and tortoises freak me out, though so I listened with my eyes averted.

    Right now I can’t get enough of Titanium by Sia/David Guetta, Pictures by Benjamin Francis Leftwich and If You Wanna by The Vaccines.

    I’ll probably be back with more as I’m sure I’ll remember some later! :D
    Have an awesome day!!! xoxo

    1. Auto-tune at its absolute best! I like auto-tune when it’s this over-pronounced and intentional, not when singers rely on it make themselves sound like they have any actual ability. T-Pain? Totally okay. Katy Perry? Horrible.

      Thank you for all the recommendations! I love Sia. I can’t believe you don’t like tortoises! They’re so cute!

  2. I concur, that’s a great track and one I’ve not heard in a while.

    Last four things I downloaded, all of which are in the UK charts:

    1) DJ Fresh – Hot Right Now
    2) Rizzle Kicks – Mama Do The Hump (a dance I do in front of my boys, lol)
    3) Goyte – Somebody That I Used To Know
    4) Maverick Sabre Album – Lonely Are The Brave


    1. I haven’t heard any of these, I’ll definitely give them a listen! Love that you dance to “Mama do the Hump” haha.

  3. Why does he spell his name with two ‘i’s? He wrote the song on last year’s mulbery advert I think and I liked that song a lot.

    Love the Rizzle Kicks! Although Sam and I are far too old to be allowed to like them.

    I downloaded Alesha Dixon’s Do it you Way but only because my boyfriend made me.

    I have two tortoise stories:

    1. On the Galapagos Island there’s a tortoise called George who is one hundred and something years old. But he’s the last of his species and so can’t get a girlfriend :(

    2. I knew a girl who had a tortoise when she was little and it kept escaping from their garden by burrowing under the fence. So her dad painted their postcode on it’s shell and it would routinely get returned by the postman. I love that story.

    1. I don’t know why he spells it with two i’s. I just assumed it was because he’s Swedish. I think I’ll start spelling my name Eriin. Looks way more awesome that way.

      That’s two endorsements for the Rizzle Kicks! I have to say, I like them based on their name alone :)

      I loved your tortoise stories! Poor George. I bet he’s very sad and lonely, the little guy. Though he probably is not so little if he’s that old. The story about the postcode tortoise made me feel all giddy inside. That’s adorable. I can just see the postman walking up to the gate carrying the poor tortoise, and he’s looking all defeated again, like “Damn. I was so close that time.” Bless.

  4. I always love to leave a comment while listening to the songs you load. Today I have more time until the end of the song:) Must admit had not heard it before…. really like it x Thank you.

    I’m in my European phase and some jazz: Ornella Vanoni, Lucio Dalla, Fredericks, Goldman, Jones and some Al Di Meola.

    My neighbours went to the Galapagos Island last year and brought me back a cuddly ‘George’. He’s here with me. Annie, love the second story:)

    Made it while song is still playing. Hurray!!!!!!!

    1. Ooh! There’s nothing like some good jazz to brighten up your day. I have to say I don’t know much about jazz, but I’ll give your suggestions a listen!

      I’m so jealous about your cuddly George! He must be very popular if he’s got stuffed animals made in his likeness. Maybe he wants one for himself. That would be adorable.

  5. File not found?????? First my gmail goes down and now I can’t listen to your all time favorite song? What the what???? Fiiiiiiixxxxx iiiiiiitttttt. (please?)

    1. Gah! I don’t know what’s wrong! It plays fine for me on my work mac and my PC…befuddling. Go listen to Miike Snow “Silvia” but ONLY if you can find the full 6 minute version. Don’t settle for that 4 minute edit nonsense.

      (I love that you used 12 question marks in that comment :)

  6. By the end of the song, I wished my name was Slyvia. Ok, not really, but I did like it.

    There was a song that I wanted to post when I first started blogging, Tightrope by Janelle Monae, but YouTube had some kind of embedding restriction. So I never posted it. I just gave up. I should be more diligent like you and find a version I can post.

    I actually went old school and recently purchased 21 by Adele. It’s been playing in the car on repeat for two weeks straight. I love every song on the album. I’m also thinking of going old school and getting Florence + The Machine. I remember you mentioning that the whole album is good. [Yes, I still buy CD’s…Stop laughing. ;) ]

    1. Haha. The best comment I saw was on the official music video youtube page. Some kid wrote, “My dad cheated on my mom with a woman named Sylvia, and I still love this song.” I doubt that’s even true, but it makes for an awesome comment.

      I hate youtube embedding restrictions. If it helps and you still want to use that Janelle Monae song, I just checked and this version doesn’t appear to have any restrictions on it. Yay!

      Adele can do no wrong, can she? Her voice is unbelievable. I don’t have her full album but you’re the millionth person to recommend it, so I might have to buy one. I think it’s great that you buy CDs! I’m old school, too :) Definitely pick up Florence + The Machine “Lungs” and then wait a while before buying “Ceremonials.” You need time for all the awesome songs on her first album to sink in.

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