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Happy Valentine’s Day! For those of you who already wished me a happy holiday yesterday, your obligation to say it again today has been lifted. Unless, of course, you really wanted to, in which case who am I to stop you on this, The Most Ridiculous Holiday of the Year!

I thought I’d make this Tuesday Tunes a set of romantic/moody songs to mark the occasion. And in doing so, the idea popped into my head to pair the songs with some matching images. And no, I didn’t photoshop lamps into any of them. If you were hoping for it and I’ve now totally shafted you out of a Valentine’s Day present, I sincerely apologize.

Sade. Does it get any more romantic and sweet than this song? Does anyone else remember it from an episode of Sex and the City, from the Carrie & Aidan years? In case this needs to be said, I’m Team Aidan, and I hate Big.


Including this song might not make sense, but I defy you to listen to it and not feel your heart race, and not want to listen to it again. It’s super moody and fairly sensual. It reminds me of dark, rainy afternoons and poorly lit bars. What’s more romantic than a scene out of a noir novel, right?

from here

source unknown

one of my favorite photographs ever, from here

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On a more somber note, by now everyone in the world has heard that Whitney Houston passed away over the weekend. I was planning on doing a full post about her incredible music next week, but I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without mentioning one of her songs. Besides, what’s more romantic than a girl asking to dance with somebody who loves her?

 Happy Valentine’s, you wonderful, beautiful ladies. I love each and every one of you.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Ah Happy Valentine’s Day sweet chicken! (That makes you sound like a chilli dip.)

    BUT, I cannnot let that pass. Aidan? That’s almost grounds for blog divorce. Big is awesome and I love their relationship. I mean, Aidan never rescued her from Paris and he had a mullet. But in your defence, when I was in the 20s I hated Big too. I think as you get older you get it more, see more why she likes him. Is that patronising enough for you sweetie? And he gave her that awful chair. And he was really cheesy.

    Poor WH. It was always going to happen wasn’t it? So sad though. Does sound like she had a very happy life really.

    I do feel a little short changed by the lack of lamps if I’m honest.

    What did J get for you? R gave me some tulips last night. But he got them from the supermarket and I don’t think they were really a Valentine’s present. Or birthday flowers for that matter. And he knows I don’t even really like tulips so clearly they were actually a present for him! The cheek.

    1. I’m going to call everyone I love now “sweet chicken chili dip.” If they don’t get the sentiment behind it, their loss ;)

      Don’t blog divorce me! It’s not my fault I don’t want Carrie with someone whose only redeeming quality is that he’s rich. He couldn’t have been any less interested in her throughout their entire relationship, including that bit where he LEFT HER AT THE ALTER. If that’s not grounds enough to be on Team Aidan, I don’t know what is. And I can’t believe you don’t like the chair he made!

      Sorry you’re feeling short changed about the lamps. Here’s something to say I’m sorry:

      J got me a beauuutiful necklace and a dozen roses and a very funny card and he stuffed a packet of Pretzel m&ms inside. Really thoughtful stuff! I like that R got you tulips for himself! Man after my own heart :) xx

  2. Happy Heart Day, kiddo!!! :D
    I, for one, am surprised (nay, shocked!) to find a distinct lack of The Bublé (as he’s referred to by Fearne Cotton (http://officialfearnecotton.com/) – very remiss of you, Erin. *wags finger reproachfully*

    That said, I LOVE Intro! XX sound like a slightly poppier more upbeat version of one of my favourite bands, Interpol. Must check the rest of their stuff out.

    I tried to watch the Whitney video but I’m a total sap and I couldn’t get through it without sobbing. She looked so young, happy and untouched by life. I keep thinking about her family and what they must be going through – it’s just too tragic for words.

    Isn’t Sade incredible? Her singing sounds so effortless and yet every note is infused with so much emotion.

    Does J read your blog? If so, your not-so-subtle hints in yesterday’s post just might pay off!
    Love you too, kiddo! :D

    1. I love The Bublé! I’ve expressed my love of him before, in an earlier Tuesday Tunes post, but I had to whittle this post down, otherwise I would’ve included like, 15 songs and everyone would have hated me for being so all over the map. I do love him though! Even if people think he’s cheesy. His voice is unbelievable!

      But what I love most of all is the nickname “kiddo.” It was my dad’s nickname for me and I don’t think there is a sweeter term of endearment. Obviously you use it because you are wonderful and loving and sweet as always! Clearly I am still in the Valentine’s Day spirit, can’t you tell? :)

      Whitney and Sade might be two of my favorite female artists. Their voices are just so unmatched. Where as Sade is effortless and subdued, Whitney could belt it out like nobody’s business. I’m all sorts of weepy over her death, still. Such a shame.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love all those moody and romantic pictures, and I can’t wait to listen to the songs that go with them.

    I am oddly neutral about Valentine’s Day. We’re having a nice dinner tonight. I have little pressies for Neel and Callum and special red velvet whoopie pies for dessert. But, I have a slight cold and my lack of energy reminds me of the Valentine’s Day when I was newly pregnant with Callum and said to Neel in the line at the grocery store, “Dear God, I hope you didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.

    It probably doesn’t help that I have a tiny bit of a crush on Callum’s history teacher, and I kept texting Neel from the field trip yesterday to say, “Mr. Hall is sitting right beside me on the bus!”

    Happy happy day to all my lovies! xo

    1. Hahah, I LOVE that you not only have a crush on your son’s teacher but that your husband is fully aware of it. I know crushes are harmless, but that is really funny you texted Neel! How was the field trip? Made better by the cute teacher? I bet it was.

      Loved the story of you being pregnant and surly about the holiday. I hope last night proved to be a bit more high-spirited? Did the boys like their presents?

  4. As promised, and I always keep my promises, here is an official and second Happy Vday greeting, lovely!!!!

    Can you feel a list coming? Yeah, yeah, yes? Here it is:

    1. Happy to wish you 100 Vday luvies
    2. So heart Sade. Around middle of 80’s I was in a fashion store and me and Sade came out of the dressing cubicles at the same time, having tried on the same trousers. Here goes: you have 3 guesses who looked better in them. Yep, I think I would need a complete new DNA to ever come close. She looks and sounds incredible.
    3. Have to agree with Chi, where’s the Bublé? Oh Chi, she’s still a baby. Bublé is for older folks.
    4. I couldn’t stop listening to XX for the whole of 2010. I got to go to a recording of the Mercury Price with literally 50 people only so stood in the first row. They seriously rocked. So talented!
    5. Bless, your fav photos give your age away… awwww.
    6. Whitney, I’m still ready sad and reflective about it. I look forward to a whole post dedicated to this amazing voice. Love you for it x
    7. Hope BF spoils you rotten.
    8. Oh, was big Aidan fan too.
    9. Kisssssssssssssssssssss

    1. Thank you thank you, darling!

      Oh lists. So convenient!

      1.100?! That’s a crazy amount of V-day wishes!
      2. Whoa! You and Sade are probably linked forever from that run-in. How fun! And I bet you looked smashing in those pants.
      3. I’m not a baby! Harumph. I do love me some Bublé. Just check out some earlier Tuesday Tunes, he makes an appearance in one of them! I took my mom to see him for Mother’s Day years ago before he really got popular, it was magical.
      4. You were ahead of the curve with The XX! I think I got their album right after it came out but didn’t listen to the whole thing through ever. Whoops.
      5. Haha, I love that photo! I bet you someone twice my age would, too.
      6. Whitney was something else, wasn’t she? Can’t wait til next week.
      7. He did! But he didn’t have to, I’d still love him anyway.
      8. Yay Team Aidan!
      9. Bisous!!

  5. Loooove Sade! I’m pretty sure I love every one of her songs. As a bonus, she never ages! I think she’s like 53 or something, and she looks amazing.
    I love that XX song! I have never heard of them which is pretty incredible because I thought I knew every moody artist that ever existed. Thank you for the introduction. Do you know if it’s from a movie because it would make a great soundtrack. I also love all your moody pictures.
    I don’t know if I was squarely a Aidan fan or a Big fan. If I think back, I guess I just wanted Carrie to be happy. Like you, I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Holy shit, she’s 53??! I had no idea. In my head she’s been 40 for years. Whoa, that’s incredible. The woman just gets more amazing, doesn’t she?

      You have to share some of your moody artists with me! I’m always looking out for more. You can never have too many in your arsenal! I don’t think this song is from a movie, but it was used in an AT&T commercial during the summer olympics a few years ago! I think. I might have to double-check.

      I wanted Carrie to be happy, and she didn’t have to try so hard with Aidan, where she did with Big. Plus, I think Aidan is cuter (my best friend is named Aidan, and is a girl, and it’s weird to feel like I’m talking about her, haha).

      Hope you had a nice V-day too!! xo

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