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I stopped into AC Moore, craft superstore, yesterday for a work errand and as I was standing in the checkout line, Ace of Base “Don’t Turn Around” came on through the store’s stereo. You guys, it was the most special moment of my young life, I’m pretty sure angels stopped what they were doing to bless me with that experience. I mean, seriously, Ace of Base? When was the last time you heard an Ace of Base song playing in a store somewhere? Obviously my powers of musical influence have farther reaching implications than I realized. The ego trip I am on right now is intoxicating. What are the odds that I drag Ace of Base out of their grave and back into the spotlight and a week later they’re back in rotation in hobby stores around the country? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

I don’t want things to get out of hand, so I’m going to scale it back for today’s Tuesday Tunes. Unfortunately for you, this means no Lamps-on-Hands. I’ll pause why you cry it out.

Better? Good!

I’ve been listening to this song by highly controversial, love-to-hate chanteuse Lana Del Rey for a week straight on repeat. It is just so good. In case you don’t know about her by now, she’s the girl who took the blogosphere by storm last fall with her self-made music video “Video Games,” and with her puffed-up lips and doubtful authenticity, and who, more recently, had an awkward appearance on SNL for which she will likely never live down. A few years ago, she was plain jane Lizzy Grant, a singer-songwriter with a failed attempt at a music career. She reemerged last summer as a self-styled “gangster Nancy Sinatra” under the portmanteau of Lana Del Rey, with a vintage glamour so heavy that everyone’s first reaction was to judge her harshly. “She’s too sexy!” “She’s fake, her whole persona is fake!” And I mean, come on. Has no one heard of the train-wreck, brunette-Italian-Catholic-schoolgirl-turned-platinum-blonde-“artist”, meat-dress-wearing creation that is Lady Gaga? In a world where we apparently only want our female singers to be hot not talented (see: Britney Spears, Katy Perry, every other female entertainer ever), people were launching a backlash against Lana Del Rey for playing the game too well. The music industry is oversaturated with talentless starlets prancing around in bikini tops that squirt whipped cream, let’s allow some room for someone who is genuinely interesting, if not entirely genuine.

My friend Tom wrote an eloquent defense of Lana Del Rey on his blog, and a few days ago my best ex-roomie Lyndsey posted this song on Facebook, further solidifying why we are friends by comparing Lana to a mix of “Bette Midler and Fiona Apple.” If that isn’t the most spot on definition of her sound, I don’t know what is.

You can listen for yourself and draw your own conclusion.


I’m beating a dead horse by even talking about her, I think.  I know this is a bit heavier than photoshopping a lamp onto an ex-Neo-Nazi’s nether regions like I did last week, but seriously, tell me you can listen to that song once and not want to hit replay the moment it’s over. Not possible!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. You and I are such music twins!

    *Gasp!* I ADORE Lana Del Rey!!
    She has the most luscious pout and don’t you just love the way it curls magnificently in this video?!

    Like you, I couldn’t care less about her background or the origins of Those Lips. I have had Born To Die on repeat since last month and I still can’t get enough of it.

    I love her devil-may-care delivery and her latter day femme fatale vibe. I saw one of her live performances on Jonathan Ross and she seemed incredibly nervous and quavery. That said, I really don’t think what I’ve heard from the album could have been engineered in a studio.

    P.S. Sorry I’ve been away so long – I’ve so missed our little “chats”! :(

    1. I’ve missed you!! I guess you’re just too too busy now planning for your big exciting trip to Berlin!

      We really are music twins. First Michael Bolton, now Lana Del Rey! I love the way she curls her lips and almost snarls in the video. I don’t care if they’re fake or if her persona is contrived, I love her voice and I think she is so cute I want to put her in my pocket and carry her around all the time. Then she could sing for me whenever I wanted. Her performance on SNL was similar to what you described on the Jonathan Ross show. Very nervous and shakey, but people are really laying into her more than she deserved.

  2. Yes, also saw the performance on Jonathan Ross. Don’t know much about her but really liked the song, thank you Erin!

    The genre of music reminds me a little of Florence and the machine who is a respectable artist.

    I agree with too much sexiness and too little talent.

    “I’m pretty sure angels stopped what they were doing to bless me with that experience”. Do you think lots of angels swish around the bloggersphere and pick up stuff and when someone has done good deeds or, indeed, impressed them with their blogs they reward them?Hmmm, nice thought!

    1. Yes! She has a lot of similar qualities to Florence and the Machine. I love her, as well. They have very dramatic voices and there is a lot of emphasis on ornate, orchestral sounds with their music. No wonder I liked Lana from the get-go.

      I’m totally of the midset that there are blog-angels that bestow lovely moments on us! I must have done something really wonderful to warrant having Ace of Base play for me. I literally started laughing in the store, people must have thought I was a nutter.

  3. Yup, this is good stuff. Sultry and moody…Two things I like in a female vocal. I have a feeling that we are all musical twins in some way. I did not see the awkward appearance on SNL that you mention, but I’m sure I could YouTube it. Or, should I not?
    I love that you heard Ace of Base whilst (London speak is rubbing off on me) shopping in a hobby store. That is some kind of divine intervention happening right there.

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to tell you that I love all the little tweaks you’ve made to the blog (I noticed ;) AND I love your new head shot. You are a very pretty lady, pretty lady!

    2. Oh, feel free to check out her SNL performance, but only after you listen to the real version of “Video Games” so you get an idea of how good the song is. They should have given her a mic stand, so instead she sort of sways around the stage awkwardly, holding her mic. She’s my age and this was her first huge American tv performance, so the nerves were understandable. She’s really more talented than she came off.

      Divine intervention indeed! Clearly the god I worship is a fan of my blog.

  4. Hey, just saw your tweaks…. I hadn’t noticed as been commenting from iPhone in past few days. What a great photo of you. Love it:) Hello gorgeous!
    Thank you for including me in your list of daily inspirations.

    Can I ask question to all; everytime someone writes about me or lists me they use Colour Living. Why is that? I am curious, coz everyone does it. Is that how you guys see the name? Is it because it reads better like that? Fascinating.

    I designed my logo to read as: Colourliving. I personally prefer it but feel free to keep your version.

    Just out of interest, which one do you prefer?

    1. Thank you, Tina! As I am not an iPhone user (though I’ve gone back to my Blackberry routes after a brief stint on a Nokia…which if I remember you, ahem, weren’t the biggest fan of ;) I don’t know what it looks like on that display. I should probably limit my edits until I know how they’ll look everywhere! I’m a perpetual tweaker, though. I’m never satisfied!

      I had no idea your blog name was intended to be 1 word! I guess my brain just sees it and assumes that since it’s two words it should be split in two? Don’t let me dictate, though! If you intended it to be one word, that’s what it will be! I’ve gone ahead and changed it. :)

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