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As a long-time Vanity Fair subscriber, I’ve become more of an obsessed lover than casual reader. I love all of their features and generally agree with all of their politics, and they manage to strike the perfect balance between serious, think-piece articles, and really indulgent and glamorous pictures of celebrities and obscure royalty partying. Theresa and I have shared our love of the Proust Questionnaire at the back of every issue; I flip to it immediately when I get my hands on the new issue. I wait every year with breath that is bated for the Hollywood Issue, which includes a multi-page cover spread of all the hot young up-and-coming starlets, and a bigger focus on the year in entertainment inside. Annie posted a photo on Instagram¬†of her (first ever!) copy as she was waiting for her flight to Geneva, and, brimming with jealousy, on my commute home that night I silently prayed for my copy to magically appear in my mailbox when I walked in the door. And IT DID. Powers of magical influence:¬†ACHIEVED.

The cover was shot by renowned photographed Mario Testino (his first time with a Hollywood Issue, isn’t that crazy?), was styled after the old Hollywood glamour of a different era, and features plenty of pretty, young actresses. One of those pretty, young actresses happens to be Rooney Mara, of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” who has managed to climb the ranks and attain the position of My Number 1 Girl Crush (sorry, Clemence Poesy). This behind the scenes video of the cover shoot is super beautiful and just makes me skin all tingly.

I posted this on 365 last night, but can we just take a look at how stunning she is? Come on with that Louise Brooks hair-d0. Rooney, you’re killing me. I would have taken 11 different versions of just her on the cover, no offense to the rest of the ladies.

6 thoughts on “The Hollywood Issue

  1. Funny, I used to be a devoted Vanity Fair reader and then one day I wasn’t.

    LOVE Rooney’s ‘do and the Louise Brooks look in general.
    Come to think of it, it would look amazing on Theresa, don’t you think? :D

    1. What do you think happened to make you stop reading? I don’t think there’s a way to phrase that question without sounding like I’m judging you harshly for not reading the magazine, haha, but trust me I’m just curious! :)

      Ooh, you’re so right! That hair-cut would look incredible on Theresa, she totally has the complexion and hair to pull it off! Bit of a high-maintenance hairstyle though, don’t know how that would work with kids around!

  2. I have always dabbled in Vanity Fair, loving all the amazing cover shots and in particular the Hollywood issue. Shots by Annie Leibovitz are generally my favs. I can’t quite believe Testino never shot a H issue before, crazy!! That’s really surprising.

    One of my favourite covers was Demi Moore naked and pregnant in the early 90’s (you were still in nappys)

    I am not in love with all these young actresses and models. I prefer experience, faces lived in a little and showing some character. However, I think all the dresses etc are amazing!

    I love you for having girl crushes. I have them from time to time. My crush would have to be Noomi Rapace (Lizbeth in the original version of the film). It’s the fierce independence, yet utter vulnerability she portrays in the movie.

    1. Annie Leibovitz is like a Vanity Fair institution. You can never go too long without a cover or spread by her in an issue. I love her work (that’s such an obvious statement, haha). Isn’t that crazy about Testino? I totally remember the Demi Moore photograph! But not from it’s original release, obviously! Early 90’s, I was at minimum 4 years old so I’d just graduated from nappys thankfully :)

      I can see how someone could prefer a face of, say, Meryl Streep to one of these pale waifs. It’s a fair argument. But I like that they chose such young ladies because it’s interesting to see where they’ll end years from now. You’re right, the dresses are incredible. All the styling is really spot-on.

      Noomi is incredible! She’s a good choice. She was absolutely enigmatic in those films.

  3. Erin, I finally, FINALLY subscribed to Vanity Fair! I honestly can’t tell you what took me so long. So, I’ve been holding off buying the Hollywood issue as I’m hoping my first (subscribed) issue will arrive soon. Though, after seeing this post, I may have to run out and just buy this issue. So, I’ll have two of the same issue. You can never have to much, Rooney.
    I’m so curious to know how Annie likes VF. I wonder if we convinced her and have another fan in our midst? I will be surprised if she was able to read any of it on her holiday.
    PS~[Smile] I wish I could rock a hair style like that – it’s so strong and authoritative. Kind of like Ms. Wintour.

    1. Yay! If for no other reason than you’re going to save so much money! It’s something like $15 for the year or $4 an issue? No brainer! I think you’re guaranteed to get the Hollywood Issue if you subscribed recently. And maybe a free tote bag? I think I just saw that on their site. I’m glad you finally got on board!

      You could pull off that hairdo without being as severe and oppressive as Anna Wintour. I bet you could do it :)

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