If I had participated in any sort of Oscar pool last night, I surely would have lost. The only awards I got right were Christopher Plummer (! yay!) for Best Supporting Actor, and “Midnight in Paris” for Best Original Screenplay (! double yay!). I wanted Gary Oldman to win Best Actor (obviously) and Rooney Mara to win for Best Actress (double obviously. I vote with my heart). Neither won, but can we just bask in this magnificence for a moment?

Rooney Mara in Givenchy. Be still my heart. Look at her darling hands. When the film won Best Editing, one of the editors called her “Roons.” Do you think she’ll mind if I start calling her that? It’s so adorable. Roons.

And this. It breaks my heart because he’s so good looking even with the snarl, and because she is so good looking even though she is my mortal enemy. I tried Photoshopping my head onto hers but it did not work and just made me feel worse.

Did you watch? Who do you think should have won the major awards? Who was on your best dressed list? I thought Billy Crystal did a very good job hosting; I found myself laughing out loud a few times. What were your overall impressions of the show? Love it? Hate it? Oh, and happy Monday!

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    1. Ooh, you must go watch them! Not a ton of surprises in the awards department, but Billy Crystal did an amazing job hosting and the show was way better than last year. You’ll enjoy it!

  1. It totallly passed me by. I had no ideas they were on yesterday! Doh. Can’t believe you didn’t show Angelina and her freaky leg. What was that about?!

    1. Haha!!!! It apparently has “spawned its own Twitter account with up to 12,000 followers by midday today”. :D

      Seriously, though – someone help me out. I. Don’t. Get. It. :/

    2. Ew. I try not to talk about Angelina if I can avoid it because I find her horrid and terrible. Also, her leg was gross. Just like her skeletal arms and giant head. Sorry, rant over. :)

      1. I am so glad you got snarky about Angelina’s leg before I had to, because really. What the what? Pu-leeze. And whiny Ryan Seacrest…so over him too. But the dresses! Rooney! Penelope! Gweneth! Meryl…not so much. Oh, and J-Lo: uh, I’d have been hiking that thing up all night, and apparently she should have!

        Love you, ducks!

        1. I was so happy when those guys made fun of her on stage. She was trying way too hard, as usual, and it finally backfired on her. Skank. I hate her. Rooney is far classier and more beautiful than that hag. And yeah, whiny Ryan Seacrest should just be happy they let him anywhere near the awards show. Gosh, I’m catty this morning, sorry!

  2. Oh, Erin… you made me laugh out loud. GO could be your dad honey! Isn’t he a tad too old for you? Now I don’t have ageism but you are 25 and he is 53? He is dishy more than in one way..

    Roons, as we now call her, looked stunning. I watched a 30mns live stream on the net and then went to bed (far too late for us here in Europe) but loved what I saw. I must admit, J-lo looked really stunning!! There were quite a few I thought got it right this year.

    Anyway, sorry to disappoint. I freeking LOVED that MS won her 3rd Oscar for this outstanding performance of all performances. I was touched by OS winning best supporting actress. Happy for Christopher Plummer to win. Loved his speech:) and also wanted MIP to get the nod for best original screenplay. Oh, and my favourite film of 2011, A Separation, won Best Film in a foreign language so all in all pretty pleased.

    I do love a bit of OSCARS. Always glam and fun and being a complete film buff close to my heart, although it’s often far too political for me.

    I knew ‘The Artist’ would scoop it all up so no surprise there. Have a good day x

    1. Ha! You must have missed this post a few weeks back in which I declare my undying and inexplicable love of Gary Oldman. Sigh. The man has had a piece of my heart for years. Age be damned, older men are hot! I am vying to be his wife #4.

      Roons (!!) looked adorable and was so sweet and gracious the entire show. She seemed genuinely flattered to even be there, which was so darling. I could just hug her. I love her bangs, they put mine to shame. Not that I have them anymore, but when I did I still didn’t rock them like she can. I can’t believe you stayed up so late to watch even the red carpet stuff! You’re dedicated :)

      I’ll have to check out “A Separation.” And I still need to see a majority of the movies that won or were nominated. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend! Thanks, Tina! xo

      1. I can talk. At your age I only had hots for older men. In fact, I had my fair share, despite having loving same aged boyfriends. Now you guys know I was no angel! Couldn’t help myself. Just couldn’t help myself:) Don’t hate me x

        1. Ha! Now how could I hate you for that? I updated my earlier comment to include a link to the post I was referring to. Don’t know where my brain was yesterday!

  3. I missed all the award shows this year – I simply forgot. I haven’t seen a single one of Those Films either.

    Who needs the Oscars, anyway? We’ve got two of our very own superstars right here in The Pia Posse! ;D

    1. Ha, is it highly publicized over there? I know with the time difference it must be hard to catch. Occasionally we get coverage of the BAFTAs and such, but you have to go searching for it. I definitely indulged last night and had a girly night eating m&ms and watching all the revelry. One of those rare nights I was happy Boyfriend is away, ha!

      Our Pia Posse is getting so famous! So overdue, though, in my opinion :)

  4. I pretty much fast forwarded the entire thing. I watched Billy do the opening which I really liked. I’m old school and prefer cornball openings from back in the day. I thought most all the dresses were great. Favorites: Emma Stone, and Tina Fey looked amazing! Teri

    1. Billy Crystal did a great job! I was very impressed. The show was pretty decent, way better than last year. Emma Stone was so cute and charming.

  5. I didn’t watch. Ugh, the horror! I was working on today’s post and I couldn’t steal away. I just kept telling myself that I would watch in replay. But then I started reading all the tweet coverage and it started getting late, so I gave up the notion. I still have it on the DVR, perhaps I’ll watch.

    I think a lot of people got it right this year. Yes, there were a few what-the-what’s, but overall I think everyone looked pretty great.

    They (the media?) kept discussing that The Oscars, as a brand, is trying to attract a younger demographic and change its image. Remember the debacle that was James Franco and Anne Hathaway last year? This year, they got Justin Beiber, and Billy Crystal didn’t help their cause. Next year? How about Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig or…??

    I thought your man, GO, looked good. Also, GP killed it last night. Roons was holding her own.

    1. Sometimes blogging has to come first! You didn’t miss anything earth-shattering. It was all fluff, very indulgent and not at all intellectual (despite how self-congratulatory the whole thing was about The Artist. Like, “look at us! We’re so cultured that we’re voting for a black and white silent film again!”). Check it out on DVR if you have time, for the fashion definitely.

      I think Billy Crystal did a great job, and I haven’t seen any official ratings yet but I think it was way more successful than last year’s flop. I think they said last year with James and Anne was one of the worst in recent history. I don’t think Kristen Wiig could carry the whole show on her own, but Tina Fey might be able to! That could be interesting.

      Yes, Gary, Gwyneth, and Roons were my all-starts of the show. Pretty predictable for me, haha.

  6. I didn’t watch the Oscars. I’m not much of an award show person but love to watch the red carpet before. Loved Milla Jovovich’s dress! When I see Roons I want to get bangs too…

    1. The majority of it is just anticipation for the opening of the envelopes, but it’s still a nice way to pretty much turn your brain off for a few hours, haha. Love celebrity fluff. And they all looked so beautiful! Milla and Roons (Roons!) both dazzled in white.

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