One Year

Boyfriend left for India late last night (with a brief layover in London this morning). He took with him short sleeve shirts, malaria pills, antibiotics, 30% deet bug spray, and my will to live. Kidding. Kind of. I’ve already watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl and an episode of Project Runway Allstars, for those keeping track. And I’ve broken out my un-fancy sweatpants. You know, the ones you relegate to the back of your closet and only dig out when no one is around to see how terrible you look and judge you for your poor life choices. The only person around is Fitz, and considering he licks his own genitals on a daily basis, I don’t think he’s in a position to judge.

A week ago, I missed a very important milestone that is worth going back to honor. On February 12th, not only was it my darling girl Annie’s birthday, it was also the one year anniversary of this here blog. A full year! This surprises even me, because while I never thought I’d be able to keep this up for a whole year, I also cannot believe how far I’ve come in that time.

A year ago, I was unemployed and directionless, and I created this blog because everyone else in the world had a blog, and I thought I’d join in. Besides, with nothing else filling my time besides praying to the Job Gods for an interview (which I got, a week after starting my blog) or a new job (which I also go, a week after that interview) and not showering if I didn’t have to leave the house (meaning every day), I needed a creative outlet for all the internet scouring I was doing. I’m really good at the internet, if such a skill exists. Need me to find something? I can find it. Want a huge collection of all-white interior photographs complete with sources? I’m your girl.

Initially, I also used this blog as a way to curb my shopping habits; being unemployed meant I was broke, and being broke doesn’t really get along with the need to buy everything and anything my heart desired. I figured if I could write about it, I could exhaust the urge to buy it, and then I wouldn’t have to throw money away on things that were not directly necessary to my survival (as you can see, this hasn’t really worked out in the long term :). Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about not being able to afford dinner if I splurge on a new area rug or set of chairs anymore. But I did. And it sucked. May you never have to feel so shitty. (And if you do, start a blog).

Back when I first started, I think I got 30 views my first month. I didn’t waste time telling everyone on facebook about my new venture, but it took a few months before anyone really started paying attention. It felt like I was writing into outer-space for a long time. But since blogging can’t exist in a vacuum, I found other blogs that I liked, and I started commenting on them. People stumbled on my blog through those comments, or random internet searches. I had two or three fans (hi, Holly!) in the very beginning, and then Annie found me. And through Annie, I’ve found most of you. And I’ll say it for the billionth time: the internet is an incredible place.I found a group of friends through blogging, a group of women so diverse in subject and lifestyle and personality but all unified in one shared hobby: loving my blog blogging. If you would have told when I started that in one year I’d be getting almost a comment a day from someone new in addition to the conversation our little clique has daily…I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s likely because, as you can tell from my first post, I was probably drunk off Vinho Verde (totally necessary to my survival at that time).

You guys inspire me everyday to post something. And I love blogging. I love everything that goes into it, and I think I’d still do it even if I was writing to no one. But I’m writing to a real audience, and you guys keep me on the line for posting consistently every day. I’ve not only found an audience to subject to my photoshopped lamps-as-eyebrows / lamps-on-hands nonsense, I’ve found my voice. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. It’s (only) been a year, and I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier. I can’t imagine not blogging, now.

Or ever seeing a screencap of someone with their hands out and not automatically picturing lamps on them.

Here’s to the next year. Thank you to any of you who stuck around the past year, and who make it with me to the next one. xo

29 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Please let me be the first to wish you a very very happy first bloggiversary! xoxoxoxox

    Ahhh chicken you NEARLY had me crying but not quite. So proud of you! So glad I found you! And if it weren’t for C&C we would never have found each so other so perhaps we owe her more than we think….?

    Where would we be without daily doses of macaroons, lamps on hands, tote bags and cr*p music (sorry I mean great music). You are my soul sista gansta b*tch and I’m so glad we sort of met!!!

    It has been so cool to see how your blog has developed over the last year, from not know what you looked like, where you lived, whether you were married/had kids etc (the ‘ford’ as Theresa says) and now I feel like I actually know you a bit, it’s so cool. I love that all of us sort of shy people can reveal ourselves slowly, just like one does in real life, rather than being ‘bam’ here I am.

    Thank you so much for making me laugh a hundred times sweetie x

    Yeay for Erin!

    1. I mean, to say I’m happy you found me would be the understatement of the year! I wish I could’ve gotten you to cry, though ;) Haha, maybe next year.

      Perhaps we shouldn’t be too sour towards C&C, because we sort of owe her our chance meeting in the blogosphere. But I’m not making any promises! Except when it comes to lamps on hands and really crap music (you can call it like it is) and all things all-white and interiors that will drive you crazy. THAT I can promise more of!

      I feel the same way about you! I like picking up little bits of information about you guys in your posts, piece by piece. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt! xo

  2. Happiest of anniversaries! I am so happy that you are blogging and happier still that I found you…you are truly a bright spot in my day, every day.

    You make me laugh and you pull me up when I’m down. What more could someone ask for in a friend? The internet truly is an amazing place, yes.

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! That’s so sweet of you to say. In return, your posts make me introspective and are always so thoughtful. I’m so happy we found each other!

  3. Erin, I love everything about you and if I had a daughter, I would want her to be like you! There, I’ve said it… soppy but true! I suppose at 47 I could be your mum:)

    Happy 1st Anniversary. How so very you to not want to take the limelight from Annie and morph into the background until a more appropriate time to celebrate. Well, let’s celebrate. Who is buying you flowers? Did you celebrate with J on the day? With Fitz?

    I am the new kid on the block but have so enjoyed being part of your journey, which sounds enriching and inspiring. Your blog is fantastic, from the design to the content to your amazing graphics and photoshop skills. You put me to shame:)

    So here is to another year in the bloggersphere. I can’t wait to see you blossom more each day.

    1. Wow, you’re 47! I had no idea! Never would’ve guessed. But yes, you could be my mum, even though you’re quite a bit younger than my actual mom.

      I think it’s so neat that Annie and my blog share a birthday (serendipitous, in fact!) but I definitely didn’t want to compete for attention last week. Besides, a real life birthday is more important, and we’d just completed Operation Bouquet so I didn’t want to hog the spotlight. Truthfully, I was a little unsure of even acknowledging the day at all!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Seeing as you’ve only been blogging for 2 months (is that right?) you shouldn’t feel put to shame. I’m only just starting to get the hang of things and you’re already further along than I was at your stage. It’s all just good fun!

  4. Wow, really?! For some reason, I assumed that you’d been blogging for waaay longer than that. I think it’s wonderful that LWN and Annie share a birthday – what are the odds? :)

    You write from such “an authentic place”, (as Holly B. would say) and (despite your penchant for Photoshopping lamps onto hands) you are a true pro.

    You are the charmingly zany 1/6th of The Pia Posse and it would be distinctly lacklustre without you!!! :D

    I think it’s only fitting that you get drunk once more on Vinho Verde tonight, awaken fuzzy-headed and blog about the first song that pops into your head tomorrow morning.

    Congratulations, honeybunch and here’s to many more – woo-hoo!!! :D

    P.S. So sorry J isn’t there to celebrate with you but it’s the perfect excuse to have an über-fun, belated celebration when he returns! :)

    1. Serendipitous that my blog and the girl who found me most of my blog friends share a birthday! Quite the happy coincidence indeed. I felt the same way when I found out you’d only been blogging for such a short time! Maybe we need to do a better job at patting ourselves on the back, hmm? Chi, I can’t wait for your 1 year! I know you’ll do something spectacular for it.

      Haha, if only I’d had a bottle of Vinho Verde in the house, that would have definitely been my night! Instead, I cuddled with Fitz and watched episode after episode of Gossip Girl and didn’t drink at all. Maybe I’ll do a proper belated celebration on the weekend. I’m grumpy enough in the mornings, don’t want to make things worse by adding in a hangover on a workday! Ha!

      And hey! I thought my penchant for photoshopping lamps onto hands was what MADE me a true pro! Haurmph! ;)


  5. Happy first Anniversary Erin!

    You sound like you really love what you do with your blog and it shows in your posts. I’m probably enjoying reading it as much as you enjoy writing it. Glad you found your voice and that I found your blog.

    Cheers to you and your blog! Of course I’m toasting you with a glass of Vinho Verde ;)

    1. Aw, Nina! Thank you so much! That really means a lot. I’m so glad I found your blog, too! You’re way craftier than I am, and I can’t wait to see all the fun projects you tackle. We’re state-neighbors, too, you know!


      1. Hey state neighbor! :) You’re in Philadelphia right? I live in a beautiful city in NJ that will become home to Snooki and Jwoww while they will film a spin off to Jersey Shore. Can’t believe they will move right next to my favorite lunch spot. Bummer!

        1. Yep, Philly! Born and raised (and never left!). Boyfriend is from north Jersey, little town called Berkeley Heights. I try not to hold his Jersey heritage against him ;) He also lived in Jersey City for a bit for work. I bet he’d know your favorite lunch spot! Sorry you’re going to be overrun with that reality tv nonsense; you know none of them are actually from Jersey??

          1. I can’t believe you called Nina crafty. That’s not very nice.

            And Jersey Shore? What about the Sopranos? That’s jersey for me. Love the Sporanoes. All those pork products.

            1. I meant that she does arts-n-crafts projects, like reupholstering a vintage chair or repainting a desk, stuff like that. I’d never call Nina crafty to imply cunning or something. I should’ve spelled it like craft-y. She’s too nice!

              And while both Jersey Shore and the Sopranos have elements of truth in them, both are wildly exaggerated for television audiences. Neither are an accurate representation of the Garden state, unfortunately.

              1. Ha, ha…Had to look up crafty in my dictionary and would have never guessed that its meaning has nothing to do with doing crafts. I think I might have used the word in the wrong context before. Now the Beastie Boys song She’s crafty get’s a whole new meaning, it’s apparently not about a girl who’s handy ;)

                I think the majority of the Jersey Shore cast is actually from NY. At least that’s what I use as a defense when my co-workers (all from NY) make fun of me living in Jersey ;)

  6. Happy anniversary, LWN!! It’s a great accomplishment. I only wish I had found you sooner. But, I found you (thanks, Bird) and I guess that’s all that matters now.

    I remember that first day I came to visit your site. I had been on Annie’s site reading comments and finishing my own. I noticed your comment and appreciated your sense of humor. I thought: Who is this girl? Let’s go take a look. I think you had just posted a really touching post about your dad, which I loved. Then, I stumbled upon the “Scary” post and I laughed out loud. I was hooked.

    Memories, Like the corners of my mind. Misty, water-colored memories, of the way we were…Oh, sorry, too much Vinho Verde in your honor tonight.

    Cheers, Erin! Love you like a kids loves candy.
    xoxo, Theresa.

    1. Aw, you know, I feel the same way! I wish when you first start a blog you get some sort of master list of other blogs you’ll connect with so you can skip all the months of loneliness and get right into the friends-part. Wouldn’t that be nice? Then I would’ve been able to enjoy your blog sooner!

      Love that your first memories (misty watercolor memories…am I the only one who will forever associate that song with the scene in SATC when they sing it together after Miranda makes the Big/Hubble comparison?) were of my Halloween post and one about my dad. That’s so awesome! Those are probably two of my all time favorite posts, too.

      Love you like a fat kid loves cake, T! xo

      1. Um you can. It’s called Blogging Your Way. The first thing you get is a pdf of everyone else’s blogs addresses!

        Those are my two favourite posts too :)

    1. Annie is the of bloggers, isn’t she? :)

      Thank you so much, Sam! And happy blog birthday to you, too!! xx

        1. More Guardian Soulmates surely! Or

          I’m blushing a little now. I need to set up some affiliate marketing where you can all pay me 1p per visit for being the bloginthian hub.

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