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I saw this and instantly cracked up. How much do we all need a copy of this print for our walls? Answer: a lot.

 from here

This is especially apropos considering that yesterday I was given a Liebster Blog Award from the lovely Tina at Colourliving. Liebster is German for “beloved,” which just makes the whole thing even sweeter. The Liebster Blog award is a “pay it forward” honor that recognizes your favorite, smaller blogs (ones with less than 200 followers) and once chosen, you get to bestow it on other bloggers. Tina got to pick 5 blogs, and she graciously chose me (woo!), and the rest of our little Pia Posse (xoxo): Theresa at InspirationCooperative, Annie at Insideology, Chi at Carousel, and Lauren and Still+Life. And now, I get to pick 5 blogs to pass along the award to:

Congrats, ladies! Now go nominate your own 5!

I got to thinking about when I first started blogging, almost a year ago to the day, and how much things have changed in the that time. I’m now writing to an actual audience instead of just my mom (sorry mom, you still count!), and I have this amazing group of blog-friends who I can’t wait to “see” when I get up in the morning. Blogging has given me back my love of writing, and thanks to blogging I’m once again carrying a camera around everywhere I go. I’ve said it before and it hasn’t gotten any less cheesy, but I couldn’t do this without you guys. I also couldn’t do it without any of this stuff:

What about you? What are your staples for blogging? Every time I sit down to post or catch up on other blogs, I’m surrounded by almost all of those things (which means that yes, I do go through an inordinate amount of pretzel m&ms). I’m so bummed Apple stopped making the white macbook. Mine is less than 8 months old and I’m already stressing myself out about 3 years from now when it stops working and I can’t replace it with an exact replica. It’s my third white Apple laptop, having gone through 2 previous iBooks in my day before upgrading to an iMac. I still have/love/use that computer, but let’s be honest: being able to sit in bed and blog is one of my favorite things in the world. I realize how lucky that makes me.

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  1. Congratulations, liebling! :D

    I love that print – it would certainly be one way of “coming out” to friends and family about my blog! Apart from you guys, my husband (biased and therefore doesn’t really count) and a handful of friends, no-one knows my (let’s face it!) badly kept secret.

    Our blogging staples are quite similar, except my husband loathes Apple so we haven’t anything quite as exquisite as your Macbook. There is, however, the small matter of an ipad2 I – sorry! – HE just won. Can you blog on one? I’m not entirely sure ……….

    I also get through boxes and boxes of Peppersmith Mints (Sicilian lemon flavour, don’t you know). It clears out the psychological cobwebs nicely and makes my brain all zingy! :D

    1. Your friends don’t know about your blog??? I inundate ALL of my friends with updates about my blog. I don’t think I’d be able to keep it a secret, I like to blab too much :)

      I can’t believe your hubby hates Apple! I didn’t even know that was possible, honestly. I’ve been a Mac-girl my entire life, I don’t know how I’d cope without one. I’m pretty sure you can blog on the iPad, but there’s just the matter of typing on a touchscreen, and I don’t know how well I’d do with that. And how do you get your pictures on it? Is there a USB cord? Surprisingly I’m sort of anti-iPad, haha. Mama needs a full keyboard!

      Ooh, I’ll have to try some of those mints! I like when my brain feels zingy :)

  2. Look at you, all grown up with a fantastic blog layout and fab photo! LOVE the print you found, you internet whizz kid:)

    Happy you spread the love… means so much! Will check out your 5’s, Chi 3’s (know Heather and Hillary’s blogs) and any others you girls care to nominate!

    Now, we share Apple computers, Canon EOS (I have the 60D and you?), Moleskine (who wouldn’t know that?), PS and the same pen.(Must introduce you to some more of my fav cheapo ones)….
    Can’t say I share your choice of edibles for brainpower and thinking. But that’s another story for other times. I think I already shocked Annie and Richard with my non-alcohol lifestyle so I’ll tread carefully:)

    1. Thank you, Tina! Kind and supportive like always :)

      You’ll love any and all of my 5 nominees. They’re all awesome! I wouldn’t have been able to nominate any of them without your help, so thank you again!

      I’m okay with us not sharing brain food (I don’t share m&ms anyway ;) but how cool that we share all the same other stuff!! Important question: is your moleskine grid-lined or regular lined? I’m a grid lover. Most of my notebooks are grid-lined if I can get them that way. I’m weird! Thankfully you appreciate The Best Pen, which reminds me I need to email you my address so I can get my feather pen craft from you! Off to do that now…

      1. No grids, no lines, ONLY PLAIN, please…. I am always amazed when I find great notebooks and discover they only come with lined paper. For me, plain is essential. But who cares, it’s Moleskine right? Anyone, that’s what makes us all different. Mine, btw is the MOLESKINE SOFT LARGE PLAIN NOTEBOOK (in case you were interested)

        Yes, if you email me address I will send feathers plus a couple of my other favourite cheapo pens, just for laughs and for sending you package from the UK. Saw briefly some sort of exchange on twitter re: you coming over for family wedding. Will investigate further a bit later on x

  3. Popping out from my sadly imposed work exile to say how much I loveloveloved this post! I’m not even going to get one up for tomorrow. Sigh. But this list of stuff you need to blog makes me so happy! So very similar to mine: camera, computer(s) [desktop AND macbook], pencils, notebook…the only thing I would add might be post it notes. Can’t live without them! Cup of tea or seltzer and I’m good to go!

    love you, ducks!

    1. You call us ducks and Annie calls us chicken. I love it so.

      I hope your work deadlines aren’t burning you out too badly! I forgot to include seltzer, as it is my preferred drink of choice (you’d be surprised at how many bottles I go through in a week…although maybe you wouldn’t, given that you feel the same way about it as I do!). Love that you use two computers, and pencils!

  4. Love that print. Makes me smile. Isn’t this Liebster game fun?
    Well, we pretty much use the same amount of blogging staples, just slightly different. I use: Moleskine (lined), PS (Elements), MacBook (silver), Camera (Panasonic Lumix), snack (chocolate chips used for baking), pen (whatever is nearby), and drink (coffee or water). I also sometimes play music and/or light a Voluspa candle.
    Blogging from bed is pretty nice. ;)

    @Chi, besides my husband and sister, I didn’t tell anyone about my blog for the first six months! Ah, we are a nutty bunch.

    1. Mmm, baking chocolate chips are so yummy and crunchy. But dangerous, because they’re so small I don’t think it’s a big deal if I eat, say, a thousand of them, haha. I totally should have added a candle to my list. I always think better with a delicious smelling candle burning.

      I can’t believe you two kept your blogging a secret for so long! I definitely couldn’t keep my mouth shut, haha. xo

  5. Oh you! Thanks ever so much for my Liebster nod. Shucks!

    In a way, this small blogging keeps it so much more chummy- it’s a bit like catching up with friends over a tea when I check on the few blogs I enjoy, instead of having a massive list of “must read” blogs and ultimately falling behind. I like it.

    Be sure I will have to just nom you right back! It’s on my to-blog list. After I demolish this bag of Twizzlers. Eye dart.

    1. Well, of course! You were one of the first blogs I found and one I really fell in love with from the get-go. I think when I started reading you hadn’t even moved into the cottage yet! I was kind of a lurker, though, haha. But I totally agree with you. I’ve significantly culled the list of blogs I read on a daily basis and it keeps things more personal and friendly.

      How did the Twizzlers hold up? ;)

  6. Thanks for passing along the Liebster Blog award to me and the other lovely ladies! I’ll make sure to pass it along as well…

    I have a Moleskine too, still like to write and skribble things down the oldschool way. Tea & chocolate also help me to keep my energy up while sitting in front my laptop. Definitely have to invest into a ‘real’ camera soon because my old one just doesn’t do it for me anymore but I can’t make a decision on which one to get. I’m not good at making decisions like that, too many choices ;)

    1. Absolutely! You definitely deserve it! It’s such a fun thing to pass along, too :)

      As attached as I am to my laptop, things don’t really stick for me until I write them down with a pen on paper. I’m glad you share my tea & chocolate addiction! Definitely get a good camera, it will really change your life! I bought a Canon T2i and love it, and it’s dropped in price since I bought it. It’s intuitive for a DSLR, so don’t let that scare you off!

      1. Erin, just saw your reply about the T2i and I already bought the T3i on Thursday on a whim after my laptop kind of died (got a computer virus and nothing works anymore) and I needed a little pick me up. First I was just looking around on amazon but then I decided to just go for it. It will arrive today. Looking forward to take pictures with it :) Thanks for the recommendation!

        1. Congratulations on your new camera! You’re really going to love it, I can’t wait to see what you do with it. The rebel series from Canon is pretty impressive. I’m really sorry to hear about your computer, though! I read that you had backed up recently, so that’s a relief! Welcome to the Canon DSLR family :)

  7. You are the sweetest! You were my first blog friend too! Aw, shucks! It’s funny because I like to blog for my buddies too, and when I can’t because life is to crazy I get sad because it’s like I don’t get to hang out with my friends- haha!

    1. It IS like hanging out with friends! And you were my first. I’ve definitely been missing your posts, so I hope life gets less crazy for you soon!

  8. I need that poster in my life, that’s hilarious!

    Richard pointed out to me yesterday that I’ve pretty much ditched my old friends for all my new bloggy friends. Oops. But you’re all so much fun and we’re all so in tune with each other, so fabbo to have a life filled with like-minded gansta sista bitches. I mean, lovely women.

    Theresa and I are twins. Moleskine (lined). MacBook Pro + Air (silver). Olympus Pen 4/3 camera. 20mm Lumix 1.7 pancake lens. PS (Elements). Mont Blanc fountain pen. 6-7am (that’s when I write). Coffee. And lastly, friends. My blog would be nothing without you awesome lot. Your blogs and comments keep me going. xoxox

    1. I think we might all be getting a copy of that for Christmas ;)

      We are so in tune with each other! I miss you guys when I’ve been away from blogging for even a few hours. I need to check in with you guys! You’re pretty fab, and I totally take “gangsta sista bitches” as a compliment. No need to post the clean version. ;)

      I have a Mont Blanc fountain pen, too! I just don’t carry it with me because it was my dad’s, and I don’t want to lose it. I can’t believe you blog so early! And that you sound so eloquent and clear before 9am. Gosh, I’d be all jibberish if I were you. But I am in 100% agreement, I wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys. xx

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