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I’m working from home today, but what that really means is I’ll be hovering over Fitz and making sure he doesn’t drop dead. Why, you ask? Because SOMEONE decided to climb onto the table and help himself to an entire box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, wrappers included. Do you know what you should never do when you get out of the shower and discover this has happened? Google it. Because searching “My dog ate a box of chocolates, what do I do?” will return results like “Sorry dude, your dog is dead.” and “Chocolate is poison your dog is going to die any minute!!” and this will send you into a panic and you’ll be running around freaking out trying to call your vet and ready to grab the dog and hop into a cab to go to the emergency pet hospital, naked. Get dressed first. Take a deep breath. Cry it out. Call your vet. He’ll tell you that there isn’t a big threat given the type of chocolate (milk, filled) your dog ate and that all you can do is monitor him to make sure he doesn’t have profuse vomiting or other stomach reactions. I’m telling you, Fitz is handling this better than I am, and who can blame him? That chocolate was delicious and he probably thinks today is the best day of his life, except for all those rancid farts he keeps letting off without meaning to.

SO. I’m home. And speaking of home, I got an email a few days ago announcing a new collection of Kate Spade home goods. I previously didn’t have a clue they even sold plates or sugar bowls or anything more than purses and jewelry, but oh my god. This stuff is adorable. Albeit a little Charlotte York-ish.

all from here

How cute are the little polka dots on everything? Or that dragonfly? The watercolor floral plate set is my favorite, by far. The colors and softness of the flowers are just beautiful. But at $80 for a 4-piece setting, it’s out of reach, even for wedding china. I love those mugs, but I can’t be convinced to spend $20 on a single mug. Even if it is super cute (which it is!).

Which pieces are your favorites? How are you spending your day? On puppy duty?

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  1. Oh no poor Fritz! And poor you too. Are you sure it was Jeff sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack? You might be watching the wrong household member….

    Yes a bit Charlotte York for me tbh. If I get married I want Vera Wang for Wedgewood. Just so as you know….x

  2. Oh, I’m ALWAYS on “puppy” duty, as I’m sure you know! ;)

    My, my, Erin – I didn’t have you pegged as much of a girly girl! It is VERY Charlotte York. :)
    It’s all very pretty, though but I’m with Annie: a little too overt for me.

    Awww, poor little Fritz!!! I can totally relate as I need eyes in the back of my head for my own “pup”! When she fell over and chipped her tooth last week, my husband and I then proceeded to scare ourselves silly by trying to find all the possible horrific outcomes on Google.

    You sound like a great “Mummy” and I’m sure he’ll be just fine ………….. as soon as he takes that dump he’s quite clearly gearing up for! :D

    1. Oh gosh, I did the same thing when I was about 3. Threw a temper tantrum in a store and fell to the ground and chipped my tooth. Did the same thing a few months later only I broke my arm that time. I was quite the handfull, hope you little lady is easier! But definitely, definitely never Google anything when in panic mode. Yikes!

  3. Oh my giddy aunt- what a (dreadful) coincidence! I am at my mum’s and her cat full-on snarfed the plastic wrapper for a piece of beef jerkey I was eating when I looked away for a split second. This was a few days ago and we have been on “poo-trol” (hur, get it) to see if the bloody thing has “passed” since then. Gross, but also, sort of funny? After you stop panicking that is.

    Sorry about Fitz though- I hope everything comes out ok. Cough. Not that way. Well, I guess that way too.

    Bloody critters, eh?
    Bless their cotton socks.

    1. Oh nooo, and plastic is way worse! I thought cats were generally more disinterested with stuff like wrappers and such than dogs were. Guess I was wrong. I totally snorted over “poo-trol.” Things on this end passed smoothly enough, if not super frequently. Hoping the same for your cat!

  4. My friends registered for some very classic Kate Spade settings – “Cypress Point” line. I don’t know that I would go for little polka dots unless I was a bajillionaire and was having a super girly bridal shower at my mansion in the Hamptons :D How very Charlotte York!

    1. Totally Charlotte York. I agree, I think most of these are too much to use for true formal china. Polka dots don’t exactly scream Thanksgiving meal to me. ;)

  5. Poor Fritz! I hate puppy worry. Just hate it. Feel more helpless there than I do with my kid sometimes.

    What I do love is Kate Spade! She tends to be a bit pricey for me, but a girl can dream. Some black suede wedges on sale at the outlets are the best I can do. Having said that, my black suede wedges would look great with those polka dot dishes.

    1. With kids they can tell you what’s wrong or what doesn’t feel right. But with a dog…I spent the whole day staring at him making sure he looked okay and never knowing if I was missing something. I’m going to make a very neurotic mother one day!

      Ooh, KS wedges. I bet you look awesome in them. There’s an Kate Spade outlet about an hour from Philly I went to not that long ago that had a massive amount of cheap stuff (with Anna, above!) but no china. Maybe next time!

  6. I had no idea Kate Spade does home ware. I’m rather surprised to see how twee it is.

    Well all of them would go well with your new kitchen decor. A bit pricey though right?

    I wonder whether by now (hours later than than you posted this) Fitz has been.To quote the lovely Chi “as soon as he takes that dump he’s quite clearly gearing up for!” I really don’t associate dumping talk with Chi:) hilarious.

    Anyway, you got to work from home and practice playing ‘mummy’ x

    1. Twee is a great word to describe it. Her stuff has been tending towards the cutesy and young recently. I guess I expected a lot more classic, simple pieces? Still, these are cute!

      Thanks for your concern, Fitz ended up being totally fine, the little stinker. He had some stomach upset but nothing really bad or scary thank goodness. And I got to spend the day on my couch! Win-win.

  7. Oh me, oh my! Well, I’m coming in late. Your day is almost done. How did Fitz do? I hope all is ok. I hope no emergency trips to the vet were needed.
    If you really do love the Kate Spade china, definitely register for it when you get married. That’s why you get married…I mean, that’s why there’s a registry. ;b
    If I had to pick, I fancy the gold polka dot pattern. Against a black table or black place mats (something industrial or masculine to offset the feminine), the pattern would look cool. Though, I must say, I’m a Heath Ceramics fan (http://www.heathceramics.com/go/heath/).

    Hugs to Fitz!

    1. Oh my god, Heath Ceramics. There’s a Heath Ceramics outlet near San Francisco that does a rare sale a few times a year. That would be my dream. I love the idea of the gold against a black table cloth, very chic indeed! I’ve been wondering what one registers for when you get engaged, especially if you already live together and have all the necessary home ware. Fine china! I’m so excited.

      Fitz did well all things considered! No emergency room visits, thank god. That was an expensive bill just waiting to happen. I would’ve kicked myself for that one. xo

    1. You were ahead of the curve because I had no idea she even had china! How awesome is her stuff?

      Thanks, Teri! Fitz did great, the dope.

  8. i really like kate spade, but it never dawned on me to check out her home collection. she has such pretty designs! now if i could just resist the urge to buy…

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