Friday Five, Flowers

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (what is happening to the time?? I’m still full from Thanksgiving!) you’d have to be blind to miss all of the commercials and talk of flowers. Not just any flowers, but roses. Red, long-stem, overpriced roses. Don’t get me wrong, I love roses, what girl doesn’t? But the fact that they are like twice the price on one specific day is so bothersome. If you ordered a dozen roses a week after Valentine’s Day, they wouldn’t cost anywhere near as much. What a brilliant marketing move, that the flower industry has convinced billions of people that roses are to Valentine’s Day what turkey is to Thanksgiving (ugh. I’m not kidding, the mention still makes me feel like I have a food-baby). It’s a total scam, it’s unfair, but I’m guilty of buying right into it and being one of those girls who still loves Valentine’s Day roses. Sue me! I’m human, and perhaps more materialistic than most other, normal, restrained humans.

But Boyfriend and I just booked a vacation for the middle of May last night (you can see our seat assignments over on 365) and in the interest of not being frivolous with money in the next few months (I’ll pause why you laugh hysterically) , there are several alternatives to the crazy-overpriced bouquet of roses. For this Friday Five I picked my 5 favorite flowers, all of which would be gorgeous for V-Day, or any day of the year.


1. Craspedia/Billy Balls / 2. Blue Orchids / 3. Hydrangeas / 4. Peonies / 5. Tulips

Craspedia, the lovely little yellow button flowers, have been popping up all over the design world. They might have even had their peak, but I still love them. They’re adorable. And surprisingly impossible to come by. There are tutorials online to make a felt version, but I’d still love to get my hands on a bunch of the real thing. Same with blue orchids. Impossible to find in real life, readily available online in bunches of 100. These are generally given as a sign of sympathy, but have you ever seen a more gorgeous shade of blue in your life? Let me answer that for you: no, you haven’t.

Hydrangeas…where do I even begin? These were the first flowers I ever really fell in love with. I love the varying shades on each individual leaf, and how they almost look like millinery flowers, pinned in the middle with little round pins. Peonies are decadent and gentle at the same time. So wonderfully French, and these look gorgeous even when they start to die, because the petals fall off as these giant, soft fronds. Plus, peonies are so large that you only need a few in a vase to make a real bouquet.

And then of course, tulips! Beautiful, perky, cheerful tulips. Chi posted a picture of a stunning bouquet of red ones earlier in the week, and it made me want to run out and buy a bunch immediately. I forgot how quickly flowers liven up an entire room.

This weekend I’m doing a little dining room re-design, so hopefully I’ll have tons of pictures to show you next week. What are you up to? It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Fitz is super excited at the prospect, because he thinks snow is a delicious frozen drink made just for him.

Oh, and for where I’m going on vacation? I’ll be doing a reveal this afternoon over on 365. Any guesses? Annie guessed Sweden, and Chi guessed London, and while both of those are very much at the top of my list, they’re not the right answer. ┬áHave a great weekend, lovelies!

14 thoughts on “Friday Five, Flowers

  1. Billy balls! I love them and guess what? They never die! Talk about money well spent. (I usually find them at the local farmer’s markets.) At this point, I know it’s cliche but I love peonies. I also love ranunculus, dahlias, anemones, and orchids. Oh my goodness, can you tell you hit a happy nerve? Thanks for creating this round up. It inspired me to go buy some flowers today…a.k.a. a happy way to start the weekend.
    I’m going to guess PARIS! (Please be Paris because I know that will make you so, so happy, and I can’t wait to see all the pictures. ;) Well, I shall return later for the answer. (You and I are both doing reveals later today! I swear we must telepathically speak to each in our sleep.) Hope that third seat next to you isn’t occupied by someone annoying.
    Have a great day!

    1. You have to point me in the direction of some farmer’s markets! The thing about living on the east coast is that we get all 4 seasons, unlike you lucky ducks, so we don’t get farmer’s markets for a solid chunk of the year. Once they start rolling around again in the spring I’m going to look for some Billy Balls! You have quite an impressive lexicon of flowers (I had to google anemones!). Glad you bought some flowers for your weekend! Flowers make everything better, don’t they?

      You were right about Paris! Like I said to the other ladies, though, partially. :) I’m splitting 9 days between Brussels, Bruges, and Paris. And I couldn’t not be any happier! You’re sweet (and smart!) for guessing it would make me happy. I loved your blog reveal, too! We are definitely connected on some brain frequency, my dear xoxo

    1. They would be beautiful in a wedding, but why are they so hard to find?? Puzzles me to no end! I know you can order them online, but only in groups of 100+. Is there such a thing as too many Billy Balls?

      Paris is right! Well, partly right. Brussels/Bruges/Paris. Yay! Good guess!

  2. Oh, not Sweden or London. Paris or Rome? On the other hand it could be Prague or Barcelona. Well, I give up. Can’t wait to hear. Now I get the tweets re: family wedding in Sept/Oct. Yes, dear Erin (aka Lisbeth), the red carpet will be rolled out!

    Yes, agree with absolute inflation on roses/flowers for Valentines Day. I am too jewish to have ever allowed a man to actually buy them on the day. I’d rather fly to somewhere in Europe for that money. They can always declare undying love for me over there:)

    Love all flowers mentioned. Intrigued by felt tutorials. I did buy some felt liquorice allsorts as a present. Love stuff like that.

    A bunch of flowers it is. I will pop over to Columbia Road on Sunday morning and treat myself:)
    Happy weekend lovely.

    1. All of those places sound lovely! I think my next trip will be to Stockholm or maybe somewhere in Italy. If I had my way (and an unlimited amount of money!) I’d pick up and move to Paris immediately. Aside from the obvious perks, it would make traveling around Europe a lot easier than it is when you live in the states. You lucky ladies are only an hour from Paris. Jealous!

      Speaking of flowers, thank you again for taking care of the flowers for Annie. I hope you bought yourself a bunch, too! You’d think logic would kick in at some point with me when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, but I haven’t been able to break myself of the expectation of a bouquet every year! Haha, I’m so bad. Doesn’t have to be roses, especially because you’re right, the inflation is criminal!

      Hope your weekend was lovely, darling. xx

  3. Tulips have long been my favorite, but peonies are creeping up. Neel has few of them in the garden for us. I kept trying to institute a Flower Friday around here, where Neel brought me fresh flowers every Friday, but it never materialized. Sigh.

    1. Hey, tell Neel to get on that! Flower Friday seems like a great thing to brighten up your whole week. It’s nice that he has some peonies in the garden for you. They’re so beautiful. Tulips, too! Trader Joe’s (not sure if you have one near you) always has them for relatively cheap. Even when I was unemployed I made it a point to budget in one bouquet a month. Priorities :)

    1. One day I’ll definitely make a trip to Tidewater. From your photos, it looks so magnificent!

      But yes, Paris is (partially) right! Yay!

  4. So glad the tulips perked you up! They seem to have that effect on people. :D
    Flowers that never die?! Ingenious!! Where can I find some? So far, the only living thing/being my husband and I have managed to keep alive is our daughter.

    Oh, and an orchid I bought two months ago. :D

    I must admit that I’m ambivalent about V-day. On the one hand I think it could encourage laziness for the rest of the year and on the other, I’d feel left out if we didn’t observe it in some way. “In some way” meaning in no way traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day. :)

    Okay, I’ve changed my guess ………… to Paris! :D

    Can’t wait to see your dining room makeover – mainly because I don’t have one and I’d love a peek into how the other half live! ;)
    Have a fun weekend!

    1. Chi, I have to thank you for this comment. I literally laughed out loud for a solid 5 minutes at the line “So far, the only living thing/being my husband and I have managed to keep alive is our daughter.” That really made my day, you are so funny!

      Aren’t orchids really hard to keep alive? Job well done, you’ve added something else to your list! I hear orchids are super temperamental, so the fact that you’ve kept it alive for 2 months is quite a feat. Though I’d love to get my hands on some Billy Balls (does anyone else feel weird saying that?) since those would undoubtedly last forever! Now if only I could track some down…

      You probably already read by now, but yes! Part of my trip includes Paris. Brussels, Bruges, and Paris. I’m beyond excited :) Good guess!

      My dining room makeover will be revealed on Wednesday! It’s misleading to call it a dining room, more of a dining “space.” There aren’t defined walls or anything, it’s all open plan between the kitchen-dining-room-living-room. You’ll see soon enough. :)

  5. Tulips and Peonies are my favorites and I wouldn’t mind getting either for Valentine’s day. The Billy Balls remind me of pom poms, such a fun looking flower. Seen it on so many blogs, in magazines etc. but never at the flower shop…Have a great start into the new week!

    1. I’m the same as you, Nina! And yes, of all the attention Billy Balls are getting in magazine and such, you would think you’d be able to buy them in real life somewhere! I wish I knew where. Hope you had a great weekend!

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