Friday Five

Thank you all so much for you kind words and hopes for recovery for Fitz yesterday. Thankfully things were pretty tame, aside from the fact that I had to take him for like, 8 walks. If he was feeling sick he didn’t show it at all, but preferred to run around and bring me toys in the hopes I would play with him, or sleep pressed up against me, all cuddled into my side. He is very grateful for all the love you guys passed his way. The only person who learned their lesson though was me, and I’m never keeping anything (food or otherwise) anywhere near his reach again. I’m going to have to invest in some sort of hover technology to make this work, as well as a less mischievous puppy-brain.

Anyway, I’m going to hop right into this week’s Friday Five. I had a surprisingly difficult time rounding up this week’s five, and I don’t know if it’s due to the weather or my overall slugishness this week. I could wax poetic and say I’m dying of a broken heart, because Boyfriend is flying to India for 12 days this weekend. Clearly I am so distraught over this I cannot muster my usual rabid internet scouring.

 1. Brussels / 2. French Lessons / 3. Gossip Girl / 4. Strawberry Lip Balm / 5. Smashbox Photo Finish

The more I read about Brussels and Bruges and Belgium in general, the more excited I get about our upcoming trip. This picture is of Brussels’ Grote Markt, one of the oldest squares in the country and surrounded by beautiful, gothic buildings, with flower markets held in the center. I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited about a trip to Europe, but I’m slowly exceeding even my own hyperactive level of joy the more I find out about the country. Bike rentals are encouraged, there are a bunch of old trappist breweries that give tours, and I cannot wait to see the canals in Bruges. Boyfriend and I also dug out our magnetic travel chess set (courtesy of my dad) and are planning on bringing it with us. I said, “I have this travel chess set, we should totally bring it with and–” “Play it in a cafe in Belgium?” And then I swooned really hard.

I received this book, by Peter Mayle, for Christmas from Boyfriend and finally cracked it open earlier this week in preparation for my culinary journey in Paris. Sure, I am beyond excited to go to the Louvre and the Musee D’Orsay again and see all the incredible sights around Paris, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also dying to eat quality French food for 3 straight days. And by “quality French food” I am obviously referring to macarons. Duh. Mayle has a really endearing voice, and the book weaves the history of French cuisine through modern day, covering truffle festivals in Richerenches and Michelin-starred establishments on the Champs Elysee. The book is right up my alley.

Deviating from my little “Oh I’m going to Europe, I read books about French food” culture bubble, I’d like to comment on the wondrous drama-circus that is Gossip Girl. I watched religiously for the first 3 seasons and then just stopped cold turkey. My mom bought me a Roku player (a little box that streams Netflix or other similar services wirelessly to your tv) so I’ve been able to start catching up on what I’ve missed (two whole seasons!). I’m only 7 episodes in to season 4, so don’t give me any spoilers (ahem, Theresa!). Chuck Bass remains one of my favorite characters of all time. And my girl crush Clemence Poesy guest-starred as his girlfriend for the first part of the season. Good lord I forgot how good this show is. The only upside to Boyfriend being in India is that I get to watch all the trash-tv I want without fear of judgment.

I stopped into Sephora the other day to pick up a new tub of moisturizer and ended up splurging on a few things. Thanks to Lauren’s “What’s in My Bag?” entry, I was reminded of how much I loved Rosebud salve, specifically the strawberry scent. A quick swipe of it on my lips before I go to bed counteracts all the really sexy mouth-breathing I do during the night that inevitably chaps my lips. Plus it smells delicious, and it’s not gummy or sticky in the least. I also have to give a special nod to this skin primer from Smashbox. A small drop applied after your normal skin routine smooths you out and makes your skin look matte and perfect, and this version has a light reflecting quality that makes your skin glow ever-so-slightly. It’s really magical stuff. And it better be for how much it costs. They do sell smaller, travel sized bottles for half the price in the checkout line. That aisle of impulse-buys as you’re standing in line is so dangerous. It’s where I picked up both of these.

Okay, lovelies. What are you up to this weekend? Reading? Crafting? Partying wildly? I’ll be back on Monday! Did I mention I have off on Monday for President’s Day? Ah, the benefits of working with the government. Three day weekend, you look divine.

12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Good Lord, a president’s day? If the govt here tried to introduce a Prime Minister’s day there would be a mutiny. The British have less than zero respect for authority and the thought that we might celebrate those in power is inconceivable. We don’t even get the Queen’s birthday off (I love the Queen but loathe the rest of the royal family, just to be clear).

    The guy on the phone next to me just said ‘we don’t want to get into a bum fight’. I think he meant bun fight.

    I’m glad Fitzy boy is alright, phew! Who’s going to look after him whilst you’re away.

    Boo to J being away but wow, you should get some awesome presents!

    I can’t wait for you to have your holiday and show us all the photos :)

    I’m having hair removed in some places and cut and dyed in others. I’ll leave it to you to work out what/where.

    Have a good weekend with travel related chores chicken xx

  2. I’m having an absolutely wretched, devastating day, and this post perked me up. Thinking I need to get back to Sephora soon kind of perked me up too. xo

  3. Ive heard so many great things about Brussles!! Youre going to love it!! I cant wait for the many pictures to come!! Would love if you could check out my latest posts and tell me what you think! Follow me, I follow you?!


  4. 1. So glad Mr. Fitz is better!
    2. I MUST buy that book, pronto. Maybe it’ll be a baby step to me scheduling my long overdue Euro vacay.
    3. I need to try out that smashbox product… thanks fo rthe endorsement!
    4. I’ll be at the beach this weekend, reading magazine and chit lit- holla!

  5. Would love to hear how you like the Peter Mayle book – I’ve read good things about it. I held out on diving into Gossip Girl for a few years (how could teenagers who can drink, wear Chanel, and have access to everything exclusive in NY be interesting), and once a friend finally convinced me to watch, I was hooked for good. I think it may be my substitute for SATC, but I’ll take it any day! So exciting to be planning a Paris trip! We ate some of the best food while we were there in October…the challenge will not be finding amazing places, but choosing which ones to go to while you are there. I’m a government employee too – going to try and use my extra day to do some pre-spring cleaning of my closet. Have a great weekend!

  6. Poor you… 12 days w/out BF…. but think of the fun you’ll have with Fitz and Gossip Girl. You might even meet up with people you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe go to the movies? Oh, nothing will do, right?

    My love, it’s all about attitude. You can make it, I know you can and have a good time with it. Plan, plan, plan ahead and do things that you can’t do with J. (are there any?)

    Check out the Roku Player. Is it UK compatible? Need to look into this a bit.

    I’m very excited for you to come to Europe. If you want any tips for Bruges or Paris always feel free to ask. You’ll be so close. Not sure the UK representatives of the Pia Posse can allow for you to be in Paris/Bruges and not hop over to London for afternoon tea. I think this needs further discussion. Oh, btw I don’t give up easily and always find ways:) #justsoyouknow

    Have a good weekend and if you get lonely just blog. We’ll be here to read and comment!

  7. While BF is away, chicken will play. Kidding, kidding. It’s no fun when your significant other is away. (Mine just returned from a five day business trip. Hm, maybe that’s why this week was so hard.) And, my goodness, India?! Now what does he do for a living? (You don’t have to answer that.) The couple, whose wedding we attended last month, are living in India for seven weeks for a work-related project. Hm, what’s with India? I don’t doubt you’ll find interesting ways to fill your time, especially since you have a wonderful trip to plan. But, I can definitely understand how you would terribly miss someone who would play chess with you in a Belgium cafe. (Aw!)
    This weekend, I’m doing some things for me and then family time. Have a great three day weekend, E!
    PS~My lips are sealed until you’ve caught up on Gossip Girl. Then, we discuss the show’s direction. ;)

  8. “Not sure the UK representatives of the Pia Posse can allow for you to be in Paris/Bruges and not hop over to London for afternoon tea. I think this needs further discussion.”
    Yes, yes, YES!!! :D

    “It’s no fun when your significant other is away. (Mine just returned from a five day business trip. Hm, maybe that’s why this week was so hard.”
    What is this? Business trip season for husbands/BFs? Mine just returned from a four-day trip to Mechanicsburg, USA. Yes, really.

    Twelve days? Oh, honey – I feel for you. I really do. My husband’s never been away that long (Lord knows four days was hard enough for me!). I’ll check in on you online to make sure you’re okay – don’t you worry.
    I’m sure he’s dreading it as much as you are and I bet he brings you something gorgeous on his return – not that that’s much consolation. :(

    “A quick swipe of it on my lips before I go to bed counteracts all the really sexy mouth-breathing I do during the night that inevitably chaps my lips.”
    I quite honestly lost the ability to breath at this point but seriously …..

    I’m a compulsive lip licker (mine, I hasten to add!) and I think wearing red lipstick has all but cured me of the habit and kept my lips from getting chapped.

    The Hubster had Friday off so we’ve had a luxuriously long weekend.
    Enjoy your day off! :) xxx

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