Who’s Afraid of Color?

Answer (and this might surprise you!)…ME. Obviously I am afraid of color. I might actually be allergic to it based on the frequency with which I fawn over all-white interiors. Try though I might, I tend to gravitate to rooms where everything is so washed out, you can’t tell where the floor ends and the sofa begins. It’s heavenly.

But every once in a while I see something that makes me a total color-convert. In this case, it was a Josef Frank pillow that made my jaw drop (#3, below). It was just so beautiful and bright, like all of his fabrics, that I couldn’t help but be absolutely smitten over it. Of course, it is far TOO LOUD to realistically be included in my decor, but a girl can dream can’t she? I decided to play along for a bit and pretend I’m not actually afraid of color, and created a fake living room moodboard based around the pillow in question. What follows is a living room I’d have if I was blind.

1. Side table / 2. Sofa / 3. Pillow / 4. Chair / 5. Bookshelf / 6. Tray / 7. Lamp / 8. Bench / 9. Rug

I’m pretty sure Pee Wee’s Playhouse had less color than that room, though none of these pieces of furniture have faces (unfortunately). On their own, each piece could work in a room with less competition; together, it’s like a rainbow had a bad acid trip and threw up all over the place and can’t remember who she went home with the night before. How sexy is that purple chair, though? I love the button tufting, though maybe not in a Grimace-the-McDonald’s-character color. If only I’d found that rug for this post on polka dots! Oh well.

Which is more your style? All out color of stark white? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Do white interiors make you want to throw condiments all over the place in rebellion (ahem, Annie)?

Happy Monday! My weekend was very low key, meaning absolutely no painting was accomplished. I mentioned over on 365 on Friday night that I had a bad food poisoning incident, and that sort of derailed any big aspirations I had for the weekend. I spent a lot of time on the couch with a mug of decaf vanilla tea. Oh, and with macarons. Macarons make everything better.

12 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Color?

  1. Eeek! Crikey how quickly would you get sick of that sofa? Um, immediatly? Who would buy that?

    Well you know how I feel about colour. Somewhere you can spill ketchup without even noticing :)

    I love that purple chair, you have such great high street funiture shops in the US! I wish we had room and board and of course west elm. Love the lacquer tray too.

    Bummer on the food poisoning (that’s a really hard word to spell). Are you sure it wasn’t the macaroons? Imagine if you’d developed an intolerance to them! Did you ever do spelling bees when you were little? Funny American things.

    Off to check the 365 now..xx

    1. Ha! I love the color of that sofa, but you’re right, I’d get tired of it pretty quickly if I had to see it everyday! Especially over the weekend when I was feeling ill. Bright colors are generally not conducive to settling a stomach…

      Oh my god, if I developed an intolerance to macarons I’d surrender my will to live! What an awful thought. I won a spelling bee in 6th grade!

        1. Oh my gosh, I wish! That would be ridiculous. I was all bony knees and pointy elbows and a mouth full of braces in those days. So, pretty much as awkward as I am now. Only with a higher-pitched voice.

  2. Lauren’s cold AND a bad food poisoning incident? Boy, have you had a rough time in the last few days – no wonder you’re doing a post on colour. Those internet germs must have addled your brain! :D

    I hope you’re germ-free now because I love hanging out with you and I’d hate our online trysts to end!

    I love white interiors because they showcase colour so perfectly, in my opinion (be it ‘ere so humble!). My home is currently mostly monochrome (yawn!) but I’m beginning to crave some vibrance here and there.

    I’m obsessed with citrus colours at the moment so you can imagine the delirium I’m in as I behold that sofa and bookshelf! That said, I would NEVER put all that furniture together – that rainbow had better sober up pronto! :D

    1. Haha, I laughed out loud at that. No wonder I’m doing a post about color; clearly I am not well! Thankfully I am feeling better, but I think it’s the calm before the storm. Don’t worry, I don’t think my germs can travel transatlantic, so I think you’re safe! I don’t know what I’d do if you quarantined yourself from me!

      That pillow would add a touch of vibrance to a monochrome room! But being that it’s Josef Frank it’s a touch pricey. Still, pretty!

      Citrus colors sound lovely, but then again you can totally pull them off. That rainbow sounded like she had as bad a night as I did on Friday. Quelle dommage!

  3. I was just going to say what Chi did! That pillow would look great in an all white interior, although I find myself smitten with that charcoal chair. And the teal tray.

    I’m actually afraid of color too, but that’s more in relation to my clothes than my home. Gotta work on that.

    Hope you’re feeling better, dear.

    1. I’m afraid of color for my clothes, too! Remember that theory you had about us being twins? TOTALLY REINFORCES IT! I am right now in black pants, a black top, and a dark gray cardigan. I don’t gravitate to color really anywhere in my life. Heck, even my dog is black.

      I’m feeling better from the Chinese food, but the cold really hasn’t hit full steam yet, unfortunately. Playing the waiting game and drinking lots of tea. Thanks, doll!

  4. For minute there I thought I had stumbled upon the wrong blog or someone hijacked your site. Whew! You’re right, all together the pieces look like Punky Brewster. (Do you get that reference?) I do like the green bookshelf and purple, tufted chair (though, it just looks dark gray on the computer screen).
    I forgot to mention on Friday’s comment that I love how you just quietly slipped in that you bought the MJ Hillier hobo. Do tell how you’re liking it.
    Last, but most important, I’m sorry to hear you got food poisoning. Not a good way to spend your weekend, at all! Hope you’re feeling better now.

    1. Haha! I know, must’ve been a confusing moment there for you. Not my usual all-white! Chi was right, I think, I’m obviously all out of sorts. I definitely get the Punky Brewster reference…not that I actually watched the show, I think I was too young?, but because I remember her from Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the college years. Oof. That’s embarrassing to admit.

      I bought the Hillier on Thursday night and it got to my office this afternoon! I love it. It fits over my shoulder perfectly, thank god, that’s the one thing I was worried about. I bought it from endless.com, they were running a 20% off sale and offered free shipping both ways so I figured I had nothing to lose. I’m totally smitten!

      I’m feeling much better now, thanks darling. Yes, I have to say that was a pretty bum way to start things off. I genuinely was scared I was going to die. Girls-night-in revived me, though!

  5. Sorry to hear you had food poisining. Wow, macaroons with decaf vanilla tea? Was that during or after?

    Gosh, I had no idea you are colour phobic. Well, you have probably worked out by now that I’m the opposite. I think you would faint in my flat. Must remember to stock up on massive black sunglasses ( a la Sophia Loren) so you can wear them when you visit one day.

    Look after yourself. Now I am being all mumsy.

    1. Ha, definitely afterwards. There was a solid 12 hour period where I had no appetite for anything. Not even water. Ugh, bad times.

      Ha, despite being color-phobic, I quite love your blog! I need a little color inspiration in my life, and it’s better to leave it to the experts since I am clearly so inept. :) YES to the Sophia Loren sunglasses, and I promise I will love your flat. Pinky promise, in fact.

      Thanks, Tina!

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