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I’m totally squirming. I have some very exciting news! I’m guest-blogging over on Inspiration Cooperative today, in the second of Theresa’s “Wear in the World” series, featuring (surprise!) Paris. I’m so delighted to have been a part of it. When Theresa first approached me about it When I forced her to let me do this, I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to spill the beans. I love Theresa and her amazing blog (most of you are already reading it, since we have quite the little clique, but if you aren’t, VAMOOSE!), so this was very exciting all around. Thank you again, Theresa. I love the idea of guest-blogging, and I’m currently mulling over some ideas to include you sexy ladies in some upcoming projects. Have to pay it forward!

If you’re stumbling over here from Theresa’s blog for the first time: hi! You’ve sort of caught me on an off day, as today is Tuesday and on Tuesdays I write about some cheesy band and make fun of their music video. Most days the content is a little more, um, un-ridiculous, but today you have the honor of discussing my guiltiest of guilty pleasure bands for the 2nd time in as many weeks: Ace of Base. I’m pretty sure I’ve effectively lost all new readership right there.

At the time in my life when Ace of Base was my favorite band, we didn’t have this thing called the internet. Or, okay, it existed, but this was before everyone had a computer in their home. You know, when people read books and communicated with one another face to face instead of in 140 characters or less, and sometimes spent full summer afternoons dancing in their room to Ace of Base, whatever. The good old days (so naturally, to fit with my self-imposed digital diet, I’ve been flooding my eardrums with endless amounts of their music all over again. Attn coworkers: if you see with headphones, it is a safe bet I am listening to Ace of Base. That’s a fireable offense in like, 23 states).

Anyway, given that Wikipedia didn’t exist, it was impossible for me to really know anything about the band other than what was printed in the liner notes of their CDs. In using my Supreme Powers of Internet Sleuthing, I’ve learned several things about Ace of Base in the past few weeks since this post (the most important being that Boyfriend, while generally tolerant of all of my insane foibles, has a really short fuse for 90s Swedish pop music. Alas). Three of the original members were siblings! The girls were sisters, which makes the fact that one of them has brown hair even weirder. I didn’t think it was possible to be from Sweden and not be a blond (careful, my ethnic stereotypes are showing!). Most shocking of all was the fact that the two boys actually produced the music. Like, they created all of the awesome synth tracks and pop beats. I genuinely had no idea they did anything useful in the band other than fill the generic part of “Man 1” and “Man 2.” Apparently they are musicians! Who knew?

Weirdest, creepiest discovery was that “Man 2” had been active in the Neo-Nazi scene as a teenager. Like, wrote a record of racially charged songs as a member of a band called “Commit Suicide.” His mom must have been so proud. “What is little Ulf (side-note: Ulf? Wtf kind of name is Ulf?) up to these days?” “He has a band! Maybe you’ve heard their hit song, ‘White Power, Black Head Slaughter’?” (I DIDN’T MAKE THAT UP. That was an actual song title. Also, shit, now I’m going to get people searching for Nazi stuff clicking on my site). Though he gave all of that skinhead stuff up and eventually went on to form Ace of Base, they still put out songs with vague undertones of Nazism: “Young and Proud,” “Happy Nation,” which includes like like “dream of the perfect man”, “for the people, for the good, for mankind brotherhood”, and “a man will die, but not his ideas.” Hmm.

Thankfully, this song, “Living in Danger” has seemingly no subliminal messages about white power. WHEW.

Now, in no way is this song one of their best. It’s from their first album, which is my least favorite (yes, I have the complete discography of Ace of Base ranked according to preference, YOU HAD TO HAVE GUESSED) but it is one of the few songs to have had a music video made for it. Obviously, this provides me with the opportunity to screencap the shit out of it for your our my enjoyment.

File this under: Last Face I Want to See Following Me Down the Street. And this one wasn’t even the Neo-Nazi growing up! Go figure.

“I want YOU…..to help me get these tendrils out of my face.”

This is weird. Why are you looking over this guy’s shoulder? What could be possibly be looking at that is so fascinating that you simply cannot help but be a creeper? I bet it’s something awesome, like a dirty magazine or someth–

OH. Good god, I love the 90s.

Don’t you just love passionate escalator singing? I sure do. What? Why are you looking at me like that? Are you expecting me to photoshop lamps onto her hands, or something? God, you guys, come on. I’ve matured.

Hey, Adolf? Even if the lyric is “get down,” it’s really inappropriate to point your index finger down to your um, nether regions. Although maybe I’m being crass! Maybe he isn’t insinuating anything sexual, maybe he is being innocently literal. But then what is he pointing at?

Yes. I went there.

Most Random Scene Award goes to this little nugget of weirdness. Priest sitting on a rock in a cemetery, is approached by reformed bad-boy rocking a ponytail and fur collared leather jacket for penance. Seems simple enough, albeit it out of left field. Weren’t they just in a subway station?

Wait, you mean they blew the Priest up? YES. With the power of synth!! That was really the whole message all along. And guess what?

Nailed it.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. OMG I just saw your post and I LOVE it! Fab outfit and perfectly suited. It’s all kinds of awesome to see two of my very favourite bloggers collaborating. Let’s all do it! Let’s! Let’s! Maybe we should invent the blogging version of Secret Santa.

    And, again, OMG, Ulf??? That cracked me up. That’s the worst name ever.

    You are going to get all sorts of brilliant google searches now that you wrote Nazi on your blog.

    And like, hello? Where are the lamps on that woman’s hands??? V remiss of you young lady.

    So proud of you! x

    1. Just for you!

      Thank you for your kind words! I had a lot of fun doing that WitW post. We should all collaborate! I love the idea of Secret Santa. We’d all get someone and it would go in a big circle. Sounds like a blast!

  2. Erin, it’s officiall, you are bonking mad and wonderful at the same time. Wtf possesses you?

    I LOVE that you are guest blogging for T’s site and can’t wait to read and be in awe of you! You go girl! I bet it’s a whole other story to feel the responsibility of putting out content on someone’s else’s blog. I know you’ll be amazing! Neo-Nazi? Good luck!

    1. Dude, I wish I knew! But I’ll gladly take boking mad as a compliment! :)

      It really was a whole different level of responsibility! I had to be on my best behavior and on my A-game. No photoshopping lamps into things for no reason. It was a wonderful experience though! I learned a lot and am just so, so grateful.

  3. Eeeew!!! Creepy ex-Neo-Nazi guy has a webbed hand. You can just make it out (between his 3rd and 4th finger) in the first still of him pointing. *Shudders*

    By the way, I just remembered another musical guilty pleasure of mine – Michael Bolton!!! Make of that what you will :)

    P.S. Go Team LWN InC (see what I did there?) – woo-hoo!!! :D

    1. Eeeew! I don’t want to look! He’s gross enough as it is to me, now. Weird!

      I LOVED Michael Bolton growing up! My mom used to play his albums all the time and I knew every line to every song. So, you’re not alone!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! For photoshopping lamps onto her hands! Oh, thank you! She really was crying out for them. For some reason this all reminds me of the Daily Show/Colbert Report Super Pac clip we saw this morning. Yeah, I know, weird leap, but there you are. I think I should go watch it again.

    1. Haha, you’re welcome! I love that I’ve influenced an entire group of people to think that if someone doesn’t have lamps photoshopped onto their hands, it’s not right. That makes me so perversely happy!!

      I’ll have to check out the clip, so I can understand the leap you made! I love DS/CB.

  5. Let me just thank you again for the fabulous post!! We really do need to do it again soon.
    Ladies, Erin is a dream to work with and so on top of it. That post only took one take – ONE take. She nailed it. Go on, girl, do a little moonwalk around your room right now. :)

    Now, for the serious question: Are you still a fan of Ace of Base knowing one of the dudes was a Nazi? I’m a huge fan of Mos Def…Huge. However, my friend recently told me he has, like, seven kids. Kind of made me wane…Playah! The Nazi angle would definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. I’m grinning from ear-to-ear over here! I should be thanking YOU for the opportunity, not the other way around. So: THANK YOU for letting me hijack your blog for a day! I had the best time working with you. And yes, I’m totally moonwalking!

      You know, I’m surprisingly not as put-off by the Nazi stuff as I should be given that I’m Jewish, and half Eastern European, at that. But the guy has made a ton of comments about how it was the biggest mistake of his life and he thinks that person in him died a long time ago. He was a teenager, and while it isn’t an excuse or a free-pass, it makes it understandable? I don’t know. I’m MORE creeped out and bothered by the fact that Ace of Base is on a comeback kick right now, but not with the two original girls. They recruited two new, young, hot 22 year olds to sing for them. So they’re basically creepy 40something year old men past their prime hanging out with hot young blond chicks, and the whole thing makes me really uncomfortable. It just doesn’t sit well. It seems creepy.

      Holy shit, Mos Def! 7 kids!

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