Sorry if things look weird around here. I spent yesterday coding intermittently and changing some things around. So if things are looking a bit, um, awkward, keep hitting refresh until they look somewhat cohesive. And forgive that awful new header. It’s only my 7th in 11 months, and I’m still super unsatisfied with it. It is very much a placeholder at the moment.

A while ago, back in the baby-days of this blog, I posted about a house tour that was giving me Office Envy. Specifically, this picture:

 I mean, come on, right? While I don’t have a pink office or fancy tassel garland, I do have my own white lacquer West Elm Parsons desk, which ended up appearing on one of my girl Annie’s posts, which is in fact how we even met (Annie, look at our cute little comment exchange in your thread!). This was an important post for me, even though I was a Bad Blogger back then and left 2 comments un-responded-to. Shame on moi! In the post, I also called out how fabulous (and fabulously overpriced) that tassel garland was. And it is. Absolutely fabulous and crazy expensive. A girl can dream, though, right?

Well, the way things work around here is that I dream about something and obsess over it for an ample amount of time and then forget about it entirely, exhausting the need to buy it (hopefully). Such was the case with that tassel garland, until I read Theresa’s post on the best trends in fashion & home design in 2011 and voila! There was the gorgeous garland in all of its sparkly, flowy glamour. And it was like a piece of my heart I hadn’t known was missing was filled in again, and the angels sang in all their reverent glory. “There you are, tassel garland!” I cooed, ” I can’t believe I ever forgot about you!” (You totally think I’m exaggerating, don’t you? Do you know me at all?)

UGH. WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTYYY. And why do you cost $130??

Wait. Wait. IT COMES IN OTHER COLORS? Say it ain’t so!

Honestly, I’m still in love with it. Maybe even more in love with it now that I know it’s available in this hue. But despite my well-paying job I am still no closer to justifying spending $130 on tassel garland than I was when I was unemployed and broke. But aren’t the colors so incredible? I love the mix of blues and minty green and silver and rosy bronze. If I can’t spend $130 on sweetly colored decorative garland, maybe I’d be willing to spend my money on clothing and accessories in the same colors? (This is called a segue, observe its literary powers of transition.)

1. Shirt / 2. Cashmere sweater / 3. Sequin scarf / 4. Ballet flats / 5. Oxfords / 6. Glitter Loafer / 7. Rebecca Minkoff Bag / 8. Bronze Skirt / 9. Pleated Skirt / 10. Clutch

Okay, so those mint patent oxfords are 11 types of ridiculous, but they are pretty much the perfect shade of sea-foam blue-green, aren’t they? And they are kitsch enough to be cute, even if they aren’t practical. I knew J Crew would come through in a big way (both tops and the glitter loafers are theirs) because I remember a few years ago my sister (in-law, though I hate qualifying it like that; she is my sister and has been since I was 5) and I sat on her couch and looked through/drooled over the spring J Crew catalog and it was just page after page of that color scheme. We decided “Vespa green” was the name of the shade of those green ballet flats, from Topshop, after the iconic Italian moped. Both skirts come from Topshop, who has a surprising number of skirts of all lengths and (questionably tacky) patterns. These two mimic the same shape of the tassels as well as the colors, and would look darling paired with a bright opaque tight. To bring in a bit of sparkle, the gold sequin scarf from Bando and the glitter loafer from J Crew fit the bill nicely. I’m in love with the shape of the loafer, though I don’t think glitter is appropriate for just any day. And I’ve been lusting after a Rebecca Minkoff “Morning After Mini” bag for a while, but in black, not the bronze one. Still, the shape is the same and the color works for our purposes. That oversized silver clutch is from Zara and is on mega-sale. I just eyed it up in person at the store, and it’s pretty great for a night out.

These colors are making me think ahead to spring, when my day will not start with temperatures in the teens and chunky snow boots and puffy coats. The weather on the east coast took a big dip after New Year’s and has been so bitter the past few days. Some girls look like cute little snow bunnies all bundled up in their winter gear, but not moi. I look like an abominable snow man in a mish-mash of dark brown and black and gray. It’s really, really appealing if you’re into that sort of giantess thing.

I swear this isn’t the last time I’m going to pimp this, but maybe the third to last? Who knows! Regardless, if you haven’t checked out my 365 Project yet, what are you waiting for??

27 thoughts on “Garland

  1. The mint oxfords…COME ON?! I am considering painful future-bunion surgery just so I can justify the pain of cramming my horking flapjacks in those badboys.


    1. Ha! I should have known after your DIY Oxfords a few posts ago you’d love those. They come in your size! Unless you need a size larger than 11.5….um, not that there’s anything wrong with that! Do it! Buy them! And post lots of pictures :)

  2. What on earth is a horking flapjack Susk?!

    Erin you are clearly welcoming that garland into your life. I’d quite like one too so perhaps we can agree on that at least. And PS your blog is a million times more readable and fun than that pink walled one!

    And I love that we met over that garland and Theresa found it too, that’s some kind of bloggy lovin’ serendipity for sure!

    Please don’t talk about Spring clothes, I’ve resolved to not buy any more clothes until April and I couldn’t bear it if I saw pretty bright colours everywhere!

    (Why am I using so many exclamation marks today?!!!!!)

    1. She’s got big feet! Or so she says. Horking flapjack = giant feet! I love Süsk-talk :)

      Ha! Thanks for saying that, because despite the fact that I love her house, I dislike most everything else about her but cannot seem to stop checking in on her blog every once in a while. And then I instantly regret it. You & I could agree on garland but I bet we’d disagree over which color, because, you know, I’m difficult and only like pale, white-washed things. Hahah, sad but true.

      Exclamation marks are where it’s at!!!


      1. Yeah see I prefer the gold and silver ones to the aqua. Soooo not my colour.

        I can’t stop reading that blog too. What’s the about? I hate fashion blogs where the girl wears five inch heels everyday, as if that’s what she wears when she goes to the shop to buy some milk. She doesn’t seem to have been blessed with a sense of humour of the ability to laugh at herself! Gonna stop now as Holly says we must be nice about everyone!

        I can’t work out how to do umlauts on my mac. Any clues? (sorry Susk)

        1. I like to think Süsk is magical and can summon umlauts at will. I, of no magical skills, have resulted to copying & pasting it from her name whenever I use it. Ta-da! ü ü ü ü

          I like the gold and silver ones too! See!? We can totally be roommates!

          And I think the ability to laugh at myself is the only reason I’ve survived 25 years on this planet. I don’t take myself seriously, life is way too short. Thankfully people seem to find this entertaining. And by people I mean you guys. And my mom.

          1. I would totally buy them, but I live in fear of light-coloured shoes. It’s like when an…ample person wears white trousers. Its only making things look bigger, right? They are lovely though. Maybe I could buy 5 pairs of super small ones and wear one on each toe.

            Oh, also! For umlaut, just press ALT+u+u! And for the aigu é (essential for Ladurée!) press ALT+e+e. Pressing ALT opens up a whole new world of fancy letters! Er, at last on a mac. PC users probably have to do some right-clicky faffing.

            ß That’s right. I eszet’ed yo’ ass.

            1. Hahaha the mental image of you with 10 leetle teeny mint patent oxfords on your toes is making me giggle so hard. 10 points for using the word “ample” as well!

              That alt letter trick just blew my mind!! You’re right, I needed a shortcut for the aigu é! Oh my god, it worked! I’m never going to stop now. ´é é é é é ü ü ü ü å å å å ø ø ø ø (those last two was for all my Swede lovin’). You’re my hero for teaching me that, thanks Süsk! Mac users/lovers unite!

              ∑ Take that!

  3. Oh and totes forgot to tell you that I got an Stendig calendar from the Aram Store! I was so excited I bought two. Richard got one for Christmas and I have nowhere to put mine. I actually still want your workspace. Are those fake tulips too?

    1. Awesome! I loved that calendar. I saved the old sheets and used them to wrap Christmas presents this year. I am debating buying one for this year as I don’t know where I’d hang it in my new place. I’ll have to take an updated picture of my new workspace for you!

      And yes, those tulips were real :) cheeky!

  4. Oh, love the garland! And before today I didn’t even know that I needed a bronze pleat skirt ;)

    Happy New Year!

    1. For shame! You definitely need a bronze pleated skirt! Think of how the pleather material will stick to your legs in the heat!! ;)
      Happy New Year t you as well!

  5. I love that you named the color of the green ballet flat, “Vespa Green”. I used to ride on the back of a Vespa my freshman year in high school and all four years of college (two different boyfriends ;), so it brought back great memories.
    You and Annie need to take your act on the road because your banter is hilarious. I could listen, I mean, read it all day long. Not to mention, Süsk’s “horking-flapjack” metaphor is ridiculous.
    Ok, to remedy your love for that garland, I’m thinking you could probably make your own (??). I know you said that you’re not crafty, but if you can figure out writing code, you can make crepe garland. Right??

    1. I’m so jealous that you had not one, but TWO boyfriends with Vespas! I always wanted to move to Europe and date a French boy and ride around on his Vespa (which, upon typing that, sounds far filthier than I intended. Harumph.)

      I sometimes forget that Annie and I don’t know each other in real life, we have the rapport of old girlfriends. I’m glad someone finds us as entertaining as I do! Süsk is great, too, you should read her blog. I have the best readers, you know (pst, that means you, too!).

      I might attempt to make the garland, despite my non-craftiness, because I really cannot ever see myself spending that much money on something like this. It might be a poor effort, but I’m sure there are enough Martha Stewart tutorials out there about tassels and garland that I could figure something out. Now I want to try it! Thanks, Theresa!

  6. I literally just got an email containing these shoes from steve madden. I know I’m late but they are called Elton *how perfect* I need them in my life!!

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