Garland, pt 2

So continuing on my trend of finding cheaper versions of an original (on Monday it was a blanket), I owe today’s post entirely to my hilarious (and apparently bargain-hunter) friend Audrey. Remember just a short while ago, I coveted this overpriced garland?

Guess what? That isn’t even the original! FOOLED YOU. This is a suspiciously similar tassel garland available onĀ Etsy, for almost $100 cheaper. And you can’t even tell the difference. You guys. I just bought 6 of them. Kidding! But I might! I just might do it!

When I first posted about this garland, several of you kind, deluded souls suggested I could craft something similar rather than shell out $130 for something as frivolous as tassel garland. But that required more effort than I’m willing to devote to something like this. And given my recent luck at being an absolute Shopping Master (need I mention the West Elm light??), I knew if I just held out long enough, I’d either forget about wanting it altogether, or a cheaper alternative would appear magically, as if delivered by elves. (Yes, Audrey, I just called you a magical elf).

This is the original. Can you tell the difference? No? Neither can I. You know what can, though? My wallet.

I’m not usually a fan of direct knock-offs, but in this case I think I can make an exception. It’s not like it’s a fake Louis Vuitton bag or something. It’s some tissue paper hung from string. I’m not sure if any intellectual property is being infringed (fringed! get it?) upon with this cheaper version. Still, pretty spectacular find, if you ask me. And where did Audrey find it? Why, Pinterest of course! What did we ever do before Pinterest? Something productive, I bet.

14 thoughts on “Garland, pt 2

  1. That must be the shorted post you’ve ever written! Hope I’m not in some way responsible for that.

    Lovely garland. Can’t wait to see it in situ. Photos please!

    If I ever come round your place I’ll get a weird sense of deja vu as I’ll have seen pretty much everything in it. Except for the mysterious boyfriend anyway….I’m not sure I believe he exists.

    1. Noo, don’t worry, it wasn’t an Orwellian post or anything. :) I was busy all day yesterday and didn’t have any time to collect my thoughts for a post, so this is the result: thrown together, poorly executed. I’m pretty disappointed with it, I have to say. No post might have been better than this one. Ugh.

      I didn’t actually buy it. Yet. I still might, especially now that I know there’s a cheaper option out there. You HAVE to come over at some point. But not until everything is decorated to my liking…I don’t want you walking in and judging the place harshly for how uncoordinated everything is, haha. Boyfriend exists! I swear! He’s rather elusive though, I’ll give you that much. xoxo

  2. Did you not see the post about how mismatched my flat is? Seriously, I see something, I like it, I buy it. I have no discipline about making sure it actually goes with anything!

    No need to be disappointed it’s a great post. Holly (God) says we should blog everyday but it should be meat and potatoes. Meat somedays and sometimes it’s just potatoes, just to fill you up. I however have been spectacularly unsuccessful at getting my post out today so might have to skip as am off now for a cocktail and dinner. Slaters :)

    1. I like to think that I have some grand vision of how I want my place to come together, but I’m like you. If I like something I just buy it. I think I’m slowly starting to define my style a bit better and moving pieces around that don’t fit the overall aesthetic I’m trying to achieve, but sometimes I see a random color-dot cushion at West Elm and can’t help myself. It’s hard, too, because you and I both moved in with boyfriends who already had their own furniture. In an ideal world I could start from scratch and Boyfriend would let me get away with anything I wanted (including painting our floors white).

      I love that you called Holly God, hahah. And don’t worry about yesterday’s post, you kept me heavily entertained with all those pictures of the loos! :)

      1. Hee hee :) At least I didn’t post a photo of me actually on the loo!

        And not only do I have R’s furniture, we have two absolutely hideous oxblood leather sofas. They’re vile but came with the flat. Yuk.

        Can’t believe bf (does he have a name?) won’t let you paint the floors white. How rude.

        1. Oof, oxblood sofas! Rough! Interesting that they came with the flat though. Is that common, for apartments to be partially furnished? I’d have put them out on the street with a sign that said “FREE” unless the Landlord wanted them back or something, haha. Too bad you can’t put a slipcover over a leather couch.

          Haha, yes, Boyfriend has a name, and YES, he is super rude for not letting me sand and destroy and repaint his brand new hardwoord flooring. His name is Jeff and I shouldn’t be too hard on him, as he’s pretty much let me have free reign with all of the design changes I’ve asked to make so far. I can’t fault him for not wanting white hardwood floors. Besides, the dog would scratch them to bits within a week, I’m sure.

  3. You are getting really good at this splurge vs. save topic. I think you can start a whole new blog post/series on this subject. The save version looks just as good as the splurge version. (Though, not sure how Confetti System would feel about it.)
    I agree with Annie, don’t beat yourself up about posts (even though I do it to myself all the time ;). What you deem as a “poor” post is still very good.

    1. Oh, what a really good idea! I hadn’t even thought of that. You always come up with the best ideas. I’m waiting impatiently for your next Wear in the World post, by the way. ;)

      Yes, I’m sure Confetti System is not going to be too thrilled to see that garland. But it does provide a really good splurge vs. save option! I might start doing posts like that, it seems right up my alley.

      You’re very kind to say so, and it’s good to know that there are other bloggers who beat themselves up over posts. I guess this is one of those little blogging lessons you have to learn along the way!

  4. I actually like this garland better than the first, so I say go for it! And I tend to fall into the why craft what you can purchase already made for you category myself, so that’s a win-win for me. In brief, (get it? har har), you’re still pretty funny.

    1. Thanks, Lauren! You’re making my ego huge, just so you know.

      I just might buy one! I still haven’t decided where I would even hang it, but it’s just so pretty I can’t help myself! I’m glad I’m not alone on being the un-crafty type :)

  5. No, I cannot tell the difference – you’re absolutely right. I’m ambivalent about knock-offs. Not a very nice word, by the way. I prefer “homage”. :D

    I abhor knock-off designer bags (is there anyone out there who doesn’t?) but I’d buy an homage to a gorgeous garland in all of its sparkly, flowy glamour AND feel quite smug about finding it.

    P.S. I can attest to the fact that white floors are sublime. They are the gift that keeps on giving! Not only do I get light bouncing off every surface in my studio, I get to tell everyone (quite imperiously!) to take their shoes off before they come in.

    I’m currently working on getting white floors in the house ………. :/

    1. I’m totally with you, I can’t imagine buying a knock-off (pardon, “homage”) Louis Vuitton bag. Because even if no one could tell it wasn’t the real thing, I’d always be able to tell and that would bug me. Now, I don’t have any such qualms about this referential garland, I’ll tell you that much.

      I am brimming over with jealousy that you have white floors. I think white floors are the key to happiness and I won’t rest until I bring them into my life. I need to see pictures of your studio, STAT!

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