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Oh hey. It’s Tuesday. That’s cool. Tuesdays are good days, right? Better than Mondays. Wasn’t something exciting happening today? How silly of me, of course! “Midnight in Paris” came out on DVD today. What a momentous occasion!

Okay. Okay, I can’t do it anymore. I was trying to be cute, but screw it. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. If I had to create a visual representation of my excitement, it would look something like this:

Please excuse the fact that the gif makes it look like I have acne. I don’t have acne. I do, however, have a really awesome Gangsta chain.

You know, I wish I could pretend to be totally non-plussed, completely unimpressed with my birthday, but I can’t. I’m not cool enough to not care about it like my very existence depends on it. As if permission to live to see the next birthday depends entirely on my rabid enthusiasm for this day. When I lived at home, I used to set my alarm for precisely 4:36am (the glorious moment of my entry to this world…in an emergency C-section) and would yell down the hall “IT’S OFFICIALLY MY BIRTHDAY!…What, you were trying to sleep? Do you not realize what day it is? Guess what, you do now!” It was really appreciated, I think.

Do you know what else happened on December 20th in history? Thanks to Wikipedia, I do! Allow me to school you in some 12/20 factoids:

In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was completed in New Orleans. If any of my history teachers in school had mentioned that, I might have shown more of an aptitude for the subject. Some ex-general of Nero claimed the title of emperor of Rome in the year 69. Hitler was released from prison in 1924 (dude served almost a year for treasonously trying to take over Germany with the newly formed Nazi party. oh my god, and they let him do it againand he got away with it??). The great nations of Djibouti (they speak French!) and Vietnam (we’re still really, reallysorry!) joined the UN in 1977. In 1992 I received both a television and a Super Nintendo and had to be dragged away from both to go to school in the mornings. I share a birthday with actor Jonah Hill, model Lara Stone, Law & Order creator Dick Wolf (this one especially resonates), as well as British footballers Ashley Cole and Fitz Hall (one member of my household was REALLY excited about that last one). And in 1592, King John III of Sweden (!!) was born on December 20th.

Anyway, in addition to having a delicious home-cooked meal at my mom’s on Sunday, I got to go to my favorite French bistro outside of France, Parc, on Saturday night. Sure, it’s contrived and expensive, and they charged us for the plate of dessert cookies they brought out with a sparkler (for what? MY BIRTHDAY) at the end of the meal. But I love everything about it. It really feels authentic, the design elements are spot-on. Oh! I ate escargots for the first time! They were yummy. I also had a crock of French Onion Soup (is it redundant to say “French”?), a salad with a poached egg on top, and moules frites. And a carafe of white wine. I was in heaven. Birthday heaven.

So while it wasn’t technically my birthday, I got to celebrate early, because no one wants to go out to a fancy dinner on a Tuesday.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a Tuesday Tunes post. But the only way to celebrate the day musically is to hand things over to the showmen of our time, masters of the vocal craft: The New Kids on the Block. (Look, it was them or 50 Cent “In Da Club, and we all know how I feel about NKOTB).

So yes! I’m 25 now. I don’t feel any differently than I did at 24. And I still think of myself as being 17, which throws me for a loop every year I get older. 24 brought me this blog. I’m really, genuinely excited to see what 25 gives me.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Yes, I’m screaming.) I love all the trivia you provided. I got schooled. Here’s a few more: It’s also my nephew’s and cousin’s birthday today. (You can add them next year.) The fact that you and Dick Wolf share a birthday is uncanny! What are the odds? (Love me some L&O, esp. SVU.) I hope you’re having a wonderful day and feeling lots of love. Everything leading up to this day points in that direction. (Parc definitely suits you.) Enjoy!
    PS~Flavor Flav wants his chain back.

    1. Happy birthday to your cousin and nephew! Usually I am not so magnanimous and don’t like to share my birthday, but for you I’ll make an exception ;) The Dick Wolf birthday-sharing is one I’m completely okay with because the man is a genius even though all of his shows make me pee my pants in terror. I definitely had a great birthday, thank you so much for the well wishes!

      (references to Flava Flav just remind me of that VH1 dating competition show he had and in turn it makes me nauseous. Hahaha)

  2. Your chain is awesome! Where can I get one???

    And what a beautiful picture, you look lovely. I want to go to that restaurant, it looks totes amaze. I’m not sure how authentically French the gingerbread man is though?

    I hope you had the most amazing day yesterday and that being 25 brings you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Including lots of stuff!


    1. The chain is so ridiculous I couldn’t help but add it. I kept giggling the entire time.

      The gingerbread man is questionably authentic, I’ll admit. But the restaurant redeemed it by listing the dessert on the bill as “Macaroons.” Actually, they didn’t redeem themselves at all, because those are not macaroons, or even macarons for that matter, and it just made me want Laduree instead. Though the cookie plate was pretty delicious. I don’t know why you’re jealous, you’re going to Paris soon and will have the ability to go to a REAL French bistro! what more could a girl want??

  3. Joyeux anniversaire à toi!

    (I had to do it in FRENCH since there was a veeerry slight vague French feeling to this post, snort).

    And I concur with above comments- you look trés mignon- avec et sans lunettes! Happy 25th!

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