Tuesday Tunes

Today is Fitz’s 11 month birthday! In the past few weeks he has added another trick to his ever-growing arsenal: play dead. Have I mentioned this before? Stop me if I have, I’m turning into one of those parents that can’t stop beaming about their baby. Anyway, it’s pretty adorable, and sometimes I have a hard time convincing him to be un-dead; he’s happy to just lay on his side totally still, staring at me out of the side of his eyes.

He isn’t really playing dead in this picture, but I haven’t been able to capture him doing it on camera because I’m too busy laughing. Here he’s just making himself comfortable on the couch he isn’t allowed to be on, using my blanket as a pillow. DON’T MIND ME.

I’ve expressed my undying, unparalleled love of Keane before, but now that it’s December and the days are getting shorter and colder (well, not really, as it’s a balmy 60 degrees here today, and the humidity is through the roof so my hair is the size of an afro) I’m reminded of just how much I love their first album. I associate it with this time of year because it’s all I listened to in the winter of 2004. It came out in May of that year (Michelle, it was release on your birthday!!) but I didn’t seriously get into it until the end of fall, and I put it on endless repeat on my ipod mini (a high school graduation gift from my brother and sister-in-law). My dad even got a copy of the CD for his birthday, and we designated his copy to be our Car copy and mine to be the House copy, so we always had one to listen to no matter where we were. A little secret: I have virtually no idea what they are saying in the chorus. At all. But that doesn’t make me love it any less. And while this video is fan-made, it feels like it was shot today; it’s exactly the weather here.

I’m on a totally Michael Bublé kick right now. I took my mom to see him for Mother’s Day 6 years ago (was it really that long ago? wow.) I’ve been listening to him pretty much non-stop at work, and this past Sunday there was a charming profile on him on 60 Minutes. I love his voice, I don’t care how cheesy that sounds. This song is so upbeat and happy, and I love that it’s his actual wife in the video with him. I love that he calls her “kid.” Though really, I hate her, because she’s younger than I am, smoking hot and married to Michael Bublé. That’s about the sweetest nickname ever. If you judge me for liking this song, so be it.

Have a rainy Tuesday if you’re on the East Coast like me! Oh, and this is your official reminder that my birthday is 14 days away.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Oh no….the only thing stopping me divorcing you is the cute dog. Without his enormous cuddly ears you’d be for the blogchop. The singing hobbit? And Michael Buble? And is his wife really younger than you? That’s nuts. Did you know he has a suit room?

    Agree on kid though, I had a boyfriend once who called me kiddo and I loved it.

    1. Yep! His wife is a full 6 months younger than moi. I didn’t know he had a suit room though! That’s pretty legit. I guess once you have a career where you have to wear suits all the time (bankers or, apparently, singers) you need a whole room dedicated to them.

      Teehee, “blogchop.” YOU WISH! His ears are the best thing about him. And his white paws. And his silly little old-man beard. And his cuddliness. And…

      1. Ha I thought you were saying it was Michael Buble’s ears that you like, until I read the bit about white paws. If you hadn’t mentioned those the sentence would still have worked :) You luurrvee Buble’s old man beard.

        1. HAH! Definitely meant Fitz but probably should’ve have elaborated! Oh, who am I kidding: I love Michael Buble’s ears.

  2. OK I lied, I love that song. But please don’t tell anyone. And there’s something about the way he looks into her pretty eyes by the till that gave me goose pimples. Help me, somebody!

  3. That concert was almost as good of a Mother’s Day gift as having you so I could celebrate Mother’s Day! You’re allowed to borrow my Michael Buble CDs!

    1. I need to copy all of them! That was such a great concert, super small and intimate. Now he plays for enormous stadiums of thousands and thousands of people, it’s nuts! But awesome for him, obviously.

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