Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 4

You guys are very, very funny with your awful neighbor stories. I don’t feel too terrible about my living situation anymore! This was greatly aided by the fact that I didn’t hear a peep from the neighbors’ apartment all day or night. It is entirely possible they murdered each other, I don’t know. Given the vitriol they were spewing I wouldn’t put it past either of them. More than likely they are out of town for the holidays (can you imagine the gifts they got each other? What do you buy someone you hate enough to argue with over a pet rabbit in the middle of the night?) but no matter, I’ll take the quiet any way I can get it.

I’m calling this Frida Five a gift guide (the last in a series of 4), but let’s be honest: if you’ve waited this long to shop, odds are you’re going to end up buying someone gift cards from your local drugstore and a box of chocolates. Online shipping is not doable at this point, but I was undeterred in my regular scouring of the internet’s best goodies.

1. Camera pouch / 2. Scarf / 3. Root Gin / 4. iPod shuffle / 5. Tomorrow planners

CB2 only has stores in a couple of states (and one of them is not mine, boo hoo), but for the month of December leading up to Christmas, they were offering free shipping on everything gift or Christmas related. This camera carrying case is adorable and functional, because everyone has a digital camera these days. I remember when I used to get a disposable camera for school dances or big parties and then would have to wait to get the pictures developed. There was something exciting about that whole process. Getting doubles of your prints, exchanging pictures with your friends at lunch. That isn’t to say that I don’t love my (multiple) film cameras any more than I love my (multiple) digital cameras, and this case would be perfect for either. The only thing is it’s bringing back memories of my photo professor in college telling us to never ever use a camera bag because it made it so obvious you were carrying a camera and therefore more likely to be a target of a thief. That’s why I always stuffed my cameras into a black fleece hat and put it in my purse. Logic!

How cute (and admittedly summer-y) is that scarf? It’s from an online store called LemLem, which was started as a way to employ and empower women weavers in the founder’s native Ethiopia. The scarf was featured in Esquire and has been sold out forever, but I keep compulsively checking to see if it comes back in stock. At $125, it’s a bit pricey (in fact, it’s the only thing on the list that is over $50), but looks like one of those staple closet pieces that will go with everything. And it’s named Gigi. Adorable.

Root is an herbal liqueur that combines 13 herbs and spices (Anise, allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, spearmint, lemon, smoked black tea, wintergreen, clove, orange, nutmeg, sugar cane, and birch bark) to re-create the alcoholic precursor to root beer (you know, before this country went insane and tried Prohibition and they took the alcohol out of it). You can drink it over ice or mixed with other stuff, and the packaging is pretty impressive. The fact that it is brewed in Philly is also pretty neat.

Everyone has an iPod by now, right? If someone doesn’t, buy them one. At $49, the shuffle is a pretty good way to go. My brother and sister-in-law bought me a mini back in 2004 when I graduated high school, and back then iPods weren’t as ubiquitous as they are now. I don’t understand how something this small actually works, but then again there are lots of things I don’t understand (fractions, face clocks, Tea Party Republicans).

But if someone doesn’t have an iPod, odds are they don’t have an iPhone or a smartphone that can keep track of all their appointments. Enter the “Tomorrow” planner. Cute, practical, and exceedingly helpful in keeping all your stuff together. Need to remember to pick up shampoo on the way home? Write it down. As much as I rely on my Blackberry calendar, nothing really sticks with me until I write it down, so I always carry a notebook full of lists. I’m weird and neurotic like that.

Merry Christmas everyone! What are your Christmas plans? Do you usually go to the same place every year or do you hop from house to house trying to see all your family members? Does anyone get really drunk? Are you officially all done your shopping? What did you get people this year? What do you hope to get? I had caffeine this morning, don’t know if you can tell.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 4

  1. Oh, I’m so gonna need to get my hands on some Root for Neel. He pretty much loves anything from Philly. We did a cheese steak night a few weeks ago with imported bread and meat and everything. There are two Philly guys on my block who were very happy and a few converts too!

    Happy Happy, dear. So glad to have found you before the year was out!

    1. I’m so happy you found me as well, because it means I’ve also found your blog! I’m very grateful for that.

      I think you can buy Root online but it’s cheaper in the store, so if you ever would like me to mail you a bottle, it might be more cost effective that way. Though I haven’t had it yet, and can’t attest to its deliciousness. Where did yo get the bread for your cheesesteaks from? Amoroso’s or it doesn’t count! :)

  2. Glad to have been of some help. Though, now I’m having flashbacks of those Boston neighbors!
    Well, I actually think I’m done shopping. At last. But I’m still loving your round up. I love all things LemLem. To own a piece of LemLem, I’m thinking the scarf is a good deal since most of their other offerings are pretty pricey. (Though, it is for good deeds.) It’s like going to LV and buying a key chain, or something like that. You know what I mean.
    Merry, merry, Erin. Like Lauren, I’m so glad to have discovered you and your skillful writing. Cheers!

    1. LemLem is wonderful, aren’t they? The prices are are totally worth it once you realize the cause it goes to. And I DO know what you mean, I’m totally guilty of buying the cheapest change purse LV had to offer (in their Damier canvas line). I’m telling you, if it ever goes back in stock, I’m nabbing one of those scarves immediately!

      I’m so grateful we’ve found each other! I’m excited for 2012 and all the wonderful blogging to come from you! Hope you had a great holiday and survived the madness :)

  3. P.S. I do understand face clocks (but then I *am* older than you), but I don’t get fractions and Tea Party Republicans either.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! And I can read face clocks it just takes me forever. It’s not like we didn’t learn them in grade school, I just can’t for the life of me get over my comfort with digital/analog clocks.

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