Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 1

Today I’m spending the day with my grandmother (feels weird calling her that, she’s always been my Mom-mom) baking thousands of Christmas cookies and messing up my aunt’s kitchen with food coloring and tons of sprinkles. I have been looking forward to this SO MUCH, because my Mom-mom is an amazing baker and I basically live each year in anticipation of her Christmas cookies. She makes these sugar cookies with green food coloring in the shape of little Christmas trees…my god. They are to die for. In between baking and decorating I’ll be taking lots of pictures, trying not to get flour all over my camera.

Is it too early for me to start talking about what I want for Christmas? Yes? DON’T CARE.

Right now I’m experiencing the first ever twangs of remorse that I didn’t call this series “Friday Five Hundred” because trying to pare down what I want for Christmas into five measly items is like expecting a puppy doped up on sleeping pills to solve a quadratic equation: it’s just. not. happening. And don’t give me the spiel about how Christmas isn’t about the material objects but the time spent with family and the cherished moments between friends. No. Christmas is about the presents, and you and I both know it. I’m just spoiled enough to admit it. Although, truthfully, I am pretty stoked on getting to hang out with my two lovely cousins who are flying in from Arizona and Oklahoma for the holidays. But not because they’re awesome. But because it means two more people who could potentially give me presents. (KIDDING, Ilene and Stacy!)


1. Marc Jacobs watch / 2. Plane Tickets / 3. Canon 50mm lens / 4. “Taschen’s Paris” / 5. Ladurée set of 2 candles

Now, this is what I would ask for if money was no issue and I was on drugs. Realistically, I know better than to even ask for a watch that costs as much as 3 of the other gifts total, but a girl can dream, right? And I’ve lusted after this watch for a while and even came extremely close to buying it when Bloomingdale’s waas having a 20% off sale, but chickened out. Same story with a plane ticket to some European city, only on a much larger scale. I’m not insane, though. That 50mm lens comes in at just over $100, which seems like such a steal! I had a 50mm on my last DSLR and the thing was my best friend. If they had sold the camera with a kit that included that lens, I would’ve ordered that instead. 50mm lenses are my favorite. I figure I can use it to take pictures of my ever-growing coffee table book collection, especially if “Tashcen’s Paris” was included. It combines all the best in Parisian shopping, eating, and sights. And it’s cute. You know I’m a sucker for cute!

The last time I was at Ladurée I failed to buy a candle (or two!) despite my original plan to stock up. I don’t know what I was thinking, but clearly the combination of the endless rain and the delicious macarons (DRINK!) sitting just inches from me made by brain short circuit. That, or the $65 price tag brought me back to reality. This set of two includes Strawberry and Brioche (can’t you imagine how delicious the Brioche candle smells? My mouth is actually watering) and I found a place that isn’t Ladurée that sells them. Of course, they’ve upped the price and they’re sure to overcharge on shipping, but a small price to pay in the name of macaron scented candles! (DRINK). Plus, it’s actually cheaper than a roundtrip bus ticket to New York to go back to the store and NOT BE AN IDIOT and forget to buy one while I’m standing right there.

So! Now that I feel sufficiently greedy, distract me: what are you asking for for Christmas? Anything extravagant and crazy? Or more low-key? Have a great weekend, kiddos!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 1

  1. Oooh I love that watch! what a lovely colour. And I soooo want your grandma’s cookies. Sounds like you’re going to have a fab weekend x

    1. If they would hold up without crumbling or going stale in transit, I’d totally ship you some! They’re delicious. Hope your weekend was lovely! (Sounds like it was from your blog!)

  2. I love that the green cookies are special enough to make it in your blog. Hope you had a fun time! I’m sure Mom-mom loved having you there to help.

    1. It was a really great day! You would have had a blast, we made close to 600 cookies. We had a nice assembly line going on. Can’t wait to see youuuuu!

  3. We both know you weren’t kidding about the presents. However i currently feel you are unworthy do to the inappropriate use of *gasp* sprinkles instead of jimmies

    1. Nuh uh! I will always call rainbow jimmies jimmies, but I was totally referring to the little non-pareil rainbow beads, which totally count as sprinkles! See you soon!! Also, feel free to hate me because I totally got a head-start on the green cookies.

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