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I had a really scary, totally-Erin dream last night. I went to Paris and was taking pictures from a friend’s roofdeck (Aidan, I never knew you had a house in Paris!) when I realized my lens was cracked. It was probably the worst nightmare my little brain could conjure up: stuck in the most beautiful city in the world without a working camera. I remember panicking and realizing I’d lost an entire day of the trip without a single photo. Isn’t that heartbreaking? When I woke up I actually checked my camera just to make sure. The second half of the dream was amazing though, I was at the Laduree on the Champs-Elysee buying macaroons. Even my subconscious is obsessed with them.


Florence + The Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, came out last week and oh my god. It’s all I’ve been listening to since. When I’m not playing it at max volume on my computer, I’m singing it (badly) around the house, belting it out while I’m drying my hair and likely singing it in my sleep. Apologies to my neighbors. The album is just so, so, so good. I don’t think I’ll ever love an album like I love her other one, Lungs, but Ceremonials is already growing on me. It only makes sense that this week’s Tuesday Tunes is all about Florence. You’ll thank me.

Did any of you happen to see the profile they did on her on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend? (Or am I the only person under the age of 50 who watches that show? Whatever, add that to the list of things I inherited from my dad.) The show always has a bunch of really interested profiles and commentary pieces and they always end the show with a calming “moment of nature” which is usually just a 60 second segment of some idyllic field or mountain range with lots of cute animals and the rustling of trees or a babbling brook, but I left the house 10 minutes before the end of the show and missed it because I was on my way to IKEA for the first time in over a month and my excitement COULD NOT BE CONTAINED. Magically, I escaped the store having spent less than $10 which I didn’t even know was possible but instead of feeling happy, I just feel cheated. I did manage to buy some Glögg, though!

“Only If For a Night” is the first song on the album and sweet jesus, what a way to start. I love how moody this is and then how sweet it gets near the end. I love this song to little pieces. I can’t reach half the notes she sings but that does not prevent me from singing it anyway.

This song is technically from her first album, it’s off “Lungs,” but a) it is really hard to find good quality videos of her new songs on youtube this soon after the album came out, and b) this song is just amazing. Oh, and c) this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to have lunch with my brother. It will be interesting to see if I can stop singing Florence songs long enough to eat a meal. What are you lot up to today? Any music suggestions?

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