Tuesday Tunes

It’s official: I am out of macarons. Actually, I’ve been out since Saturday but I’ve been in denial about it. Thankfully, I’ve had experience in this sort of tragedy before so I know I’m equipped for survival, but it won’t be easy. (Sometimes I tend towards the dramatic when dealing with life or death issues like macarons. Can we start some sort of blog drinking game, where we do a shot every time I use the word ‘macaron’? You’ll need to pound a bottle to catch up.)

Moving on. This week was a real struggle in finding songs, so I fear these Tuesday Tunes posts have almost run their course. I always have Spice Girls or more embarrassing boy band music as back-up though (let’s hope for your sake it doesn’t come to that!)

Broken Bells is the duo of Danger Mouse and James Mercer from the Shins, a band I swore I’d never listen to again after one of their members was arrested on charges of domestic assault against his girlfriend, who happened to be an America’s Next Top Model alum (did you follow that?). This song is probably their most popular, so I apologize for not being all original and hip but lest you forget, this is a huge step upwards from last week’s New Kids on the Block song. I just like this song. But what I like more is all of the comments about it on youtube that compare the lead singer to Kevin Spacey (I don’t see the resemblance!).


Oh, you sweet thing. Agnes Obel is a Danish singer with perhaps the cutest little face and voice of all time. I’ll be honest, the first time I heard this song I didn’t think it was in English. This song is charming and lovely just like the rest of her album, Philharmonics, and I think I’ve found a new girl crush!

Okay, spill it: what are you listening to? Here’s an incentive: I might even post it next week if I like it! I’m starved for new music. And macarons. (DRINK!)

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    1. In the US, macaroons refer to little coconut patty things, and macarons refer to the French little sandwich cookies from Laduree. Apparently that’s how the French spell them, and we disambiguate that way.

      Thanks for that mix!!

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