Tuesday (Throwback) Tunes

You guys, I warned you. I told you this would happen! I talked enough about the New Kids on the Block that when faced with writing this post, the only thing I could think of was their AMAZING, AMAZING music. Yes, I called it music, though I’m sure there are like, a million people who would disagree with me. One of those people was not my father, who used to sing back-up with me in the car to Hangin’ Tough. When I was 16. So, you know, not when they were popular or even still a band, no no. We’re talking 15 years after their hey-day, but well before the reunion tour and recent, 2nd stint at fame. I was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago with my aunt, who still maintains she is deaf in one ear from the screams I let out during the show (you know it was worth it!). I have pictures to prove just how awesome it was:

I like my men in all white and in some conga-line of grinding. What?

And of course, since this is a Tuesday Tunes after all, this post would not be complete without this little gem, circa 1990. I was all of 4 years old, but that didn’t stop me from having all of the Barbie dolls of them and the comfiest sheet and blanket set in the entire world (mom: is that still in our attic? I’m going to need that back.)

Supposing you made it all the way through the song, you’ll notice there are 5 steps the New Kids employ to win over the ladies. Or to win at life, I don’t know. I’m betting that step 6 was something along the lines of “wait 20 years and then stage a major, cash-producing comeback” but ostensibly they couldn’t find anything to rhyme with that so they cut it from the song. See? Geniuses at work.

Which New Kid was your favorite? Did you even have one? Or were you too cool for this nonsense? Mine was Jonathan. Six-year-old Erin discovered from the booklet that came in their first CD that we shared the same zodiac sign and that just solidified my belief that we were soul-mates. Interestingly, in looking at that CD now (yes, I still have it) it says his favorite colors are black & white and HE IS WEARING A TURTLENECK. I’m wondering what sort of subliminal impact that information had on me over the years. Of course, my childhood dreams were crushed just as soon as they were re-inflated from the news of their reunion: Jonathan turned out to be gay. Of course he was. He was too cute. Just like Anderson Cooper. Oh my gosh, Anderson Cooper. You gorgeous, perfect silver-fox you. I love you even (especially?) when you do this:

I shouldn’t be allowed to blog while drinking a hot mug of spiked Glögg. I’ll put you out of your misery now. See you tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday (Throwback) Tunes

  1. Oh, please…..feel free to take back that entire NKOTB bed set, the brand new Donny Doll, the entire trunk of Barbies, Kens and The NKOTB dolls —clothes, shoes, accessories and all!!
    Just to clarify again for your readers…that was your AUNT and the other O’Town partner in crime ( Yea, that’s right, I’m outting you!) was your father! I’ll admit to Builder Beaver…

    1. When I have a house that’s big enough, the first thing I’m making is a room that is just a shrine to NKOTB memorabilia. Quote me on that.

      1. Lawsuit is kaput. Lawyer sucked & I waited too long. Guess now I’ll have to win the lottery! That’s my plan.

        My knee, on the other hand, still hurts & won’t ever be the same. Wahhhh.

        My former love for NKOTB is still unresolved. So many conflicting feelings. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I want Tonya Harding’s ex to visit them all in a dark alley.

        1. I’m really sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything does clear up and things turn around for you, sooner rather than later. I can’t imagine having such strong, conflicting emotions associated with one of your favorite bands. Cheer up!

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