Tuesday (Throwback) Tunes

You guys, I warned you. I told you this would happen! I talked enough about the New Kids on the Block that when faced with writing this post, the only thing I could think of was their AMAZING, AMAZING music. Yes, I called it music, though I’m sure there are like, a million people who would disagree with me. One of those people was not my father, who used to sing back-up with me in the car to Hangin’ Tough. When I was 16. So, you know, not when they were popular or even still a band, no no. We’re talking 15 years after their hey-day, but well before the reunion tour and recent, 2nd stint at fame. I was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago with my aunt, who still maintains she is deaf in one ear from the screams I let out during the show (you know it was worth it!). I have pictures to prove just how awesome it was:

I like my men in all white and in some conga-line of grinding. What?

And of course, since this is a Tuesday Tunes after all, this post would not be complete without this little gem, circa 1990. I was all of 4 years old, but that didn’t stop me from having all of the Barbie dolls of them and the comfiest sheet and blanket set in the entire world (mom: is that still in our attic? I’m going to need that back.)

Supposing you made it all the way through the song, you’ll notice there are 5 steps the New Kids employ to win over the ladies. Or to win at life, I don’t know. I’m betting that step 6 was something along the lines of “wait 20 years and then stage a major, cash-producing comeback” but ostensibly they couldn’t find anything to rhyme with that so they cut it from the song. See? Geniuses at work.

Which New Kid was your favorite? Did you even have one? Or were you too cool for this nonsense? Mine was Jonathan. Six-year-old Erin discovered from the booklet that came in their first CD that we shared the same zodiac sign and that just solidified my belief that we were soul-mates. Interestingly, in looking at that CD now (yes, I still have it) it says his favorite colors are black & white and HE IS WEARING A TURTLENECK. I’m wondering what sort of subliminal impact that information had on me over the years. Of course, my childhood dreams were crushed just as soon as they were re-inflated from the news of their reunion: Jonathan turned out to be gay. Of course he was. He was too cute. Just like Anderson Cooper. Oh my gosh, Anderson Cooper. You gorgeous, perfect silver-fox you. I love you even (especially?) when you do this:

I shouldn’t be allowed to blog while drinking a hot mug of spiked Glögg. I’ll put you out of your misery now. See you tomorrow!

Eleven-eleven (a few days late)

I was fortunate enough to have off from work on Friday in observance of Veteran’s Day, and what better way to celebrate a day off then by starting it watching Spice World in bed? Full disclosure, that movie is still amazing, and might, in fact, like a fine wine, have gotten more amazing with age. Have you forgotten just how amazing? Allow me to remind you:

Do you know how long I struggled trying to decide whether to use that clip or the alien-encounter scene in the forrest? I ought to be embarrassed, but I’m not. I’m pretty sure at least two of my friends can count on getting a copy of that movie on DVD for Christmas.

The rest of my Friday was deliciously low-key, but I made sure to follow my mom’s suggestion and, to commemorate the once-every-100-year-occurrence of 11/11/11,  take a picture at 11:11am and 11:11pm (as you’ve probably gathered by now). Although, when you start your day off as lazily as I did, making it to 11pm was no small feat. My eyes were drooping by 9:45, so I tried to bribe myself to stay awake by eating a chocolate bar, having a glass of almost-flat Prosecco, and reading my favorite magazine (it’s unfortunate that the no-talent Scar-Jo was on the cover). But then, of course thanks to the trace amounts of caffeine in the chocolate, I was wide-awake until 2am watching a marathon of House Hunters International.

Anyway, the weekend went by way too quickly, even for a 3-dayer, but picking up my camera on Friday got me back into the habit of carrying it around with me wherever I go, just in case. So here are 3 extra pictures from the weekend for your viewing pleasure. Some good fall colors and the last farmer’s market in the neighborhood until next year.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun to celebrate 11/11/11? I’d love to know!

Tuesday Tunes

I had a really scary, totally-Erin dream last night. I went to Paris and was taking pictures from a friend’s roofdeck (Aidan, I never knew you had a house in Paris!) when I realized my lens was cracked. It was probably the worst nightmare my little brain could conjure up: stuck in the most beautiful city in the world without a working camera. I remember panicking and realizing I’d lost an entire day of the trip without a single photo. Isn’t that heartbreaking? When I woke up I actually checked my camera just to make sure. The second half of the dream was amazing though, I was at the Laduree on the Champs-Elysee buying macaroons. Even my subconscious is obsessed with them.


Florence + The Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, came out last week and oh my god. It’s all I’ve been listening to since. When I’m not playing it at max volume on my computer, I’m singing it (badly) around the house, belting it out while I’m drying my hair and likely singing it in my sleep. Apologies to my neighbors. The album is just so, so, so good. I don’t think I’ll ever love an album like I love her other one, Lungs, but Ceremonials is already growing on me. It only makes sense that this week’s Tuesday Tunes is all about Florence. You’ll thank me.

Did any of you happen to see the profile they did on her on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend? (Or am I the only person under the age of 50 who watches that show? Whatever, add that to the list of things I inherited from my dad.) The show always has a bunch of really interested profiles and commentary pieces and they always end the show with a calming “moment of nature” which is usually just a 60 second segment of some idyllic field or mountain range with lots of cute animals and the rustling of trees or a babbling brook, but I left the house 10 minutes before the end of the show and missed it because I was on my way to IKEA for the first time in over a month and my excitement COULD NOT BE CONTAINED. Magically, I escaped the store having spent less than $10 which I didn’t even know was possible but instead of feeling happy, I just feel cheated. I did manage to buy some Glögg, though!

“Only If For a Night” is the first song on the album and sweet jesus, what a way to start. I love how moody this is and then how sweet it gets near the end. I love this song to little pieces. I can’t reach half the notes she sings but that does not prevent me from singing it anyway.

This song is technically from her first album, it’s off “Lungs,” but a) it is really hard to find good quality videos of her new songs on youtube this soon after the album came out, and b) this song is just amazing. Oh, and c) this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to have lunch with my brother. It will be interesting to see if I can stop singing Florence songs long enough to eat a meal. What are you lot up to today? Any music suggestions?


I had a blissfully low-key weekend and spent much of it with some weird stomach-ache that made me all mopey and especially pitiful. Fitz does not yet seem to grasp the concept of “Mommy is sick,” so to him, my pathetic (and constant!) moaning meant it was his cue to bounce around the sofa and onto my stomach with all four of his toothpick-legs. The perfect pick-me-up? Why, beautiful home interiors, obviously! Well, that, and trying to plan a European vacation for next spring. Stockholm is looking ever more interesting, so I spent a lot of time on Sunday combing through Swedish real estate websites looking for stuff to pin. God, how did I sort all of the interiors pictures I found on the internet before Pinterest?


all 3 from here

I sucked in so much air gasping so dramatically when I saw all of these. They are from the amazing blog of Anna Lenna, and it should not surprise you at all that she is Swedish. I don’t get it, but apparently being born there endows you with some otherworldly design sense that makes everything you touch turn gorgeous. If the front hallway of my house looked like that, I wouldn’t ever make it through the door. Her home is beyond beautiful and her style is something I wish I could bottle and steal. Jealousy is not a pretty color on me.

from here

I just can’t. I don’t even have ONE Eames chair, and this house has 6! The house is for sale, too. In Stockholm. Don’t think I didn’t consider how to afford it.

from here

Sweden, obviously.

from here

What a perfect kitchen corner. Philia is from Sweden. Surprise!

from here

There is a door ABOVE THE DOOR, do you see that?? How can you make that entry better? Add more doors.

from here

That map of the world pillow and the sawhorse desk are kiiiilling me.

Happy Monday, kiddos! How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Stockholm? Any other cities that you are particularly drawn to for one reason or another? Ses i morgon! (“See you tomorrow!” in Swedish)

Not a Friday Five

I know, I know, I was doing so well there for a while, posting Friday Five’s so regularly that I’m sure you thought it would be a permanent thing. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but despite actively seeking inspiration for five things to gather into one post to cap off the week, it just wasn’t coming to me. And that’s okay, because there is still something I want to show you:

Do I have your attention? Good.

That shot was taken in the Amazon, by my friend and talented photographer Thomas Coulon. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, he’s French, and yes I’m probably predisposed to liking everything he does solely based on that fact alone (sorry, ladies, he’s taken!). But he has one of the finest eyes for photography I’ve ever encountered, and he surprisingly has no formal training. This just further proves what I learned while studying Photojournalism: either you have an eye for it or you don’t. It can’t be taught.

When I first stalked Thomas and forced him to be my friend met Thomas, we were both undergraduates riding the shuttle around campus. We used to send each other pictures back and forth and ask for each other’s advice or opinions on composition, cropping, and everything else that nerdy photographers obsess over in their own photographs (sorry I just called you a nerd, Tom). I even got a sneak preview of some of his work from his trip backpacking through the Amazon close to 2 years ago. Since graduating he has traveled the world, hitting 4 continents, and taking some absolutely stunning photographs of places I only dream about going.

He’s having his first ever solo exhibition, “World Encounters” this weekend at a gallery in New Jersey, and if you are in the area I’d highly recommend going out and supporting him! It’s a tough thing, trying to pursue photography. I never had the balls (talent?) to really give it a legitimate try, and I commend Thomas for going for it. The folks at Gallery 13 are lucky to host him.

Here’s a video of Thomas talking (in his adorable French accent) about the exhibition: (if it doesn’t load immediately try refreshing the page. I don’t understand what its deal is)

Inspiration: Workspace

Are we all familiar with Jenna Lyons already? The glamazon President and Creative Director of J. Crew who, in addition to being the genius behind some of the most delicious high-low fashion, has probably the world’s most gorgeous home in Brooklyn. No? Let’s refresh your memory:

Are we on the same page now? Good. It should come as no surprise to you, then, that her office at J Crew is equally as incredible. I should have been fully prepared for it, but it still sort of knocked me on my butt and made my jaw hit the floor. It also made me seriously rearrange my priorities in life to include wearing poppy lipstick on the regular. Or any lipstick at all, for that matter.

Needless to say, I am in love with this workspace. It’s surprising, because I know I’d never be able to function in an office with that much clutter or stuff on the walls (even if it is cute pieces of inspiration or 3 Tivoli radios). If you want to get the same look and feel as Jenna’s office (minus the high-rise views of New York and her amazing job title), here’s how:

1. T Pins / 2. Heels / 3. Suitcase / 4. Radio / 5. Chair / 6. Desk

I have a Tivoli radio, and I love it. The sound quality is impressive and the design is unbeatable. I inherited mine from my dad, so I don’t know if I’d be willing to shell out that much money for it on my own, but it definitely enhances an otherwise normal activity like listening to classical music and taking a bath. Also, that table has stolen my heart. I’m trying to think of a realistic way to bring it into my life, even though I’m completely smitten with my Parsons desk. I like, I want it, and it’s 20% off through November 8th! Can we pretend my birthday has come early this year? Someone? Anyone?


Tuesday Tunes

It’s November. How did this happen? Wasn’t I just watching New Kids on the Block perform at the New Year’s Eve celebration? Also, I’ve mention NKOTB almost every week in these Tuesday Tunes posts, so it may or may not be foreshadowing of what’s to come. Not this week, though. This week I have two songs that do not include any members who’ve worn acid wash jean jackets whilst performing. I think.


I love this song. That’s really all there is to say. It’s just so sweet and romantic. Unoffensive and all that.  Though, if I worked anywhere as slowly as the girl in this video I’m pretty sure I would be unemployed. Angus & Julia Stone are a pair of siblings from Australia with a mighty impressive discography. I’m not going to pretend like I’m familiar with any of their work outside of this song. It’s just so cute!

Conversely, this song is just dance-y and hip. This band confuses me on so many levels, the most notale being that they have two members that go by the names “Panda Bear” and “Geologist.” I took Geology my senior year of college to fulfill a requirement I’d forgotten I needed to graduate, and needless to say it was the worst experience of my life. Thankfully, this song has nothing to do with rocks (do you know how hard it was to restrain myself from making some pun about rock music right there, DO YOU?). It takes a little while to get into it, but once the song takes off, I lose control of my limbs. In a good way.

Tomorrow I’m getting back to basics with the really gorgeous office of one of my favorite women in fashion. In the meantime, do you have any music suggestions for me? I’d like to hold off on posting 80s boy-bands for as long as possible.