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So I’ve decided I’m moving to Brooklyn. Not tomorrow, and maybe not next year, but at some point in my life I’ll live there. Even if it’s just for a year-long stint, just to say I’ve lived there (this list also includes Paris, Stockholm, London, and about a million other places). I fell even more in love with the borough last week; all of the giant loft buildings in Dumbo really charmed the pants off of me. I’ve always had an affinity for lofts and for wide open-plan, industrial-chic living, and there’s something about giant loft windows that can’t be beat. To indulge me in my little relocating fantasy, let’s take a look at some gorgeous loft interiors, yes? Yes.

from here

I’ve featured this picture before, but it’s still 500 different kinds of perfect, so I’m posting it again. Only lofts have windows like that.

all 3 from here

from here

from here

all 4 from here

Location Department is a treasure trove of gorgeous, industrial loft spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan. They rent spaces for commercials print and film shoots, and the majority of the lofts are actually lived in, and others are just beautiful abandoned spaces. Tell me how you could ever have a bad day waking up to that much natural light streaming in through windows that large?

There are a ton of additional pictures I could add here, but I have to stop because I’m making myself whine too much. I realize lofts like these could exist anywhere, not just Brooklyn, but it sort of goes along with the whole fantasy, don’t you think?

Where would you like to live if you could pick absolutely anywhere in the world? What kind of place? Loft? House? Castle? I don’t think I’m alone in my real-estate day-dreams, am I?

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  1. Omg amazing. I loveeeee the fifth one the most. We were going to try to rent a loft in Borough, South London, where I was living before. But most of them were not very nice and twice as much rent as we’re paying now. They’re a real rip-off because everyone wants one. But I love them! I would want one in Manhattan. My total no 1 dream in the world. And please can you tell me what Dumbo is as that’s the second time I’ve read that today in relation to Brooklyn!

    1. Lofts are so expensive no matter where they are, I’m convinced, but I’d gladly pay any amount to have windows that size with old concrete floors (though I’m sure I’d freeze in the winter). Still, a girl can dream!

      Dumbo = Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s the neighborhood around/under the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side, right next to Brooklyn Heights, which is the neighborhood under the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the waterfront area with cobblestone streets and gigantic warehouse buildings and hip, indie coffee shops. If you’re bored, take a spin on google earth! It’s a gorgeous neighborhood.

      1. Ah thank you. I can nod knowingly next time someone mentions this to me. New Yorkers are so good at coming up with acronyms for their areas. Can you put Dumbo on your address? Like

        54 Festive Road
        New York

  2. I went to a party in a loft in Dumbo a few months ago… It looks a lot different at night. Especially when the interior is covered in stolen subway signs from 1950 and a backlit skeleton hanging on the wall… and they created “rooms” with 3/4″ plywood. Interesting night.

    1. Those windows are so beautiful they should be illegal. I would just stare out of them all day if I could.

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