All That Glitters

So the other day I was stumbling around the internet looking for things to spend money on, when I found the most ostentatious, unnecessarily sparkly heels of all time, from Old Navy. Immediately, my pupils dilated and I thought, “BIRTHDAY SHOES!” And then I realized that I cannot function in heels and what limited ability I have is going to be completely voided by the number of girly cocktails I will hopefully ingest at said birthday. But still! Glitter! Sparkly! Rainbows! Amazing, but totally absurd.

Then, in looking for a dress to wear to my company Christmas party (I was really on a roll that day), I discovered that these glitter heels have a much more ridiculous, much more expensive twin. At ten times the price, these Kate Spade version give an all new meaning to “ludicrous.”

Sure, we could get into the merits of spending $350 on a pair of shoes that will give you blisters and make it look like a fairy princess threw up all over you in the process, but let’s just call it like it is: unless you are Carrie Bradshaw, you’re not spending that much money on glitter shoes.

But it got me thinking about how much I love sparkly things. And maybe since I am challenged when it comes to wearing heels, I could integrate glitter and sparkle into my life in other, less threatening ways. (What it really boils down to is that I want to spend money on something glittery and justify it in some way.)

1. Alexander Wang pants / 2. Jimmy Choo luggage tag / 3. Juicy Couture iPad case / 4. Deborah Lippmann nail polish / 5. Make Up Forever Glitter / 6. Aldo clutch / 7. West Elm Sequin pillow / 8. Topshop belt

What about you guys? Would you go for the more expensive heel or no glitter heels at all? I love living vicariously through those of you who can pull off heels.

13 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. I like the belt best. I wouldn’t buy those expensive shoes, I’d buy the zebra print Isabel Marant ones for that price, I think I’d tire of them less quickly.

    I met a friend for dinner last night and we both turned up randomly in sparkly jumpers. We looked a bit out of place in the Camden dim sum restaurant so we left and went to a Gordon Ramsay pub instead where we fitted right in.

    1. Ooh, zebra print! How fancy. I also met a friend for drinks and got all dressed up, but luckily the place we chose suited our little black dresses :) I’m so jealous you have the option of going to a Gordon Ramsey pub whenever you want!

  2. Wear the sparkly shoes to the Christmas party with a LBD. Hopefully your ability to walk in shoes won’t be inhibited by company paid cocktails. :) BTW my bday shoes were totally worth the black and blue mark on my legs the next day.

    1. Your birthday shoes (and actually your whole birthday outfit) were so amazing, but I can’t believe you had bruises the next day! I can’t wait for the Christmas party. I might end up taking your advice, but you are going to have to flag me if I drink too much, deal? :)

      1. Flags are for people who can’t handle their booze! Keep it together until 10 – then let it go, haha

  3. Oh come on. A girls gotta dream, right? What is the point of working 12 hour days if you can’t say to yourself “One day I will be able to purchase $350 sparkly shoes. And I will also be able to eat for a month.” One day, it will not be a debate between paying rent or buying shoes. As long as you don’t have a baby. If you have a baby, your shoe money automatically becomes your baby money and that sucks. AND may I just add that Kate Spade shoes are amazing and they rarely create blisters.

    And just while we’re on the topic, I just watched the last two episodes of SATC the other night and cried. AS USUAL.


    1. If there was anyone that would jump to the defense of Kate Spade anything, it would be you. If I’m spending $350 of my hard-earned money on something, it isn’t going to be heels, but maybe a nice coffee table or something. I know, I know. “How are we even friends, blah blah blah.”

      Also, those episodes are the best of the entire show as far as I’m concerned. You’re not alone in crying over them. I’m pretty sure we’ve done that together. xoxo

  4. The Paris ones? Why did she ever get with that dick Petrovsky? I just love love love the final scene when they’re walking down the street to the Source by Candy Staten. (‘sometimes I feel like throwing my pants up in the air’)

    black and blue legs after heels? That’s not good!

    Can we get Kate Spade over here? I don’t know. Keep hearing good things about her shoes.

    1. I’m sure some place that sells Kate Spade heels will ship internationally, they just might charge you an arm and a leg for it.

      It beats me why Carrie ever dated Petrovsky. Aside from the fact that he took her to Paris, haha. Florence + The Machine did a cover of that song, it’s on her first album.

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