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I am apparently undeterred by my lack of music knowledge! This is my 7th Tuesday Tunes, which is just mind boggling considering I still have a set of New Kids on the Block sheets. I still don’t know how I feel about this series. It has nothing to do with pretty interiors or fancy clothing or Paris. So I’ve decided to make it applicable. And since I don’t think there are songs about painted white brick and floorboards, I went with the second best option. Meaning this week’s songs are in French! Mon dieu!

In a little Parisian side-note, I am impatiently waiting for “Midnight in Paris” to be released on DVD so I watch it a million times in a row while eating macarons and drinking champagne. If you remember, I went to see it and was thrown even deeper into my spiral of Francophile delirium (Annie, this is the post where we first met!). So I curiously checked Amazon to see when the DVD is coming out:

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Why are there 5 exclamation points next to the release date?” or perhaps, “Why are you so excited about the release date, isn’t it too far away?” Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention, I am bizarrely fixated with Paris. If I could tattoo the Eiffel Tower on my face, I would, so any release date would be exciting. But, oh, yes, there is that teeny tiny detail about the release date BEING MY BIRTHDAY, OH MY GOD. Yes, my birthday. December 20th. I do not think it is a coincidence that this adorable movie is being released on my birthday. This is a gift from the French gods! I had better get a copy of this as a present, people. In fact, this had better be the first thing people think to buy me. I am turning a quarter of a century old this year, and I was previously all grumpy about it, so perhaps “Midnight in Paris” is the universe making it up to me.

Anyway, enough being greedy. On to some French music, oui?

Coeur de Pirate is technically French Canadian, not a Parisienne, but we’re going to let it slide because, hello. Have you heard this song? She is adorable and her voice is so raspy and mature. It’s catchy and dance-y and lots of other cutesy words I can’t think of right now because I’m trying to pretend I’m French.

And conversely, Coralie Clement’s voice is so dainty and sweet that it’s almost too cute for words. This song perfectly captures every lovely feeling I have about Paris. She’s writing a love note to her neighbor and telling him to meet her on the terrace. Trop romantique.


Because, come on. Accordion music from one of the most charmant French movies ever made? Oui, je crois.

See you tomorrow, party people!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. It was it was! And I still haven’t seen it! It only got released here a couple of weeks ago, have been waiting bloody ages :(

    Hey and thanks for the mention, don’t think I’ve ever been mentioned in a blog before *blushes*. Felt like you were writing just for me!

    I like your music posts, I downloaded Florence last week because you told me to.

    Do you know Le Belle and Le Bad Boy by MC Solaar? Which is a great song from Sex & The City, the bit where Big collects Carrie from Paris (you’d never forgive a man for dragging you home no doubt). Well this is the greatest song title ever and a fine example of Frap (French Rap). Check it out!

    PS You’ve just shouted out your date of birth on the internet….I’m off to clone your credit card.

    1. I LOVE that MC Solaar song! It is so perfect for that scene in SATC, and yes, I know exactly which one you’re talking about! I briefly considered including that song on this post, even. I love that someone else knows all the best Sex & The City references, too.

      Try and go see Midnight in Paris as soon as you can. It’s a bit cheesy and contrived, but truly lovely. I’m jealous it’s still playing in theaters where you are!

      And good one about trying to steal my identity, missy….at least, I HOPE you’re joking ;)

  2. It’s a sign!

    I loved Midnight in Paris. Woody Allen, Hemingway references and Owen Wilson… How could you go wrong?! Coincidentally, I love the city of Paris too. Kiwi and I went there for our honeymoon!

    1. I love that you call your hubby Kiwi! Or, is that his name? It’s adorable, either way! And yes, I can’t imagine a more fitting birthday present than that amazing movie. Isn’t Paris just lovely?

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