Tuesday Tunes

It’s Tuesday, so I have some tunes to share with you. But I first want to make clear that I have the worst taste in music, really, and would be happy as a clam to listen to New Kids on the Block (even their new stuff) all day and that I sometimes still listen to the Spice Girls without the tiniest shred of irony. In the interest of full disclosure: I went to see both of them live within the past 3 years on their respective reunion tours. So I don’t know how long I’ll be able to continue these Tuesday Tunes posts (tangent: how brilliant would it be if I called them Tunesdays? eh? eh? get it?) without alienating the portion of my readership that does not enjoy nostalgic pop. I also have a very limited scope of music that I enjoy, and there is a whole lot of classical all up in there, so one day you might get some Chopin. I make no promises!

This song gives me goosebumps of epic proportions. I have no idea how I’m going to wait another week for her new album (White People Problems). I’ve been blasting this on repeat pretty much since it was released. Try not to pay attention to the video; I never understand what is going on in music videos. There are very few albums I can listen to all the way through without skipping a song (less than 5) and “Lungs” has a spot on that list. That album was my soundtrack all of last summer, and now anything Florence does is perfection to me. She is also a muse for Gucci and Chanel, the lucky, leggy, red-headed beauty.


Despite all of the time I spend on the internet (and trust me when I say it is A LOT), I only yesterday found out that Miike Snow is from Sweden! This explains so much about why I love them, I think, or why I’m innately drawn to their music and could listen to them all day. Somehow I just knew deep down they were too cool to be American. I bet they have gorgeously decorated apartments with white floors and white brick walls. Anyway, this song is super cheery and adorable, totally puts me in a good mood, and might or might not have been featured in an episode of “Gossip Girl.” If I worked out, I think I would listen to this song while I was running or lifting weights, or whatever it is people do in gyms. If you’ve ever seen me attempt to display any sort of athletic ability, then you know I have all the range and stamina of a drunk kitten. Clearly those 12 years of ballet did not make a lasting impression on me once I stopped. I used to be lithe and graceful, I swear!

Happy Tuesday! What jams are you pumping this week? I’m always looking out for new music.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Love that Flo song, reminds me of Shakespeare’s Sister, in another blast of pop nostalgia. Ashamed to say I also went to the Spice Girls reunion, it was fun. And for a moment I thought White People’s Problems was actually the name of Flo’s new album!

    1. Really, how much fun was that Spice Girls concert? I came home without a voice! I laughed out loud at the thought of Flo’s new album being named White People Problems, haha!! I’ve never heard Shakespeare’s Sister, must not have made it over the pond.

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