Friday Five, Lake Vacation edition

Fall is officially officially here, and I am in love with this weather. Every year I forget how delicious the crisp air smells and how much I love living in boots and scarves and drinking hot apple cider. I’m indulging in some totally clichéd fall fun (more than pumpkin picking!) and taking a vacation in the Finger Lakes, in New York state at the beginning of November. I’m excited for scenic drives, orange and yellow leaves, bed & breakfasts, and enjoying the region’s plethora of wine trails (read: getting drunk in nature).

And as we know, I’ll take any excuse to turn something into a material experience. This week’s Friday Five is all about prepping for the ideal fall vacation.


Seneca Lake Wine Trail, Finger Lakes, New York

The problem with figuring out where to stay in the Finger Lakes is that there are so many options, and all of them boast the same gorgeous scenery and abundance of vineyards. How I settled on Seneca Lake in particular is a mystery, but you can bet I’m beyond excited to see that view up close and personal. I’m hoping that there are still some leaves left on the trees in a few weeks, and it isn’t too cold to enjoy a hot cup of spiked hot chocolate on the balcony of the bed & breakfast at night.

Flannel boots, Steve Madden

I can’t even take how adorable these boots are. Check out that flannel! These are such an awesome balance between masculine and feminine…or more like 90-10, but still. I can just see myself walking around the rows and rows of grapes, leaves crunching beneath my flannel-lined  faux work-boots. And, because I am a tycoon of internet shopping, I have a coupon code that brings these bad boys down an additional 20%. Now all I have to do is wait until they have my size back in stock. WPP.


Plaid throw blanket, Terrain

Now I know, technically, that bed & breakfasts provide their own blankets. But who doesn’t need a little more plaid in their life? And considering this blanket is made by a family-owned wool farm in Ireland, I’m kind of swooning over the idea of wrapping myself up in it. It doesn’t look the slightest bit scratchy, either. Oh, and have we talked about Terrain? That store is incredible.


Feu de Bois candle, Diptyque Paris

Sure, spending $90 on a candle may seem a bit excessive. But have you smelled this thing? It smells like crackling firewood and if there was ever a scent associated with this time of the year, it’s a roaring fire. Let’s be honest, the reason it is so perfect (and the reason I was so quick to include it on this week’s list) is because it’s French. So not only will you smell the yummy and smokey smell of “warm, familiar, sophisicated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days” you’ll smell like a French elitist. Win-win.


Abingdon Tote, J Crew

The poor salespeople at J Crew have had to endure me walking in, making a beeline for this bag, and then looking at it and touching it for the next hour. I love this bag. Talk about masculine-feminine. Can’t you just imagine carrying bottles of Seneca-vineyard-made wine back to your room every day? The canvas is a perfect color in real life, and if I didn’t already own 2 bags that look like second cousins to this one, I would’ve snapped it up by now and saved the people at J Crew some exasperated sighs.

Have I inspired you to get rugged and go on a wine tour? Ha. Do you have any fall vacation plans? Or even spring vacation plans? Have a great weekend, kiddos!

(Also, special “hello” to the person who came to my blog after googling “Red Dwarf Porn.” I’m not sure I know how to feel about this.)

6 thoughts on “Friday Five, Lake Vacation edition

  1. I love, love, love the Abington Tote. It’s so Hemingwayish….if I may invent a word!
    Wool blanket???? Your father’s threat to torture me.

  2. As always I have a million things I want to comment about. And the winner is…. omg Red Dwarf Porn??? Is that a reference to the British comedy and if so, where does the porn come in, or is it a reference to porn with red dwarves in? Hope he (presumably) comes back and explains himself!

    I love all that tartanny outdoorsiness. I’m going to the Lake District for a similar long weekend on Bonfire weekend so sounds like we’ll be having matching mini breaks!

    1. Hahaha, Red Dwarf porn made my week. Not entirely random, because I did write about Red Dwarf once here, but only about my extreme love for that show and nothing to do with porn! Of course, now that I’ve written the word “porn” I’m sure I’ll get a lot more interesting page views, haha.

      Enjoy Bonfire weekend! No one does tartan quite like you lot overseas! It makes me very jealous. xo

  3. Finger Lakes! A few years ago Banoo got a job in upstate New York (for serious!) and we were about a month from getting there when Visa issues happened and it all fell apart. Long story short, we had been told we would be in the “Finger Lakes” region, and when we went to Google property, areas, etc, we couldn’t find this “Finger Lake” anywhere. Turns out the woman on the phone who was a property and area expert and to whom I spoke was, to my ears, telling me about the “FAHNGER Lakes”, which, well, wasn’t coming up with many Google results.


    Finger. Lakes. It all made sense when I realised it was the accent. It looks lovely. Shame we didn’t make it.

    1. Hahahahaha, “Fahnger Lakes” is way better than “Finger Lakes,” lady. That would have been awesome if everything had panned out and you guys had been able to move there! You would have had your fair share of beautiful scenery and endless amounts of wine. Though, seemingly everywhere Banoo gets offers is awesome (England, Paris, Helsinki, etc)!

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