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I don’t know if it’s the weather (all dark and dreary here today, making me think it’s the perfect sort of day to spend curled up in bed with someone), or maybe some sort of residual feel-good-ery left over from last night’s office happy hour, but today I’ve been playing the “Sexy” playlist on StereoMood. Wait, have I not mentioned StereoMood before? Oh man, this site. You go and click on a mood, an adjective, a feeling, and then a playlist of thousands of songs pops up and you just let it go. Lost in Jamaica? There’s a playlist for that. Feeling nostalgic? Yep, there’s a playlist for that. I don’t consider myself particularly hip or in-the-know about music (but interiors! hoo boy! those, I know) but I have never heard of roughly 90% of the artists that are included on the playlists. It’s always pleasantly surprising to discover new, great music.

So! Today. Sexy tunes, for a hopefully sexy Tuesday.

I appreciate me a good beat . This song delivers. It is extremely difficult to sit in my cubicle and not dance to this. I am as white and as square as they come, with just about as little sense of rhythm as any one person can possibly be bestowed with. Unless you are putting me in a leotard and pointe shoes, I cannot dance. But this song! This song makes me want to bop my head and dance. It’s moody and sexy and delicious all at once. Can music be delicious? It can now. You know what this reminds me of? An episode of Skins, the best show ever made and further proof that the Brits do everything better. Tell me I’m wrong (to either assertion).


Blue Oyster Cult might seem like an odd choice to include in a post about “sexy tunes,” and you’d be right. It is odd. But this song is sexy, and I’m sorry if that is difficult for you to accept. Mom, don’t read this next part: If you’ve never made out to this song, you need to get on that, stat. It’s grungy and fun and super classic rock. It might not have anything in common with the song above from Nevergreen, aside from the fact there are instruments, but I assure you, this song is sexy.

Okay, you’re turn. What are your favorite sexy (or questionably sexy) tunes? Sharesies!


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