Colorful Language

Just because it’s officially fall and everything is coming up pumpkin flavored, doesn’t mean I can’t still embrace bright colors wherever I can get them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than ready to stop being absolutely ravaged by mosquitos whenever I set foot outside with even an inch of exposed skin (without any exaggeration, I got at least 65 mosquito bites between June and as recently as yesterday, when one got me through my pants. Industrious! I don’t just get one at a time, either, I usually get 6-10 when they strike); and have I ever discussed my love of wool and plaid and chunky knit sweaters? I already have my first visit to an apple orchard scheduled for mid-October. I love autumn, okay? But really. The one thing missing from the rest of the year is all of the bright colors you can get away with during the summer.

It might surprise you to know that while I adore (understatement of the century) all white interiors, sometimes I want to get all Rainbow Bright up in here and have hot pink pillows on the sofa and spray paint all my furniture yellow. I love yellow, remember? I’m kind of a commitmentphobe when it comes to color, though, so it’s fun to look at inspiring interiors and fashion elements and live vicariously through them. I’m happier in muted tones and sleeping in my dark gray bedroom. Here are some fun and colorful things that are tickling my fancy:

clockwise from top left: bright pillows via flickr / Zara lookbook – TRF September / fabric garland via flickr / colorful kitchen via decor8 / fabric letters from anthropologie / yellow sideboard via flickr /

The collection of fun pillows in the first picture, including that amazing Cheshire Cat pillow, is making me wish I had possessed any design sense when I was a teenager so I could’ve pulled off a bed like that. Or that multicolored hex sideboard. These days, I wish that I was confident in my ability to pull off a bold, blue hat. Or crafty enough to make strings of bunting flags out of fabric squares. But enough being hard on myself! Do I even have to tell you that the yellow sideboard is giving me heart palpitations? I wish IKEA still sold it in yellow. Aren’t those shelves of mismatched colorful dishes so charming? The brightness would undoubtedly drive me insane, but it’s fun to dream.

Happy belated fall, kiddos! What fall-y things are you most excited about?

2 thoughts on “Colorful Language

  1. Mostly I’m exciting about apple crumble, walks through Regent’s Park and my new claret jumper. And fur-lined boots and my Burberry duffle coat.

    Although it’s hard to get excited as it’s inexplicably 27 degreed centigrade here today in London. It’s baking! WTF?

    1. I would be excited too, if I were you! I love Regent’s and apple crumble and Burberry coats. What lovely things to be excited about!

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