Tuesday Tunes

Well, so much for a post yesterday. I got home from DC so late on Sunday night I simply did not have the energy to upload any photos or assemble a post. Tomorrow, I promise! In the meantime, here are two new Tuesday Tunes (try saying 3 times fast!) for you to enjoy:

Keane is one of my all time favorite bands, if not my number one. When “Hopes and Fears” came out I remember listening to it over and over and over again, even making sure to bring extra batteries with me when I commuted to school for my disc-man (Yes, there were days when people didn’t have iPods). They’ve kind of lost me with their third album and newer stuff, but their first two albums remain two of the only CDs I can play from start to finish without wanting to skip a single track. “Bad Dream” is one of my favorite songs off “Under the Iron Sea.” If you have previously written off Keane as a soft-rock band for wussies, change yo funky attitude and go buy both of them, immediately.


I intentionally did not include the official video for this song, because it is beyond bizarre and weird and at one point she gets soaked in fake blood from a stuffed white cat. I don’t know what to make of it other than that it is distracting from her incredible voice. Also distracting from her incredible voice? These lyrics. Basically, don’t pay attention to anything in the song other than her range and adorable-ness. It’s catchy, and I’m guilty of really liking this song. It’s different than anything I’ve heard in a while. She’s classically trained as an opera singer, which I kind of pick up on, but not really, because I don’t really know anything about music.

Enjoy your Tuesdays! Any songs you’ve been hitting repeat on lately? I’d love to know!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

    1. Oh, MEGA JEALOUS! I’ve never seen them live! The one time they came to Philly tickets were an ungodly $65+ and I was suffering through a bout of unemployment. Were they as wonderful as I imagine they would be??

  1. Eye dart.

    Love Hangover by Diana Ross. Can’t. Stop. Rocking. Out.

    She lures you in, you think it’s going to be a slow jam, then POW!- the funky bass comes in and she’s all “DON’T CALL THE DOCTOR…DON’T CALL THE PREACHER…DON’T CALL MY MAMA…I don’t neeeeed it, don’t want ittttt.”

    Seriously, if I ever heard this played in a nightclub I would weep. And dance furiously.

    1. Oh, Susk! That song!! It’s now stuck in my head. What a jam! Makes me wish I could have lived in the 70s just to dance (furiously!) to this. Thank you!

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