Tuesday Tunes

Well what do you know, another weekly recurrence to add along with the Friday Five (there will be one this week, promise!). What can I say, I like alliterations a little too much.

Here, for your listening pleasure, are two songs I’m currently enjoying.

I heard this song in an H&M a year ago and danced around the store to it while carrying my inexpensive, European-sized clothing items, thinking I’d google the lyrics when I got home and figure out who it was. I have done that so, so many times before. I feel like half of the songs I like I first heard in stores. Either I am musically challenged or I shop too much. It’s probably a little bit of both. Anyway, once I got home I couldn’t remember any of the words. I googled everything I could remember, but it was futile. Finally, a month later I was back in H&M and it came on again! I Shazaam’d it and voila. Now I dance around my house to it. I know nothing about this band, and there is seemingly no information about them online, but this song is catchy.


And bringing it down a bit, this song is from the movie Broken Embraces, and it is simply beautiful. Heartbreakingly beautiful. It makes me wish I had ever learned to play the guitar, or been any good at violin as a kid.

Happy Tuesday! Any catchy songs you’re listening to lately?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. I have been in LOVE, another-marriage-considering-polygamy-type love, with Wait For Me by Motopony. Never heard of them but fell for this song and got the whole album. Mike played it for me one day and it speaks volumes.

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