Now with more elitism!

If you’ve been paying attention on the internet recently, then you’ve probably come across something called Pinterest. In case you haven’t, lemme break it down for you. Imagine an online, virtual mood-board, only better than a mood-board because you don’t have to break out your scissors or rip pages out of magazines or steal a lock of a stranger’s hair on the bus to collect the things that are currently inspiring you creatively. Not that I know anyone that still keeps a physical mood-board these days (or anyone that would seriously steal a lock of someone’s hair unless they were a Chester Chester Child-Molester), but up until Pinterest, everyone was just saving images to folders on their desktops. I know I was. Which was getting annoying because try saving an image and assigning it a file name that not only captures where the image was originally from in case you want to source it later, but also gives credit to either the photographer or stylist or something. Tricky, right?

(Lest you think blogging is all fun and games, I’d like to tell you about the one time I saved 15 images of nice interiors from Emma’s Designblogg without ever writing down what post/photographer/designer they were from, and then had to go back searching through over 6 years of archives to see what I’d pulled. White People Problems #466. I can say that because I’m white.)

Anyway. With Pinterest, you can literally find anything on the internet and stick a little “pin” in it. It’s then saved to your designated mood-board, and you can follow other people’s Pinterest accounts for more inspiration. Pretty nifty. You have the ability to make as many mood-boards as you want for as many different things as you want. Renovating your kitchen and want to collect a bunch of inspiration images of other dream kitchens? Stick in a pin in it. Planning a party and want cute ideas for decorations and favors? Stick in a pin in it. Etc, etc.

It’s all awesome and fun sounding. Except that you can’t just join Pinterest. ┬áIt’s not like facebook, where anyone and their mother (literally. tell me you aren’t friends with your own mom on facbeook by now) can join. Pinterest requires that you either get an invite from someone that already belongs to it or join a waiting list. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir of every 16 year old boy that has ever existed, but do you know how frustrating it is when someone tells you to wait? It’s pretty much the equivalent of that Meatloaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” I’m all, “I gotta know right now, what’s it gonna be, boy? YES OR NO?” and Pinterest is all, “Let me sleep on it, baby, let me sleep on it. I’ll give you an answer in the morning.” If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to listen to this once you crawl out from under that rock.

When I finally decided to join the wait-list, it was 2:14 on a Thursday afternoon. I’d read enough feedback from people that the waiting list is totally arbitrary and it can take weeks to get an invite, so I just swallowed my pride and prepared to practice the one virtue I’d never, ever been bestowed with: patience. Waiting lists are for the un-worthy! What if I have to wait forever, and then I don’t even get in until it isn’t cool anymore? This was going to be intolerable! I had so much inspiration just floating around out there on the internet without any organization! Am I not good enough for the site? What if they think I’m not good enough?

And then I got an email at 2:15pm telling me I’d been invited to join Pinterest.

And now the pinning has begun.

Moral of the story: PATIENCE PAYS OFF.

(check out that little button to the right and follow me on Pinterest! If you’d like an invite, just leave a comment and I’ll send one to you!)

5 thoughts on “Now with more elitism!

  1. Sometimes it like you are writing these blogs just for me. Kidding, sort of. I read in a design book by that everyone should have a design notebook when redecorating, or just decorating in my case. So I started my own little notebook but now I’m running into the exact problems you discuss here. I have so many random pictures I’ve saved that I swore I’d remember where they came from. And now here you are with this blog that solves all my problems! So do I practice patience or can you send this girl an invite??

    1. Aw, I’m happy to be able to help! And of course I write these blogs with you in mind! I know how great and yet overwhelming decorating a new place can be! But it sounds like you’re really taking this seriously and investing a lot of time and research into making your house a home you love. I’d never, ever make you practice patience. Check your inbox for a Pinterest invite, doll! Happy pinning :)

  2. Hey Erin

    Totally with you on Pinterest. I found out about it through Twitter and got so excited and then was so gutted when i found out I had to wait to be invited. I was really upset and took it personally even though it clearly wasn’t! I havne’t entirely forgiven them for the knock to my self-confidence. It’s like being at school again.

    Problem is it has now become one huge shopping cart. It’s a bit too easy to click on those pretty pictures and find you’ve ordered Louboutin sandals entirely by accident. Or perhaps that’s just me. I’ve pointed my OH at my pinterest account so that when he feels like buying me presents he knows what to get (fat chance, I have very expensive taste!).

    Your white peoples problems are cracking me up! I’m not sure if it’s ok to laugh at that or not :o)


    1. Hi Annabel!

      Pinterest IS something like a popularity contest, and it reminds me of being picked for teams in school. No one wants to be left waiting, especially when it seems that all the cool kids are already off having their fun. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long with Pinterest, but I’m totally with you!

      I haven’t even gotten into pinning fashion yet (thank god, my bank account would kill me) but the travel photographs are enough to bankrupt me at this point! You never know, maybe your boy will end up buying you something off your boards afterall! One can dream. :)

      White People Problems are my favorite, and there are so, so many of them. I can’t take credit for it though. Feel free to laugh and add your own!

  3. Just registered on Pinterest! For a while I have been seeing my aunt’s Facebook posts about what she had been pinning there, but didn’t understand how it worked. After reading this post I decided to register. :)

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